Is Nick Diaz Retired or Isn’t He? He is for Now, Turns Down Carlos Condit Fight

December 15, 2013
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Nick Diaz UFC 129After UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre on Friday declared he was taking a leave of absence and vacating his belt, UFC president Dana White moved swiftly to fill the void.

He announced that Johny Hendricks would face Robbie Lawler at UFC 171 on March 15 in Dallas to declare a new champion. White added that he had something special in the works for Carlos Condit, another fighter that many considered a viable contender to the vacated belt.

At UFC on Fox 9 on Saturday night, White revealed that he offered a bout with Condit to “is he retired or is he not fighter” Nick Diaz. And evidently, at least for the foreseeable future, Diaz is still retired.

“I was trying to make Carlos Condit vs. Nick Diaz,” said White. “Nick Diaz turned the fight down tonight. He didn’t want it.”

It was a disappointment for White, who said that Condit accepted the fight immediately. At this point, it was up to Diaz to make the fight happen, but he declined.

White said he spoke to Diaz face to face at UFC on Fox 9 about the match-up, but he wasn’t about to press him on it if he didn’t want to fight. It wasn’t a matter of the details; it was a matter of desire.

“It’s not about negotiating. He’s under contract. It’s do you want to fight or do you not want to fight,” said White. “What you don’t want to do is pressure a guy that doesn’t want to fight.

“You gotta have (that fire) or you shouldn’t do it.”

Diaz apparently mentioned possibly coming back to fight sometime around May, but White later added that he wasn’t going to keep offering Diaz fights. He told Diaz to let him know when he’s ready to fight again.

In the meantime, it’s back to the drawing board for a fight for Carlos Condit, who was originally slated to meet Matt Brown on Saturday night. Brown, however, suffered a couple of herniated discs and had to bow out.

White wanted to broach the Condit vs. Diaz fight first, so now that the fight isn’t going to happen, he said they’ll rethink things and try to find a fight for Condit.

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  • Tommy Blingshyne

    condit vs ellenberger rematch

    • Good idea and all but rematches in this division are only interesting if the title is on the line IMO. They were both booked against different competition which were both interesting fights. I really like Ellenberger vs Hendrick and Condit vs Brown. Both great style match ups.

      • Tommy Blingshyne

        Yeah, those are def ideal match ups but Hendricks is fighting Lawler in march and they want to book Condit for the same card for potential #1 contender, Rory rematch has been talked about but he’s fighting Maia, Dana declined the Woodley match up, not many choices left besides Ellenberger, at least guys at the top of the division

        • So many match ups to take place still. These guys are all so close to a title shot and in the end it’s like one big tournament between the top five guys. They just keep cancelling one another out but run the division at the same time. Hopefully Hector Lombard, Thiago Alves and Woodley shake things up, but they are all from ATT so they will never fight each other unless it’s for the title I would assume.

  • I love Nick but he already lost to Condit and GSP, A win over Condit in a rematch would pretty much guarantee him a title shot. Damien Maia would be a nice fight. But if everyone is looking for a good brawl how about Thiago Alves?

    • Tommy Blingshyne

      Ahhh yes, 4got about Alves, he’s healthy now too, Condit v Alves is a good fight 4 sure

    • Mark McDowall

      I think if Diaz comes back he should be on a free fight card of FS1 or Fox. He doesn’t deserve big fights. The UFC needs to quit babying this guy. As Cereal Killer said, who has he beat that was relevant at the time…no one. He’s 1-2 since coming back, with the exception of him beating a past it BJ he hasn’t looked good at all.

      • That suspension really hurt him. I wonder how pissed Dana would have been if he won that title fight with Condit. Either way everything played out. I know he’s being picky but I just want to see the guy fight.

        • Mark McDowall

          But I dont think he’s really earned the right to be picky. I think he’s a god in his own mind…he wants ridiculous money and top competition and he’s not even in the top 10 in most rankings. He should jump at the chance when the UFC is offering him big fights like this. They aren’t going to keep doing it…but thats when Diaz’s stupid brain will turn on and he will start talking crap about the UFC about how they screwed him etc etc.

      • blob

        Cereal Killer doesnt know what he’s talking about.

        • TheCerealKiller

          Then name his relevant win?

        • Mark McDowall

          Name one then?

  • NMrealist

    From NM and extremely disappointed and embarrassed at the way the first fight went. There was no natural born killer instinct that night. Diaz control plus head and body shots won rounds 1&2 and a relatively even round 5 was secured with a takedown and back control. I can see why some people think Carlos won but even if we were being generous…Diaz by split. A 4-1 scorecard for Carlos was just absurd. No interest in a rematch either…still upset that we never got our “dogfight”.

  • What does this headline even mean? Can you and your writers take a basic English course at a local community college? If that doesn’t work, should be able to help you.

    • Now it magically changes, albeit still mildly retarded. You should start paying your viewers for editing your content.

      • earlsimmons

        LUL you go on mma forums looking for grammatical errors. You must be doing awesome with the ladies.

