Is Silva vs. Sonnen II the Most Anticipated Fight in UFC History?

Anderson Silva and Chael Sonnen in BrazilWhen you talk about the greatest rivalries in the history of the UFC, a few different match-ups come to mind.

B.J. Penn vs. Matt Hughes. Urijah Faber vs. Dominick Cruz. Jon Jones vs. Rashad Evans. Brock Lesnar vs. Frank Mir. The list goes on and on, but at UFC 148, are we poised to see the greatest rivalry in UFC history finally come to a close?

UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva will look to make an unprecedented tenth defense of his title as he faces Chael Sonnen.

Sonnen has never been short on the words he’s flung towards Silva over the last few years and on July 7 they will finally have a chance to settle their long standing grudge.

But will that grudge match translate into ticket sales and pay-per-view buys as well as being recognized as one of the biggest fights in UFC history?

Sonnen’s manager Mike Roberts of MMA Inc. believes this fight will definitely be one for the books.

“I believe it is. I don’t know if it’s the biggest fight in UFC history, but I do believe it’s the most anticipated fight in UFC history. The only one that I could rival to that would be the first Chuck Liddell/Tito Ortiz fight,” Roberts told MMAWeekly Radio.

“I believe this one’s going to surpass that by attendance and pay-per-view buys.”

For all the talk leading into the fight, Sonnen has also been doing his part to make sure he is in the best shape of his life, and more prepared for Silva’s attacks than ever before.

From the outside it would appear that Sonnen couldn’t do much better than he did last time against Silva, where he battered and bested him for more than four rounds until being caught in a last minute, hail mary triangle choke from the champ.

Sonnen is pulling out all the stops for his preparation to get ready for Silva, however. He brought in multi-time grappling champion and former Ultimate Fighter finalist Vinny Magalhaes to shore up his jiu-jitsu game, and has worked very hard to do everything possible to put Silva away in this rematch.

“He’s got a great camp; he’s got a great cast of characters coming in to help him train for this fight. Chael’s putting more into this fight than he has in any fight ever, since I’ve known him,” Roberts said about his fighter.

“He’s bringing in a lot of guys into this camp to help push himself to a whole new level.”

The stage is set for Silva vs. Sonnen II to be one of the biggest pay-per-views of the year, and there’s no doubt it’s one of the most hotly contested rematches in history. Can this become the most anticipated fight in UFC history like Roberts suggested?

In just over one month’s time, everyone will know the answer.

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  1. Chael, you should have considered yourself lucky that you caught Silva on an off-night last time. The Spider will make short work of you this time.

    • I agree with you 100% Kyle. Silva had a lot more to learn from that fight than did Chael. Silva can make adjustments this time around whereas I can’t see Chael’s gameplan being any different than the one he used originally.

      Silva by KO in R2.

      • both of you are stupid, there is no way silva’s going to stop chaels double. he’ll be on his ass for 5 rounds getting beat on

        • Totally agree with Kyle and rsn. I’ll consider myself stupid for thinking so.

          Sonnen was benefited by many things going into the first fight. First, he’s on TRT, which is the biggest BS scam in MMA because the only people who ‘need’ it are people who have abused steroids in the past, and he had elevated levels of testosterone anyway. Second, he had nothing to lose and he fought that way. It was a total fluke.

          The only people who are stupid, are the ones who still stick up for this fraud (and by fraud, I mean literally because he plead guilty to fraud charges).

        • He could not even win his last fight without the help of the judges! The count should have won that decision! He gets DESTROYED by Silva no later than the 2nd round! Sonnen is a joke! If he did not run his mouth all the time no one would even know he was around!

        • Listen Mo, I’m pulling for Sonnen to win this fight. I’d love to see Anderson get another beatdown. But I’m a realist and would be stupid to believe Sonnen will win their next fight and stupid to believe Sonnen will again get the better of the striking.

        • I can’t wait for sonnen to get knocked out (in the 2nd). You really let that carpet bagger talk you into believing he will win? Quit drinking the chael sonnen kool-aid, its got your head clouded and will give you bacne.

  2. totally. silva’s got something to prove this time around. he’s gonna knock sonnen out in the first round. maybe that’ll finally shut that tool up. he’s the most disrespectful fighter in the ufc and needs a good ass beating.

    • hows he gonna knock him out when he can’t even keep the fight standing for more than 10 seconds

  3. I still believe that AS was trying to submit CS because of “black belt” insult. This time I expect him to broke CS nose in first round and to continue to press the “button” for 5 rounds.

    Still, I’m afraid that I can be wrong…

  4. For me this is one of the most stressful fight to watch. Most of the times, even if I have one favorite, there is something about both fighters to root for. But in this case I totally despise Sonnen and if he beat Silva that its going to be hard to see. I hope Silva break this disrespectful dumbass face.

    • Silva is disrespectful too. Watch the Forrest fight. He pretends to help him up and be his friend, instead of just finishing the fight. That was such bs. I’m not saying Chael is an angel, but let’s look at both sides.

  5. It’s not that much different than how nick taunts his opponents, if you think about it.

    • I totally disagree with that. As much as I HATE the Diaz brothers, I will grant them that they rarely, if ever, talk trash before fights and/or insult peoples’ family/culture.

      I hate what the Diaz brothers do IN the cage, because I think it’s totally juvenile, but I wouldn’t even think to compare it to what Sonnen does outside the cage.

