Is Third Time a Charm? Jon Jones vs. Glover Teixeira to Headline UFC 171 in Dallas

December 4, 2013
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Jon Jones UFC World TourAfter two false starts, UFC officials are hoping that the third time is a charm.

UFC officials on Wednesday night announced via UFC Tonight that light heavyweight champion Jon Jones would next put his belt on the line against Glover Teixeira at UFC 171 on March 15 at the American Airlines Center in Dallas.

It marks the third time that the bout has been announced.

Jones vs. Teixeira was initially announced for the promotion’s Super Bowl weekend fight card at UFC 169. That turned out to be a premature reveal. That led to a revised date for the bout to headline UFC 170 on Feb. 22.

Shortly thereafter, UFC president Dana White revealed that Jones wouldn’t quite be ready for that date either.

So now, hopefully, the March 15 date sticks and Jones vs. Teixeira will headline the promotion’s return to Dallas.

The UFC hasn’t been to Dallas since Rich Franklin fought Vitor Belfort in the main event of UFC 103 on Sept. 19, 2009.

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  • Mike mckinney

    I hope the UFC made sure this one won’t interfere with one of Jones pedicure appointments. 😉

  • taylor2008

    Jones wants Glover because he knows he can beat him. Bader could have beaten Glover if he didnt stand there and throw the same right hand over and over and over. He had Teixeira against that cage and threw the same right hand multiple times. He could have mixed it up with kicks and elbows. You keep throwing the same punch they will learn to time it.
    Anyway….Jones knows this will be a fairly easy fight. He doesnt want to fight Gustafsson again.

    • solo

      Cmon man, seriously? I bet he thought he would win easily against Gus…

      He wants Glover cause he’s next in line, like he wanted Gus cause he was no.1 contender at that point. You’ re insane for thinking it will be an easy fight!

      • taylor2008

        No I am not insane. Did you watch the Bader fight with Glover. Bader was pretty much winning that fight and was unloading on Glover against the cage. Stupidity took over Bader because Bader kept throwing the same right hand over and over and over. Glover timed one of those punches and KO’d bader. If Bader fought smart and mixed it up he could have KO’d Glover, and Jones embarassed Bader in their fight. Jones will KO or TKO glover in the 2nd Rd.

        • Ha

          Yep, top contenders are always easy fights

          • taylor2008

            Anderson Silva dispatched most of the top 10 contenders in his weight class. Jones has taken care of many top 10 in his class too. So has Cain. Just because they are top 10 doesnt mean a hard fight.

    • Mr Pete

      God i hate weekend fans, Glover rushes in and gets caught from a back peddling Bader throwing jab/hook thing defensive type move and suddenly Bader is elite master striker had Glover up against the Cage blah blah. If you actually watched the fight you would have seen this and the fact that Bader was at “Point Blank” range and completely whiffed all of his devastating overhand rights only proves that it was indeed a fluke.

      • taylor2008

        God I hate pompous people who pretend to know who I am or what I do.
        Sorry to tell you but watch a LOT of MMA. And WHO said Bader was an elite master striker? Oh right….you.
        Watch the fight again! When Bader had Glover up against the cage bader threw the same right hand 3 times, then went to come in with another right cross when Glover popped him with a right and left. So WHERE the hell did I say Bader was such a great striker? Oh right…I didnt. I was actually saying how dumb he was for throwing the same punch instead of mixing it up. READ MY POST AGAIN!

  • BobGyro


  • BobLemons

    First of all, I think Jones comes across like a total d-bag, but Jones title defences are a who’s who of LHW legends. His first 4 defences were all former champs. Then came Sonnen, after people accused him of being “scared” of Sonnen he demolished him in the first. He then asked for Gus, because he wanted to dispel the “he beats smaller guys” accusations and had his toughest fight,

    So Jones may be a hard guy to like, but he sure as sh*t isn’t scared of fighting anyone, and unfortunately for his haters (me included) he is one of the best to ever grace the Octagon. I really hope he gets a humbling loss, especially from a classy dude like Teixeira, but I don’t see it happening.

  • otto

    I dont think hes scared, then why would he call out Cain in a future fight, I just think hes arrogant and wants things on his terms, although I dont see glover lasting too long with JJ, speed will b the deciding factor in that fight, there the biggest mismatch between the two

  • Mr Pete

    1. I cannot understand why people are sleeping on Glover. he has demolished everyone he has faced gets caught by a fluke back peddling Bader and suddenly mma math overrules all logic as usual.

    2. Easy fight both ways, if Jones cant muscle Glover its lights out for Jones, if Jones gets it to the ground it going to be a 5rd decision win.
    3. Based on “real” mma math, has Glover ever been muscled? Other than the fluke Bader/Maldona (had hands down) has Glover ever been out struck and/or knocked out?

    I’m going to put 100 bucks on Glover payout is going to be huge why not? MMA math is on my side!