        • Yes, because I come here looking for the errors; they don’t find me every time I open an article by one of the wildly illiterate staff. It shows you care about your site and your readers, taking the extra effort to proofread your articles. Otherwise, it just looks lazy and obnoxious, aka another day at

          Sweet jokes though. Maybe you should do some research on the differences between a “forum” and a “web site”. Make a PowerPoint and get back to me with your findings once you work 40 hours a week.

  • robc

    Wondering where Diaz’ head is in all this? GSP leaving is huge for him. There is literally no chance he could beat GSP (speed + wrestling). Hendricks is tough too but at least Hendricks will stand in front and throw, Diaz could wear him down or maybe catch a sub on the ground. Against Condit, Condit (and I’m a fan of his) was an embarassment. The natural born killer used a greg jackson special and as a result got lambasted by the fans for it. If they fight again, it should be the guy that we all hoped would show up the first time. The Diaz brothers have a never quit, fight anyone attitude. Where did that go for Nick? Hard to believe he is retired at only 30. He is 2 years younger than GSP… Mind you he does have 35 fights (that’s 8 more than GSP in roughly the same amount of time). Maybe he has a lagging injury, or maybe he just got frustrated by the wrestlers that inhabit the 170 division.

  • Nick Diaz

    i dont want to fight or whatever, just want to smoke more weed and pay my taxes or whatever. gsp left and i beat condit already, dana’s just sellin you wolf tickets and your all eating them up, caeser gracie what! what! where you at georges!? where you at mother… oh wait, sorry force of habit…

    • Nate DIaz

      i like to thank all the fans that went to my neices play, capt crunch, the green chipmunk from alvin and the chipmunk, my grandmas father, darth vader, all those kids from peter pan staring robin williams and ronda rousey for hooking me up with all the f***** weed!! what!!

  • Seth

    Just leave him alone – let that retard smoke himself to death, since his brain is out for quite some time. Why even bothering asking him and offering him a fight, when he turns down each one of them?

    • bajafox

      You can’t smoke yourself to death moron

  • TheCerealKiller

    Tell me, who has Diaz EVER beaten that was relevant? Go ahead, go look. His losses are all bigger names than his wins.

    No, BJ is washed up…

    • Mark McDowall

      Can’t really argue with that!!

    • Bobby Boy

      Not to be a troll but…Robbie Lawler:) Haha jk, he wasn’t very relevant back then. Seriously tho, most honest comment of the week.^

    • Triggerman99

      It’s funny that everyone tries to say BJ was washed up when he fought Diaz, completely disregarding the fact that BJ just fought Fitch to a draw in his previous fight, a fight that would have given BJ a title shot had he won. Yes sir, that’s what I call washed up, alright! That’s idiotic. Diaz is the reason BJ is now not the same fighter, not the first beneficiary his downfall.

      • julian moran

        Daley also had recently fought for a ufc title shot and was since then on a 4 win streak before Diaz beat him.

        • Triggerman99

          Yeah, that’s always conveniently left out when people feel like hating on Diaz. They just say “Daley isn’t even top 10 right now!” and “BJ is washed up!”, completely disregarding that both of those guys were near the top of the division when Diaz beat them. I don’t know if its just ignorance or intentionally misleading, but it’s pathetic either way.

          • TheCerealKiller

            BJ is 1-4-1 during the Diaz fight time. Daley was a giant hype train, just like Sokoudjou.

          • Triggerman99

            LOL! What does that even mean? 1-4-1 during the “Diaz fight time”? How did you come up with that? You don’t just get to choose what pieces of BJ’s record you want to plug in and invent timeframes to help your arguement, not to mention the fact that your little nugget isn’t even correct in the first place. But aside from that, anyone could just as easily say “BJ was 1-0-1 coming into the Diaz fight (win-Hughes, draw-Fitch) or “BJ was 3-2-1 coming into the Diaz fight” (wins-Florian, Sanchez, Hughes, losses-Edgar x2, draw-Fitch) or “BJ was 16-7-2 coming into the Diaz fight (his entire record at that point). Hooray for subjective logic!!!

        • TheCerealKiller

          And lost.

    • julian moran

      Maybe, instead of constantly hating on Nick Diaz, you should consider the following:
      1) Diaz went the distance with GSP
      2) Most people thought Diaz beat Condit.
      3) BJ was at his best against Diaz.
      4) Paul Daley was top 5 when Diaz beat him.
      5) KJ Noons was considered top 5 when Diaz beat him
      6) Gomi was number 1 when Diaz beat him.
      7) Except for a loss by way of cut, Diaz has not been finished since 2002.

      • TheCerealKiller

        1) Lost
        2) Lost
        3)You’re crazy
        4) Daley was ranked #9 and he didn’t deserve it. Another guy that hasn’t beaten anyone.
        5) Noons WAS NOT RANKED AT THE TIME! Go look it up.
        6) Gomi was not ranked #1
        7) Most irrelevant stat on the planet.

        Celebrating his losses and lying about rankings makes you look like an idiot!

        • julian moran

          Thank you.

