Is Ronda Rousey Correct? Will Women Find a Way into the UFC?

June 20, 2012
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Ronda Rousey StrikeforceWill we see the day when women will be fighting in the UFC Octagon?

That is the million dollar question, but the simple answer, at least in the near term, is no.

Even with all the attention that Ronda Rousey has brought to the women’s side of the sport with promotional prowess outside the cage that are matched only by her bone crunching abilities inside the cage, it’s not going to be enough.

Still, Rousey seems to think it could happen.

“I think it is a distinct possibility,” Rousey said on UFC Tonight on Tuesday when asked about women fighting in the UFC. “Women are tough. We are clever. We are going to find a way to get anywhere. You can’t stop us.”

She’s probably correct that women will find a way into the Octagon… one day. But whether or not it will happen during Rousey’s career remains to be seen.

The general consensus is that the talent pool on the women’s side of the sport just isn’t currently deep enough to carry the weight of even one long-term competitive division.

“I love the idea (of women fighting in the UFC), but it is not going to happen. Not in the near future anyhow,” said UFC Tonight’s Kenny Florian. “There are not enough high level female fighters in each weight class. UFC is all about building stars up and if they only have one fight and that’s it, they can’t do that.”cia Rijker

UFC president Dana White has long agreed with Florian’s point. In fact, as much as he thinks that Rousey could be one of the best female fighters to ever grace mixed martial arts, he’s not even sure that there are enough high-level opponents to keep the Strikeforce 135-pound champ busy much longer. And that’s just one weight class.

“She’s a rock star,” White said.  “She’s been fantastic.  She’s been killing it for us.  I just hope that we can get some really good fights for her.”

Rousey has a fight coming up in August with Sarah Kaufman. That fight isn’t likely to be an easy one, but should she get past Kaufman, Rousey would cement a spot at the top of the heap.

But if she is successful, what’s next?

“Unfortunately I think (Rousey) is going to be the Lucia Rijker of MMA.  She’s the female boxer that was really the best in the world.  You heard of Christie Martin and Laila Ali and all these other people, they wouldn’t fight her.  Nobody wanted to fight Lucia Rijker.  She was sparring with guys.  She was probably the best female boxer ever and nobody knows who the hell she is.”

There are really no clear contenders following the Rousey vs. Kaufman fight, other than rematches with the likes of Miesha Tate. That doesn’t really constitute a deep talent pool. And as long as the women are swimming in the shallow end, the UFC isn’t likely to take a chance on them in the Octagon.

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  • Please no women in the UFC. Let them have their own promotion.

    I hope Kaufman can somehow beat Rousey.

    • She (Kaufman) can’t. She has no chance. I train fighters and have rolled w/Ronda. Her ground game is better than almost all men in the UFC!

  • TKD

    zzzzz…women’s MMA…zzzzzzzz

  • markrenton

    No, Ronda is not correct. I see no chance of Dana ever letting women fight in the UFC.

    I have no real interest in watching women fight (in an octagon anyways), but I am a big fan of Rousey. When she snapped that chicks arm, she showed more killer instinct than a handful of UFC fighters (e. GSP vs Hardy). With her judo she can get whoever she fights to the ground and after her last fight her opponents are probably going to be tapping out as soon as they hit the canvas.

  • Yes it will happen, just wait for a lull in the other weight classes and when they need to round out a card, why not tap a resource they already own? It’s only a matter of time.

  • Machterf5

    I thought that’s why they had Strikeforce.

  • When Cyborg gets off of suspension, that will be a headliner!

  • julianmoran

    Belly rings are gross.

    Women mma has a 1 dimensional champion, sais it all about the competition.

    She should go back to judo, or make herself useful in the kitchen or something.

  • Booker T

    Just throw the top women in the 125lb pee wee class. Now that would be interesting! Women can be open weight. Uncle Creepy would kick her a$$!!!

  • collideoverme

    I think they should put women’s MMA in the UFC. One weight class (135) and find the best fighters in that class. That’s enough.

  • D-rail

    There’s enough problems going on the UFC, let’s not add to them please.

  • AdamBianski

    I never watch want to be mens MMA it is gross. Gross. Gross. Gross. Oh yeah womens MMA Gross. Go make me a sandwich.

  • MikeMc1983

    There might as well be women in the UFC. We already have diluted cards filled with children sized fights in at least 2 weight classes. I guess the font want to discriminate. Someone needs to tell the UFC that they don’t actually have women and children compete to make it a family show.

    What’s next midgets???
    Oh crap it is. I heard Dana mention getting a 125lbs class. 125lbs that’s not women’s. It’s amazing those guys don’t break walking to a cage.

  • TKD

    Hey, maybe this would be a great division for Florian to finally win a title. Nah…He couldn’t do it there either.

  • D-rail

    Florian vs Cyborg for the UFC the women with penises bantamweight title.

  • I believe that women should be allowed to fight in The UFC. In fact, there should be a female season of The Ultimate Fighter. Have Rhonda as one coach, as Cyborg as the other. Have Rhonda beat Cyborg in The UFC instead of Strikeforce.

  • If she wants to fight in UFC so bad throw her in there against a man.

    A gatekeeper at 135lbs against the Womens Champ.

    Not saying I want to see it, but if she wants to be in the Octagon and women are so tough, then give her that shot.

    If she wins she gets another fight (or three).

    Sink or swim. The law of the jungle. The octagon is for the best fighters in the world. Period. Not the best male fighter and best female fighter.

    Then we will see if Ronda wants into the UFC that bad.


    i hope she is right.

  • paul

    she prove that one huh