Is Michael Bisping Becoming a Fan Favorite?

September 23, 2012
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For the past few years in the world of MMA heroes and villains, Michael Bisping has almost always been rated as public enemy No. 1.

The brash Brit never holds his tongue, doesn’t mind speaking out about any subject, and has no problem dropping a few expletives for an opponent or anyone really when the mood strikes him.

But something strange happened to Michael Bisping on his way to the stage for the UFC 152 weigh-ins on Friday – he received a loud ovation from the Toronto crowd and most of the noise came from cheers, not jeers.

Bisping has routinely soaked in the boos from fans in the past, and has even admittedly reveled in the moment when he gets to play the bad guy. Over the past few months however it appears Bisping might be turning a corner with the fans, who are starting to enjoy his personal brand of delivering pre-fight hype and exciting fights in the cage.

“It does seem that way a little bit. Certainly on my Twitter account everyday I get a lot of tweets saying ‘I used to absolutely hate you but now I kind of like you’ so that’s nice,” Bisping said after his win over Brian Stann at UFC 152.

Since debuting in the UFC in 2006, Bisping is the first to point out he’s done and said some dumb things, but as he grows older both in life and in the fight game, he’s always evolving and learning.

Now at 33-years of age, Bisping is a wiser and more accomplished fighter and understands a bit more now how things work with fans.

“I’ve been here a long time now and have I done things I regret over the years? Of course I have. I’ve grown up, I’ve said things, I’ve said stupid things, I’ve done stupid things. I’m 33 now, I’ve got three kids, I’ve grown up a bit. I’ve acted like an (expletive) at times, of course we all make mistakes,” said Bisping.

Now just because Bisping has grown up a little doesn’t mean he’s going to change who he is or how he behaves. He’s just learned a few lessons from past experiences, but Michael Bisping is always going to be Michael Bisping – it’s just now the fans can appreciate that a bit more than before.

“I’m still me, I’m still doing exactly what I do, I haven’t really changed,” Bisping stated. “I like it though, it’s nice.”

  • oswaldcobblepott

    No actually most dislike his fighting and demeanor.

    • Vipyr

      You are absolutely wrong. Most LOVE his fighting style, and his demeanor,In case you missed the weigh-ins yesterday. Get a clue

      • clizzark

        Nope, people still dislike him.

  • lowlb

    only stupid, insecure people dislike his demeanor….

    • MRGJJ

      That really is an a-class idiotic statement.

  • I think fans have become obsessed with fighters personalities. This isn’t a dating show, who really cares. Is this a sport or a popularity contest? Yea of course sponsors and publicity come along with being well liked but to many top level fighters are looked down on by fans who don’t like their demeanor. Look at the guys resume, he’s one of the best in the entire world, are you kidding me? He should have been a fan favorite with winning TUF alone.

    • clizzark

      Eh, his resume isn’t exactly great. Why should he have been a fan favorite? He clearly lost the Hamill fight, but still acted like an arrogant prick about it.

    • adam1848

      I agree with you that people should focus more on what someone does in the cage and less on how they act outside, but I disagree that his resume is one of the best in the world. He’s lost almost all of his big fights, and been fed a few pretty easy match-ups…like Miller and Rivera. Plus he kneed Rivera in the face when he was obviously grounded, which looked intentional, in my personal opinion. But I’m not going to hold his comments after the Hamill fight against him either, because that was a long time ago, although he really did lose almost everyone’s respect that night. He’s acted like a prick at times, but also freely admits it, so I say, lets give the guy a break, forget about him making an ass of himself (which we all have done and just been lucky enough not to have a camera on us at the time) and see how he conducts himself from now on. The guy is a well rounded fighter, and although I think he needs another win against someone like Weidman, Belfort, Belcher, Franklin, etc before he deserves a title shot, I’ll pay to see the guy fight.

  • pooby

    Bisping is not one-tenth as annoying as mma articles that constanly refer to him as the “brash Brit”.

    So tired of that phrase.

  • Go Bisping Go ! From Qc, Canada.