        • Triggerman99

          Gomi was #1 in the world. Go look it up. And you don’t get to point to rankings as your proof and throw it in someone’s face and then turn around and say Daley “didn’t deserve” to be ranked where he was when someone points that out. What kind of twisted logic is going on in your head where you just actually contradicted yourself in the same post? LOL!

    • Drock420

      Lets also not forget that Nick Diaz is the only fighter to KO Robbie Lawler!!

  • Big Tuna

    I wouldn’t want to rematch a guy that beat my ass into retirement!

    • Triggerman99

      Except Diaz fought again after fighting Condit, but it was cute that you tried to make a funny like that.

    • julian moran

      Most people thought Diaz beat Condit.

      • TheCerealKiller

        No, they don’t.

      • BobLemons

        Nope, only idiots. Sure Condit moved backwards, but he was fighting a dude who’s primary strength is overwhelming guys while coming forward, I suppose his only option was to stand in the pocket and trade, right? Condit evaded Diaz’s fowards attacks by moving backwards and the striking the whole time, picking Diaz apart.

        I’d love to see a rematch, I think Condit will try to prove people like you wrong. If for example Condit just came forward and traded with Diaz anyway, I’m sure he would knock him out. Diaz beats Condit nowhere.

        Condit is one of the most exciting WW’s by far, and his only weakness is his takedown defense, if he sorts that out he’ll be unstoppable.


    Carlos vs McDonald !!!!

  • julian moran

    Considering how he fought Diaz the first time, Condit does not deserve a rematch against him.

  • julian moran

    Give Diaz someone that will actually fight him: Diaz vs Kampmann, Brown, Saffiedine, Ellenberger..

    • TheCerealKiller

      I can see you’re a “Just Bleed” fan. It’s a “fight” when the ref says fight. Diaz was also KO’ed by Jeremy Jackson you lair.

      • julian moran

        Yes I am a lair, thank you.

      • Drock420

        He also had a rematch with Jeremy Jackson an avenged that loss.

      • Drock420

        You seem to be forgetting that Nick Diaz avenged that loss by Jeremy Jackson not once but twice!!! So you arguing that he got KO’d by him proves nothing. Except for my point.

    • Kris-tyahn

      Pretty sure Condit fought Diaz the 1st time, but Condit did it better & smarter than Diaz. Just like when Diaz fought GSP, GSP showed up, but Diaz forgot…. GSP took the fight to the ground & Diaz couldnt do shit, GSP kept the fight standing & Diaz couldnt do shit. I guess GSP didn’t fight either right?!?

      • julian moran

        Condit did so much running, he might as well have jumped out of the cage and ran out of the stadium.

        Let me rephrase my comment for you:
        Give Diaz someone that will actually engage with him: Diaz vs Kampmann, Brown, Saffiedine, Ellenberger..
        I am just not interested in seeing Condit back peddling for 3 more rounds. Is anyone?

        • earlsimmons

          Condit did so much running LUL. And Diaz was not able to follow or cut off the ring. I learned that in my first boxing class bro HA.

          • julian moran

            Did your first boxing class take place during a marathon?

  • Cilantro

    A match up for Condit in WW u say? Oh here’s an idea: BRANDON THATCH. Seriously. All records aside, that would be a sick sick fight. Period. (only thing is Im not sure when he’s cleared to fight again).

  • al57

    condit already beat the hell out of Nick Diaz. Diaz wants easy fights and big money. Not happening.

    • julian moran

      If by “Beat the hell out of Nick Diaz” you mean back pedaled the entire fight and lost 3 out of 5 rounds, you are right on the money.

      • al57

        Condit beats Nicks rear end. Nick is not talented enough to beat a condit.

  • Kris-tyahn

    Diaz is done, he’s only interested in title fights or guys he can “easily” beat, which isnt that many in the UFC. Time for Diaz to officially retire so that the UFC, his fans & Diaz himself can move on, then journalists can stop writing pointless articles about Diaz turning down multiple fights.

  • DamonMarcus

    Nick don’t be afraid homie!

  • al57

    The UFC is better off without the disgusting boorish Nick Diaz fighting. Diaz is a blight on society.

  • al57

    Nick Diaz is not missed in the UFC.. Bellator is better for Nick.

  • Nick Treboutat

    I thought Dana said fighters are not allowed to take breaks. He’s so full of s***.

    • claudale

      He wants people to retire under contract so they can’t fight other places.

  • bajafox

    Diaz vs. Natural Born Runner 2? No thanks, glad he turned “fight” down

    • Lawdog1521

      Seems to me it’s Diaz who’s running.

      • bajafox

        Well he is a triathlete…

        He has no reason to take this fight, the way the first one went he already knows he’s just going to be chasing him around the ring again. Completely pointless fight for him and Condit. Condit has nothing to gain from running around the ring again and squeezing out another W

  • diazfan209

    Nick will come out of retirement for a fight that’s as big as GSP and not for anything less, which only leaves Anderson Silva.

    • heathcliff

      the writer did not mention that diaz told white he’ll fight the winner between hendricks/lawler

  • al57

    Diaz needs to go away forever. The UFC is better off with out Nick Satan Diaz.

  • al57

    Nick should just marry Rousey