Is the Diego Sanchez vs. Ross Pearson Scorecard the Most Controversial in UFC History?

June 10, 2014
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Diego Sanchez vs. Ross Pearson Scorecard

Is this the most controversial scorecard in UFC history?

After the outcry from fans and especially the outrage from other fighters via Twitter, the split decision in favor of Diego Sanchez over Ross Pearson at UFC Fight Night 42 on Saturday must rank somewhere amongst the most outrageous bad decisions of all time.

Click here to watch the Sanchez vs. Pearson fight highlights.

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  • Simon Says

    Yes it is! Why? Because it’s the fight we saw last.

    • Stefan Sivcev

      makes sence ,in 1 month all will forget this.

      • Simon Says

        Exactly! MMA “robberies” are part of the allure of sports. We will always have controversy either by accident or on purpose, to keep the love/hate of the sport so more will tune in.

  • put me in the sauna coach

    Bisping Vs. Hamill, Nam Phan Vs. Garcia 1, and this one are the 3 that come to mind as the worst all time.

  • Kryton

    What about that absolutely ridiculous decision from the Gomi/Sanchez fight last year?! That was a very bad decision and a complete robbery over Takanori Gomi!!

    • Wolf Ticket

      Sanchez vs Kampmann also comes to mind. Not as blatant as this one, but Diego has been gifted a lot of wins in his career. He should fight Ben Henderson next, just for the fun of it.

  • Shartnado2, the Sloppy One

    If fights are that close then just make it a draw. The scoring system sucks , its not meant for mma its a stupid boxing thing that got thrown into Vegas standards to make some dumb commissioner make sense of a sport he has no idea about

  • Me

    Completely agree that the scoring system needs an overhaul, however, this has less to do with that scoring system, than it has to do with just poor interpretation of a fight.
    Sanchez was throwing a lot of wild shots (although less than he normally does) but so few of them were connecting, that I am genuinely amazed, with anyone that thinks Sanchez could have possibly won that fight.
    I’ve read some folk suggesting that every fighter should fight all out, and that there is no place in MMA for counter strikers, I personally, find that absurd. I also find that todays MMA fan has helped create this referee bias. How many events have you witnessed, where a fighter is boo’d simply for trying to take another fighter to the floor? Or for trying to fight to a particular gameplan? It seems that most MMA ‘Fans’ want every fighter to be Tank Abbot.

  • Pistol

    Gsp over Hendricks and machida over shogun too

    • deepgrim

      yes they are 2 worst decisions i have seen, but i have heard that bispling and hamill was a real joke too. it was a bad decision, but i wont think it is as bad as it has been made out

  • dangerman

    yes Feel sooo sorry for Ross Pearson who did outclass Diego sanchez (who we all love)

  • Dave Gilmore

    Call me silly, but did Collins forget what column Sanchez was in. Hes has the same score as Rosales, but reversed…Hmmm

  • mrl3

    Pearson didn’t land enough to win any of the rounds. Just because you knock someone down for a millisecond doesn’t mean you automatically win the round.