Is This the TUF 17 Knockout of the Season? (video)

February 6, 2013
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TUF 17 Adam Cella vs Uriah HallTuesday night’s Ultimate Fighter 17 fight between Uriah Hall and Adam Cella ended in what most are calling one of the most brutal knockouts they’ve ever seen… TUF or otherwise.

Check out the knockout in the video below and get the breakdown of how it went down…


    Introducing the TUF 17 winner.

  • Dontbescaredhomie

    This guy is on another level compared to the other fighters, he’s not a **** either which is a massive plus.

    • kbroesq

      Yeah, I agree. That Bubba guy is piece of s&#. The way he was going off on his teammate for not being ready last week and saying it was jeopardizing his career. It really doesn’t matter how your teammates do on TUF. If you keep winning, you’ll win TUF. He should have just been supportive.

      I was wondering why Jones was not adamant about having Bubba on his team, considering they train together. When Sonnen was saying, “well, this is your training partner, he’s got to be on your team,” Jones was just like, “not necessarily.” Now I know why; Jones probably doesn’t like the guy because he’s a douche. I hope Hall fights him and does an even more spectacular KO.

      • Dontbescaredhomie

        Yeah he definitely thinks way too highly of himself because he trained with Jones, to be honest he probably just goes to the same gym because his fight to get into the house wasn’t exactly something you’d expect from a person who’s sparred with Jones, he barely won.

        It’ll happen, he’s got a big mouth and he’ll call Hall out and Hall will shut it for the rest of the season hopefully.

    • BobLemons

      Totally agree. Also this season shows that Sonnen is a really classy dude, I’ve always been a fan, but I hope it helps some haters see through the **** talking.

      • jon

        dam sonnen, he doesnt have to disrespect an entire culture to boast. I use to admire him but look at his record and thats that. He talks about him looking at the “poor races” and laughing. thats too far. plus he loses all the big fights.

  • Timothy Malone

    For those that might think Hall’s 7-2 record isn’t that impressive, top ten fighters Chris Weidman and Constantinos Philippou are those two losses. Nothing to be ashamed of there.

  • AJ

    I just hope he doesn’t get clipped in one of the fights. This dude is a beast and can easily be one of my top 5 fav fighters within in the next couple of years if he keeps this up.

  • adam1848

    Jones better hope he can get control in the next round and put his best grappler against Hall, because his striking is amazing. Obviously he is the front runner to win the show, but if he continues to improve his ground game, he could be a contender at 185 in the near future. Probably the best TUF striker I’ve ever seen.

  • no that isnt ko of the season thats ko of the series