Is Tito Ortiz a Lock for the UFC Hall of Fame?

December 12, 2011
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It’s no secret that Tito Ortiz and UFC president Dana White have had their differences over the years, but with all the history Ortiz has with the promotion, is he a lock for the Hall of Fame when he retires?

Dana White talks about that as well as the early days of the UFC when commentator Joe Rogan worked for free.

Check out this clip with UFC president Dana White after UFC 140:

  • Attention Dana White: I am willing to do Joe Rogan’s job for free. Give me a call.

  • Tito probably deserves a spot in the hall of fame but he doesnt deserve another fight.I know ill boycott his next fight on almost any card against anyone but DANA.

  • calebroberts

    Ya he deserves a spot in the hall of fame he used to be one of the best fighters in ufc.