Is Paige VanZant’s UFC Highlight Video Too Much? Pffft!

March 19, 2015
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Paige VanZant vs Kailin Curran

(Paige VanZant vs. Kailin Curran)

She’s only one fight into her UFC tenure, and is already being criticized for unwarranted exposure. But seriously, is there really such a thing as too much Paige VanZant?

Yeah, we didn’t think so either. So check out this Paige VanZant highlight video…

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  • Nate “THE CHEAT” Marquardt

    She’s too pretty to get punched in the face for a living. Some day women MMA fighters will only look like Bethe Correia, Amanda Nunes. I know one thing Holly Holmes is overrated

    • TheCerealKiller

      I saw the replay of Holm’s last fight, I need to go back to not watching WMMA.

      • The Rampage

        I think the strawweight division is more exciting because there is more depth and more intelligent fighters. I know it may not being saying much, but it’s still true. I would give Holly another chance, she definitely looked rusty and can performed much better than that.

      • Nate “THE CHEAT” Marquardt

        Other than having the biggest size advantage I have ever seen Holm wouldn’t last more than a few minute against Rousey, Tate, Cat or any of the more experienced girls like Jessica Eye. Holly Holm is hands down the best weight cutter in all MMA. She easily was 160 lbs at fight time. She made Pennington look like an atomweight and she still couldn’t really get the best of the much much smaller fighter. Pennington landed the best punches and did most damage IMO. After seeing that fight there is no way Dana will ever put Holm against any of the top fighters

        • The Rampage

          It depends on her next fight. If she doesn’t show that it was just UFC jitters, then of course it’s going to be hard to hype her up. But she is a much smarter fighter than Tate, Cat, or any other fighter in the division that I’ve seen. But her next fight would pretty much determine, hype or no hype.

    • The Rampage

      Alexa Grasso is a hot strawweight fighter in Invicta and will eventually come to UFC. Way hotter than any current fighter.

      • pagostoy .

        Saw the images of her, she’s cute. Way hotter than PVZ? As Dr. Evil once said “How about NOOOO, you crazy dutch bastard!!”

    • otown689a

      I think it’s all the pressure that holly had to deal with. Not everyone can handle it like conor mcgregor. She should be feeling more comfortable in her next bout.

    • Bogo

      Why should the way she looks stop her from fighting? She obviously doesn’t care or she would have stuck to cheerleading.

  • Joseph Pilarski

    oh look the ufc is selling sex

  • Nicole

    Aren’t “highlight” films supposed to be about your skills, victories, overcoming adversity, etc? Instead, Paige’s highlights include getting undressed for weigh ins, getting greased up pre-fight and smiling for the cameras…and in between that, we get random snippets from two or three fights. Pick an occupation: fairly green fighter or ring card girl. Not both.

    • Super Silva

      In my male opinion, not so much her fault as it is the fault of culture and the human nature of exploitation. I blame the media mostly for presenting her as a sex symbol. That being said, it’s good to see barriers broken, such as “cute chicks can’t/shouldn’t fight.” I give her lots of credit for just being a fighter though, and making it pro.

    • MPA2000

      Female jealousy? Only the first 60 seconds is how you described the video, the other 3 minutes is all of her fight highlights.

    • pagostoy .

      Haters gonna hate.