Is TRT Ban Poised to Become a Uniform Policy Across the United States?

March 22, 2014
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(Video courtesy of AXS TV)

The Nevada State Athletic Commission recently banned therapeutic use exemptions for testosterone replacement therapy in the sports it regulates. Several other sanctioning bodies quickly followed suit, but not all.

Dr. Timothy Trainor, a medical consultant to the NSAC, on Friday’s edition of Inside MMA said that his counsel has been sought by some of his counterparts across the United States. The eventual goal? To see a ban on TRT become a unified standard across the nation.

Will it come to fruition? Should it?

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  • bloodyfistsdotnet

    so awesome that we have an orthopedic surgeon making these decisions and not an endocrinologist. might as well be a chiropractor

    • TheCerealKiller

      You do understand that a doctor learns all about the body first, right? Then they pick a specialty. Testosterone is not exactly a specialty. You’re acting as if an orthopaedic specialist couldn’t treat a common cold.

  • bvol

    Good point bloodyfist… a lot of people wouldn’t even catch that. It’s like getting a plumber to roof your house. Stuff like this always happens. Someone not qualified makes it a witch hunt. If you have low t you should be allowed to use it as long as you are in the parameters

  • joe

    TRT ban is ridiculous. Someone who has a medical condition can’t take medicine? Someone who needs eyeglasses is allowed to wear contacts, so whats the difference? The difference is ESPN intimidates UFC and aided in their decision and NSAC. You can disagree about TRT. But I think we can all agree if NSCA and UFC were really interested on cleaning up the sport the first thing they would do is start Olympic style blood testing.

    • Gary Fredericks

      Joe, the problem is the range. Get ten endocrinologists in a room and there will be some debate about the normal range, causing a nightmare for the rule makers. Replacing tesosterone cannot be equated with eyeglasses or contacts as it can/will give the TRT user a profound training and recovery advantage where glasses give them tempoporary sight improvement.

      I think if you cannot produce the amount of testosterone as you deem necessary to fight, then you need to retire. Same as if you took a debilitating leg injury or repeated head trauma (which is a cause of hypogonadism…or Low T). In the case of Dan Henderson, well, he is 43 yrs old. Maybe just MAYBE he is too old to fight and should be thinking of retiring from active competition.

  • tyrone

    Anyone can find a crooked doctor to say a fighter has low testerone and get prescribed it.
    Vitrt belftrt will now only be on steroids instead of steroids and trt.


    YES !!! Men in their 30s shouldn’t need TRT,,, Chael & Vitor are on TRT to gain an edge with faster recovery, more muscles, speed n power !!!