Is Rory MacDonald the Next Georges St-Pierre? Jake Ellenberger Doesn’t Think So

May 6, 2013
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Jake Ellenberger As a fan, UFC welterweight contender Jake Ellenberger wants to see what happens if 170-pound champion Georges St-Pierre and middleweight kingpin Anderson Silva ever step into the Octagon across from each other.

But as a competitor, he hates the superfight talk. Ellenberger wants to see what happens when he steps into the Octagon with St-Pierre, the UFC welterweight championship on the line.

“As a competitor, I don’t want to see (St-Pierre fight Silva),” Ellenberger said recently. “But if I was in his shoes, that’s probably what I would do. Really, what more can you accomplish, unless he just wants to continue to compete.”

For now, it seems St-Pierre will likely remain at welterweight to fight No. 1 contender Johny Hendricks.

All of that is moot, however, if Ellenberger doesn’t win his next fight.

He’s been told that the winner of his next fight will likely get a title shot after Hendricks, but as he says, “that’s not in writing.” For now, he’s focused on what’s before him, a bout with GSP training partner Rory MacDonald at UFC on Fox 8 on July 27 in Seattle.

Talking about St-Pierre is all well and good, but Ellenberger’s energy is better spent on MacDonald, a fighter that many have called the next St-Pierre of the UFC’s welterweight class. Ellenberger is not one of that many.

“They’re claiming this kid to be the next GSP, dominating the division… I disagree,” Ellenberger stated. “I absolutely believe that I’ll beat him. I don’t believe that his chin has been tested.”

That doesn’t mean that Ellenberger is taking his young Canadian counterpart lightly.

“He’s one of the young studs coming up. He’s got a lot of confidence behind him, trains with GSP. It excites me. Stylistically, he’s a great match-up.”

At 28 years of age with 35 professional fights to his credit, Ellenberger hasn’t yet bagged a UFC championship. He has, however, been considered a top five to 10 fighter long enough that he knows exactly what he has to do to get there… and that is win fights.

He doesn’t hand-pick fights. He doesn’t call out opponents. He fights who they put in front of him, because when you do that and you win, you get into the title mix.

“If you really think you’re the best in the world, you’ll fight whoever they tell you,” said Ellenberger. “I’m not looking to fight everybody in the division, I’m looking to fight for the title.

“Actions do speak louder than words. You can get fights you really lobby for, but at the end of the day it really comes down to winning.”

While he may continue to get asked about St-Pierre, that’s not who is at the fore of his mind. That spot is reserved for MacDonald… for now.

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  • Adam K Vogt

    I don’t know if Rory is the next GSP or not, but I think he will probably beat Jake. Should be a great fight. If Rory does win and gets the number one contender spot, its just another reason for GSP to move up to 85 and take on Silva.

    • Timothy Malone

      GSP fighting Silva? What are you a fight fan? You aren’t supposed to comment like a fight fan. You are supposed to comment like you are GSP’s financial agent and opine on whether this move fits into his long-term investment strategy. At least so I gather from most of the comments I see these days on potential fights.

      • Sir_Roy

        The so-called “long term investment strategy” is brought up to counter everyone hollering how scared GSP is to fight Silva. That is all. It’s a far more logical reason than to constantly bemoan how oh so scared GSP is with regards Anderson.

        This reasoning is not used (for the most part) to state it’s not a fight we want to see … I’d be first in line for that fight, but I don’t knock GSP, or claim he’s a “little chicken sh!t” (as many do) for not ‘rush’ing into it either.

      • Lucas Freire

        As a fight fan I know about the existence of something called weight divisions.

        There’s no reason for a fighter who fought against all the top contenders his division had to offer,go up and fight against a MUCH bigger fighter as if he had something else to prove.
        Not GSP,nor Spider have anything else to prove.

      • marco giove

        shut up fool hes aloud his opinion just like anyone else, he loves mma unlike you keyboard worrier’s who don’t know sh$t

    • ned sto

      I think it is a stretch to think Rory would get the number one contender spot if he beat Ellenberger. That would launch him ahead of Condit, who Rory has a loss against.
      In my opinion if Rory beats Ellenberger, he would need to secure one more victory over Condit, Kampmann, or Hendricks ( if he loses ) before a title shot.

      We also have to see if Rory would just stall at the #2 slot, not wanting to fight GSP as a teammate, or if all that would change as things tend to do.

      I thinks its a bit premature to think GSP would just flee the division by default if Rory made it to #2.

      I also think Jake has a very strong chance of winning this.

  • DamianCross

    Let’s make sure Rory Macdonald isn’t the next Jeffrey Dahmer before we bring GSP into the conversation, ok?

    • Maddawgmar

      The stale undertaker look about him, kinda reminds me of a Ted Bundy.

      • DamianCross

        The hardest part of Rory’s daily cardio routine is wiping the blood off his clown suit afterward.

        • Maddawgmar

          I wonder how long he spends turning his victims skin into furniture and human suits.

          • Melendez beat Benson

            Could you guys explain this whole Rory as psycho thing to me?

          • DamianCross

            I could, but his asylum patient records are confidential.

  • bajafox

    I can’t stand the guy but IMO, he definitely has the potential. He seems like a pretty big guy for 170

  • drkdisciple

    I wonder if Ellenberger actually believes that of if he wants to believe that. I would be very surprised if he beats MacDonald.

    • Sir_Roy

      He believes it. And he should. Because he has the tools to win. If fact, I think he will win.

      • drkdisciple

        we will see soon enough..i am convinced Rory will dominate him. So far the odd makers have him as a favorite at -170. Definitely worth a bet!

  • Ksmma

    I like rory but jake is the kind of fighter that can throw the brakes on a hype train. My money is on ellenberger.

  • Looking forward to this fight its a great match up with big implications for the welterweight division.

  • Edgar ontano

    mcdonald will win,hes an all around fighter while jug hard just has ko power

  • Edgar ontano

    mcdonaldwill wun hes just a better fighter plain and simple

  • Jew Jitsu

    we’re gonna see what rory’s chin looks like in this one, i expect him to win but i also expect ellenberger to catch him a few times throughout the fight and if he can get thru that and doesnt finish himself he will win on points.

  • Sir_Roy

    Going with Ellenberger on this one via TKO or even KO.