Is UFC President Dana White Ready to Make Nick Diaz vs. Georges St-Pierre Happen Next?

May 1, 2011
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Nick Diaz and Georges St-Pierre

Nick Diaz and Georges St-Pierre

When the decision was read at UFC 129 and Georges St-Pierre walked out of the sold out Rogers Centre with a win over Jake Shields, it may have opened the door to another huge fight at welterweight.

While on the surface it would appear that St-Pierre has done the best job possible of cleaning out the division, there’s one very big name looming overhead that still hasn’t faced the UFC champion.

That person of course is Strikeforce welterweight champion Nick Diaz.

Diaz is a longtime friend and training partner of Jake Sheilds, and had he won those two would never face each other. But with Shields coming up short against St-Pierre, it would clear a path for Diaz to take his shot at the Canadian.

UFC President Dana White spoke about Diaz possibly stepping in to challenge St-Pierre next, and made it sound like it’s a fight that would be intriguing to quite a few people.

“I imagine I could do whatever I wanted to do if I really wanted to, but we have a contract with Showtime and he’s a Showtime fighter. I don’t know we’re going to have to see how this whole thing works out. That’s an interesting fight,” White said about Diaz coming over to face St-Pierre.

White plans to fly out to Stockton, Calif. next week to meet with Diaz and discuss his desire to try his hand at professional boxing. The UFC President did emphatically say ‘no’ when asked if he would tempt Diaz with a shot at St-Pierre if he decided not to box.

However, White did say that current contracts in place would not prevent him from bringing Diaz over from Strikeforce if that’s what they chose to do.

“I can do what I want to do,” White stated.

That said however, White still has to tackle the problem of Diaz wanted to do the professional boxing thing.
“I’ve got to go talk to him about boxing first and then we’ll see what happens there,” said White.

One person who is already lobbying for Diaz to get the title shot is his teammate and close friend Jake Shields. While the former Strikeforce champion is hopeful to earn his way back to a title shot of his own one day, Shields believes Diaz deserves a shot at St-Pierre next.

“Of course I’d love to see Nick get it,” Shield stated. “He’s one of my best friends, I think he has a good shot. I think his style matches up really good, his pressure boxing could hopefully do what I couldn’t and cut him off and put more pressure on him.

“We don’t know what happens till we see it, that’s why I would like to see it.”

Still holding his cards close to his chest, White did admit he really enjoyed watching Diaz’s last fight against Paul Daley and again had one word to describe a fight between him and St-Pierre.

“I was there live for that last fight, I was blown away by Nick Diaz’s last fight. He looked incredible,” White said about Diaz.


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  • ShockednAwed

    They love leading lambs to the slaughter, I guess… Poor Ceasar Gracie’s boys got their asses handed to ’em last night, thus reinforcing their position in the MMA world – minor-league champs.

    Bring Nicky back over, let him shoot his mouth off for a couple of months, and then let him rot after he looses to GSP too.

    The only reason it’s even being considered has nothing to do with draw, and certainly nothing to do with Diaz’ pedigree. It’s literally all that’s left for GSP at this weight, with his other option being to sit on the sidelines and wait for a contender to come along.

    • MrAdidas

      ShockednAwed: LOL dead on dude, I wish GSP finished Shields & then while Rogan was talking to him, GSP would bring up Diaz’s name & all the trash talking he did b4 Strikeforce merged with the UFC. And I quote “GSP is too scared to fight me & so is Anderson Silva……. blah blah blah”

      All 3 of Ceasar Gracie’s fighters lost lastnight, Roberts, Diaz & Shields BAHAHAHA I love it! Funny I havent heard Diaz say one word about GSP or Silva since the merge. Wonder why he was all mouth b4 the merge?!?

      So much for Shields 15 win streak & so much for that American JJ. BTW where are all the Shields fans saying he was going to take GSP down & submit him, I still havent seen any posts on any site from them yet. I guess its hard to type when your still crying & trying to make excuses for why Shields did NOTHING to a One Eyed GSP, not even a semi take down – the guy had 1 eye & he didnt do shit all, like WTF?!? GSP will be blamed for this fight lacking “fireworks”, yet the guy with 2 good eyes, & with no injuries didnt do shit, while the guy with one eye did everything, yet GSP will get the brunt of the blame!!! Thats how pathetic people need to educate themselves, blame the guy who did most of the fighting, all while having one good eye. Yeah that makes alot of sense WINK WINK.

      Bring Diaz/”Champion” Vs GSP/REAL Champion – so GSP can shut Diaz up for a week or so – thats alot for Diaz. I’m sure Nate wont have a whole lot to say for @ least a week or two!!! Thanks Rory

      • armendo420

        tip for next time just say they al suck easyer for us all

  • mma24069

    Diaz vs gsp will be a better fight then what alot of people would think but alot of people dont know shit too. im sick of gsp jab and takedown for 5 rounds. ide like to see what he does when diaz beats him on his feet and is comfortable down. Gsp is amazing and is a good fighter odds are he beats diaz but ya nvr know, ide like to see it and its the only fight left for him at welterweight