Jon Jones vs. Dan Henderson Headed to UFC 145?

January 9, 2012
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UFC 145 in Montreal is currently sitting in limbo without a main event, but Jon “Bones” Jones may once again swoop in like Superman to save the day.

Just after Jones defeated Lyoto Machida at UFC 140 in Toronto, the UFC’s light heavyweight champion had said he was planning an extended vacation after four fights in 2011, but that plan has already gone south.

According to UFC president Dana White, who spoke to ESPN 1100 in Las Vegas, Jones has had enough downtime already, and he’s calling for another fight as soon as possible.

“The funny thing you should say about Jon Jones and him saying he wants some time off, he called up four days ago and said ‘okay, let’s go I’m done with vacation.’ He said he wanted to take all this time off and then they were calling me four days ago saying he wants to fight as soon as possible. He’s ready to go,” White told the radio show.

In Jones’ last fight, he helped to save that card as well when the UFC had scheduled a show on Dec. 10 in Toronto, but didn’t have a main event set in the general time as usual. Jones had just competed at the end of September with a win over Quinton “Rampage” Jackson, but he stepped up when the UFC asked him to help fill the main event slot at UFC 140 just over 2 months later.

Now with the champion already done with his vacation three weeks after his last fight, White might take him up on his offer to fill the vacancy at UFC 145 in Montreal.

While nothing is set in stone yet, all signs are pointing towards a showdown with former Strikeforce light heavyweight champion Dan Henderson.

Henderson is just coming off of his Fight of the Year performance over Mauricio “Shogun” Rua at UFC 139 in November. Within a week of that bout ending, he was already calling the UFC president asking for another fight.

As Montreal awaits a main event, White just may oblige him with a title fight against Jones.

“What could end up happening is Dan Henderson fights Jon Jones first, and then it would be close to the time that Rashad (Evans) fights. Or we see how things go with Rashad and Rashad fights him first,” said White.

Evans fights Phil Davis at UFC on Fox 2 on Jan. 28 in Chicago. The fight card in Montreal is currently slated for March 24, so if Evans is successful in his bout against Davis, there is still the turn around factor being less than two months until a title fight, plus injuries and other things could go wrong that could prevent such a quick return.

In that case, Henderson is the obvious choice, and gives the UFC something to promote during the UFC on Fox 2 card if they opt to go that route.

Either way, Jon Jones remains the prime candidate to be at least one piece of the main event puzzle for UFC 145 in Montreal. Now it just depends on who he would face if the fight gets put together.

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  • bbtakayama

    This is the fight I want to see. With this being the second weakest division, being a close runner up to the heavyweights, Hendo presents the best challenge to Roy. One, is old enough to be his father, that is intimidating. Two, he knocks people ******* silly with one punch and isn’t afraid to get hit like everyone else in this division. Three, he wrestled two or three times once. And four, he’s Dan ******* Henderson, who else is gonna challenge for the title?

    • Addiction365

      I agree with everything you just said.
      Hendo is a pride vet.
      He will stand and bang.
      Can wrestle.
      And has tremendous power that Jones hasn’t felt.
      Ufc cards haven’t been that good since shogun/hendo.
      But I’d pay $65 for this fight alone.
      Jones is a beast. But Hendo would take this one.

      • therealmo

        You must get ripped off on a regular bases.

        • KBEsq

          Basis, dumb ass.

  • MrAdidas

    “so if Evans is successful in his bout against Evans”

    Don’t you mean “if Evans is successful in his bout Vs Davis?”. I can see Evans getting screwed over AGAIN!

  • pooby

    Obviously there is a conspiracy to keep Jones and Evans from fighting. They keep finding every excuse possible to keep them from facing each other.

    • Lesnardo

      I don’t think Jones has a problem clowning Evans. If anything this is a combination of Hendo being really impressive as of late, Evans tied up with a strong opponent in Davis, Evans deep inside not wanting anything to do with Jones, and Evans the drama queen wanting to stay relevant in the fight game by making his bout with Jones to look like champion vs champion.

      The truth is that Evans got KTFO by Lyoto and has yet to ask for a rematch. SHouldn’t he be asking for that fight?

      • TKD

        Retard Evans is not interested in a rematch with Machida, because he only wants the belt. He will never beat Jones, so I am not sure why he even wants that fight.

  • tomasarellano

    Prediction. Henderson will beat jones. sonnen will beat silva. Carlos condit will beat gsp.

    • rob1

      Gsp is out for 10 month due to serious knee injury…

    • TKD

      You are wrong about Jones losing to Henderson. Since GSP and Condit aren’t fighting, you are also wrong about that!

      Prediction: You will be ridiculed on this site for posting that.

  • afk

    reading most of these comments, it’s like you people don’t even read the news articles but run right over to start commenting on **** that is irrelevant, already been said/dealt with or is pure speculation.

    thank god this isn’t a team sport, any more of a knowledge requirement might shut down the average poster’s ability to move their fingers consistently due to lack of available brain power

    • MikeMc1983

      its rude to make fun of people simply because they can’t read. God the arrogance of people. It’s obvious the article is about Jon jones. It’s even obvious that he will probably lose, since in the picture he looks really worried…

  • fitefan

    I think you have it backwards, tomasarellano. I’ll take that bet.

    • TKD

      tomasarellano has no idea what he is posting.

  • darcicles

    I think if Jones can beat Hendo, him and Rashad should coach on TUF that would be so intense and the PPV would generate huge buys for the UFC just like Rampage and Rashad did.

    • Lesnardo

      Nope. I think TUF idea is bad. Rashad is annoying and he will do anything during the show to stay relevant.

      Pretty much he is ducking Jones at this point.

      • darcicles

        He’s annoying but that would make it that much better every TUF season has to have a bad guy

  • maddawgmar

    Okay. You all are missing one big factor in this equation. Phil Davis. He is a beast and will give Rashad Evans all he can handle. Not sayin who will win but my money is on Davis. He could be a wild card draw in this math problem of blood. I want to see Henderson/Jones. He has the skills to give Jones fits. A better wrestler, iron chin, and one punch KO power. Not even Silvas, Anderson or Wanderlei, could knock out Hendo. Jones could be the first one to accomplish that task. If not he better keep his hands up. But don’t count Davis out of this picture.