Is Nick Diaz Going to Answer Anderson Silva’s Call? Says He’s Planning to Return by New Year

June 23, 2014
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Nick DiazAnderson Silva recently put the word out that he would like to lure retired fighter Nick Diaz into the cage when he returns from the broken leg he suffered at UFC 168 in December. Silva plans to be back in the Octagon early in 2015.

Diaz has had several fights thrown his way since losing to Georges St-Pierre early last year, but thus far has not been enticed to emerge from his self-imposed exile.

That might be changing, however, with Silva’s calling him to action.

In attendance at the Glory World Series event over the weekend in Los Angeles, veteran reporter Loretta Hunt bumped into Diaz, who tipped his hand at a possible return.

He told Hunt that he hoped to be fighting again by the New Year, which just so happens to coincide with Silva’s proposed timeline. Coincidence? Perhaps.

But it certainly adds a healthy dose of intrigue to Silva’s desire to fight Diaz when he returns to the Octagon.

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  • Darin

    This isn’t particularly interesting to me and I have nothing relevant to comment on……but I saw “Diaz” in the title so I’m obliged to do my part to contribute to the 70+ comments that must be under any piece about a Diaz.

    • valakos

      silva wants a relatively easy comeback fight – diaz will accept, shoot his mouth about silva and then loose, then he will retire again

      • Blow Me

        Then Anderson will s–t his shorts on live ppv when he has to stand across from Weidman and lose a 3rd consecutive fight to him. The Anderson of old is gone and father time has caught up to him.

  • Mark McDowall

    Who care’s. Diaz never has been and never will be anything in the UFC.

    • TrentSki

      You’ve been living under a rock for last few years?

  • Kelly


    • Wolf Ticket

      Nice 🙂

  • TheCerealKiller

    Beat someone in the top ten Nick, for the first time in your life.

    • Johnny Lopes

      BJ Penn is the greatest fighter to ever live… you should tell that to Anderson tho… other then an Old Hendo, hes fought bums

      • jrcr_15

        So Rich Franklin (Former Champ), Forrest Griffin (Former champ), Okami, Sonnen, Belfort were bums?

        I would like to know which fighter in your opinion is not a bum? Without saying Jones or Fedor..

        • Austin, TX

          Anderson fought second tier fighters and over the hill “champions” his entire career. His entire career is overrated. During his tenure as middleweight that entire division was by far the weakest in the UFC. Thats why he likes it. He likes to challenge smaller men like St. Pierre though, people he knows he can probably beat. He’ll probably beat Diaz. Notices how he isn’t clamoring for Weidman. He’s incredibly overrated. He fights James Irvin, Bonnar, Cote, Okami, Leites, etc. Please. He cheated in the second Sonnen fight, nobody says jack. They rub him down. he rubs himself all over with grease on live ppv. He fires kicks to the face from a downed opponent…nobody says anything. He’s entire career consists of lesser fighters, nobodies, second tier fighter, and over the hill ex champions. He’s 6′ 2″ walks around 230. He turned down Shogun. He’s a disrespectful overrated pukefest in my opinion.

          • Lucas Freire

            I could tell you where you’re wrong, but you’re just hating.

        • Johnny Lopes

          and yes Okami is trash, Franklin and Forrest was trash , Sonnen fears no1 which gives you the illusion that hes world class… you jus named buncha random high profiled guys, which is what a typical new fan would do…. but so you know BJ, GSP , Condit alone are better then anyone Anderson fought.. not to mention Diaz KO’d the active number 1 WW contender…..

          • TheCerealKiller

            “Diaz KO’d the active number 1 WW contender…..” Ten years ago. You’re making yourself sound ignorant now.

          • uncle

            You call them trash but still
            bigger fights then any of Diaz fights Anderson just makes them look like trash, Robbie got better
            while Diaz got worst

      • TheCerealKiller

        Explain his last 6 fights then, 1-4-1? He’s only won 64% of his fights his whole career! That’s not the greatest ever.

    • Cerealkillerbasher

      You’re a troll

  • kale

    I think its a good fight to make and should be an entertaining fight. also the build up to fight to fight will be interesting. Id like to see if diaz trash talks anderson and if he will get in is face during the stairdowns. As for the fight i think it will be good.. im sure it will be all stand up with diaz pressuring and throwing alot of strikes wile anderson counters and picks his shots and moves foward with confidence in spots. If anderson is the same anderson i see it ending my ref stoppage do to cuts on diaz or from taking to much punishment in round 4.

  • The Axe Murderer(David)

    Davids Assumption,

    Anderson Silva will make it a boxing match( would not want to throw kicks his first time back, plus they will probably have a out of the media agreement to box) Diaz will obviously oblige. Anderson will have faster hands and more power. Diaz will have better cardio and a better chin. Now if this is a 3 round match it could go either way I’m leaning towards Diaz because his boxing is more complete. If it is a 5 rd fight it will definitely go to Diaz because of his cardio. With my opinion being stated it is also an mma fight and anything can happen this is just my opinion with my assumptions being made. This in my opinion is Diaz’s chance to shine.

    • Lucas Freire

      How Diaz has better chin on this fight?
      He won’t be fighting Jabes Saint-Pierre, he’ll be fighting the most accurate fighter on the history of the UFC, who also is 20-30 pounds heavier than Diaz.

      • Jay nokay

        How many KO losses does Nick have again, (not TKO doctor stoppages)

        • Lucas Freire

          That’s why I said “ON THIS FIGHT”.
          On his division he has great chin. Against a MW/LHW top p4p known for being a KO artist? Wouldn’t bet on his chin. Of course Diaz has the talent to pull an upset, it just won’t be because of his chin.

        • The Prognosticator

          No KO losses, however, he did lose via TKO (non-doctor stoppage) to Jeremy Jackson. Just thought I’d add that to the conversation.

        • TheCerealKiller

          That would be 9, because nobody asks how, they ask how many. A loss is a loss.

          • Baller31

            He’s never been knocked unconscious, period. Anderson’s chin was not great his last two fights. Diaz has better chin

  • Johnny Lopes

    Diaz wins by Decision, Submision or KO.. he honestly beats anderson anywhere… 5 rounds -Anderson has no chance … BJJ-Anderson has no chance…. Boxing-Anderson has no chance

  • natpaukar7

    I actually saw a bleacher report article about three or so years ago suggesting that, even in silva’s prime, Diaz was the only fighter who could beat him, basically. I am shocked to see how many people believe Diaz will win. Aside from silva’s injury playing a factor, I don’t see silva even struggling, I believe it’s a tune up for him to get back into the swing and see if he can mentally compete again, which it believe is 50/50. Anderson at his best would play with Diaz and easily beat him, and I’m curious what suggested some of you to suggest that silva has less than perfect cardio? He’s never let up in a fight due to cardio issues

  • julian moran

    Although I am a Diaz fan, I do not see him getting close to beating Silva.

  • mmalive

    Diaz does have very good cardio and decent boxing.

    Silva will use his size and striking to keep Diaz at bay.

    Submission will be 50/50 with both guys having decent sub wins in their resume’s

    In a 3 round fight Anderson will be the job done

    In a 5 round fight Anderson will have a harder time. Diaz cardio is one of the best.