  6. Gonna be a lot of tears if Señor Chael pulls off the win.

    • True, but if that happen, I’m sure that its going to be a third fight, maybe the last fight of the year. i’m sure Dana White wants Silva to lose so he can complete the trilogy.

  7. Here are the facts
    1 chael was on steroids or trt or anykind of other BS you wanna call it
    2 chael innproperly took them and was caught for his level being too high.
    3 Anderson had fractured ribs and unless you have had a rib injury you have no idea how debilitating that is.
    4 was at the fight live and you could tell from the start Anderson was hurt.
    5 Anderson does what he did to yushin okami to chael
    6 can’t believe Anderson’s managers allowed chael to take trt for this fight, it should have been in the contract that its not allowed.

    • he is allowed to take his TRT, but his levels still can’t be more then the (i believe)6-1 ratio that is regulated. So atleast he can’t be jacked up like last time. I agree, you could aee Anderson wasn’t moving the way he usually does. I think this time if Anderson doesn’t want to be on the ground, he won’t be. I say Anderson in the 3rd just because he will want to punish sonnen a little before he finished him

  8. TRT cant even save chael now! Hes fighting a great! chael just good! but not even close to being a great like silva. Im from portland oregon and fight in chaels ameture fcff league they like to favor wrestler giving them title shots after just one fight what a joke! lol

    • ur a joke bro

      • No…I’d just argue not Straight Edge enough eh’ grub? How’s Ian MacKaye doing these days?

        • Sounds like some1 is jelly? No idea who Ian mackaye is either

          • So, let me get this “straight.” You claim to be straight edge but have no idea of who was one of the major pioneers of that movement???

            You Grub, are a poser. Go draw some more X’s on your hands…

      • One more month and then after sonnen gets tko’d you will hopefully release the balls that you hang from and stfu…..bro

        • smill i have no idea what you said means. I am not hanging from any balls. My balls hang from me. Bro.

  9. I think the rib injury gets very overlooked and people can make excuses, but if you’ve seen “Like Water” you can tell it affected Anderson and if you’ve ever had a rib injury its a different healing, it doesn’t get gradually better, it hurts the same til one day it doesn’t any longer… different than any other injury I’ve had. People can say it was Anderson’s movie, so of course they’d play up the rib injury, but really it doesn’t make him look any better or worse. Since the last fight he’s destroyed Belfort and Okami… and nobody else has like that. Though really, if Chael wins, I just really don’t want to hear him talk so much, just annoying and I get its his schtick but, the dumb stuff that comes out of his mouth is ridiculous. Its not even funny.

  10. I think Chael is a fraud and will be exposed after this fight. Anderson will not be trying so hard to sumbit him as he did the 1st fight I totally agree with gnodeb’s comment below. Silva wanted to choke this fool out for the the comments directed towards Big & Lil Nog. He will finish this fight 2nd or 3rd round by TKO or referee stoppage.

    I still believe that AS was trying to submit CS because of “black belt” insult. This time I expect him to broke CS nose in first round and to continue to press the “button” for 5 rounds.

  11. I have to admit that the Anderson bashers aren’t out in full force after the first fight. I think the Bisping fight slowed that all down.

  12. I cant understand why this guy (CS) talk so much about the brazilians. As far as i know, the guy lost fights for Renato Babalu, Demian Maia and Silva. In the fight against Babalu, he cried like a litle baby when he had his leg in dangerous.

  13. Sonnen could win. Silva could win. Good fight either way.

    • No. Sonnen don’t deserve this title fight, he only have this chance because he has a big mouth and that sells. His record is crap, most of his victories are by decision and most of his defeats are by submission and KO. I know you cant necessarily judge a fighter by his numbers alone, but in Sonnen case his record don’t make him the number 2 in middleweight. He should be a second tier strikeforce fighter.

      • Disagree, respectfully. His last performance vs Bisbing was much less than impressive BUT he is by no means a second tier strikeforce fighter. That’s just crazy talk.

  14. I think both of these guys are disrespectful sonnen before and after fights and Silva during fights.

  15. I hope Anderson knocks him down then when he reaches down to act like he going to help him up Chael gets him with an upkick and knocks him the f out.

  16. Does anyone else remember how stupid maia made sonnen look? also i think silva may keep it standing and just punish sonnen for a few rounds…if it goes that long

  17. I think Sonnen only wants to fight Silva. He rarely looks good in his other fights… Bisping could have won that fight. I think Sonnen is goingg to remove the spiders penis and make him beg for it back!! He will be on just the right amount of roids and surely he will train his a$s off. Sonnen 3rd round (beheading)

  18. I had a cracked rib 5 years ago im silvas age it hurt so f @#$% N BAD 4 six months iwasnt the same almost cried ev time i took a sh%@ or reached 4 remote if silva had 1 hes astud silva wins via tko 3rd round chael never really in it

  19. Chael is in trouble in this fight, he truly thinks he can beat Silva..Just a pipe dream, Chael dosent belong in this fight, in my opinion he lost hus last fight to Bisping.. Anyway Silva TKO 2:07 RD2

  20. Bisbing is not bad ! I dont like him but hes alot better than people give him credit for. Chael is good but not great like Anderson . If Andesron loses which he wont hes still the best middle weight out there.

  21. Is Silva vs. Sonnen II the Most Anticipated Fight in UFC History?

    Probably not.