Is Rampage Jackson vs. Stephan Bonnar On Deck?

November 20, 2011
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Quinton Jackson

Quinton 'Rampage' Jackson

Following UFC 139, it appears that Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson and Stephan Bonnar are trying to do Joe Silva’s job for him.

Bonnar was successful in his fight on Saturday night, defeating Kyle Kingsbury by unanimous decision, and he already mentioned that he wanted to fight Rampage next.

Now according to UFC President Dana White, the former UFC light heavyweight champion has requested the exact same thing.

“Rampage texted me tonight and said he wants to fight him too,” White said about a potential fight with Stephan Bonnar. “I don’t know we’ll see”

Rumors have placed Rampage as a leading candidate to fill a slot on the upcoming UFC 144 card in Japan. Jackson fought in Japan for much of his career when he was competing under the Pride Fighting Championships banner.

According to several reports, there is some history between Bonnar and Jackson, although no details have surfaced exactly why the two fighters are asking to face off in the Octagon.

Bonnar is currently riding a three fight win streak after his victory on Saturday night, while Rampage is coming back from a loss to UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones in September.

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  • adice89

    Dont see anyone finishing this fight, that being said I dont think Rampage has the desire/fire in his mind to train hard enough for this fight and I think he will overlook Bonnar. Bonnar by UD

  • andthenisaid

    adice you beat me to the punch. I would predict bonnar unanimous with round three being a 10-8 round.

  • MikeMc1983

    Interesting. I thought the idea of this fight seemed quite strange. Rampage I would have assumed would be a huge favorite. If the fight goes down I’d guess rampage would be around -300. I hate to sound like a nuthugger, but I dont see how bonner wins. Bonner is said to have a great chin, but rampage is said to be one of the hardest punchers in the sport. James Irvin had power, but the rest of the “wars” bonner has had haven’t been with one punch knockout punchers. Big difference between banging with Forrest, and with rampage. Jackson also isn’t the easiest guy to take down. He’s one of strongest (if not the strongest) guys in the division.
    I guess it’s a fair arguement to say that he may not train right, but that could be said about anyone.
    I’m not one for making fight predictions, but you guys caught me off guard with your picks. I’ll be interested to see what others think. I may be blind, or missing something. I stand by my thinking if the fights made that the odds will have rampage way ahead. Betting lines are not always a true indicator of actual ability, or reason. However if bonner wins a decision the way you guys put it I’ll give you guys props on your call.

  • No thanks. I would much rather see Rampage vs. Shogun in Japan (February 26th) or sometime in the spring.

  • adice89

    I would much rather see Rampage Vs Shogun too. The problem Rampage has is…if he cant knock you out or hit you with a big punch he more than likely is on the losing end of a fight. Bonnar knows this too. Heck…Keith Jardine was on his way to winning the fight with Rampage until he got clipped in the end.