Is Jon Jones a Dirty Fighter? Former UFC Champ Bas Rutten Explains His Comments

May 15, 2014
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Bas Rutten and Jon Jones

UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones was heavily criticized following his recent victory over Glover Teixeira for reaching out with an open hand, constantly keeping his fingers in Teixeira’s face. With the topic of eye pokes and how they affect fight resultsbeing a current hot topic, former UFC heavyweight champion Bas Rutten was asked about and addressed Jones’ approach, amongst other issues, on a recent episode of Inside MMA.

Rutten said, because of Jones’ relaxed demeanor, “that is a dirty fighter” when sticking his hand in his opponent’s face for such a long time.

There has since been a firestorm of people criticizing Rutten’s criticism, so the former UFC champ took to his Facebook page to explain his comments:

“Wow, some people don’t listen to what I say, they just ‘assume’. This is what I meant and you can get that from what I said on Inside MMA.

Jon Jones knows exactly what he’s doing when he fights, that’s why he is such a great fighter. He is calculated and totally aware of what he is doing.

I said in interviews over a hundred times, that the key to be a good fighter is to be relaxed, fight the same under pressure as you do in training and you are good to go.

If Jones wouldn’t have been as calm and collected, I could have given this to ‘oops’ made a mistake.

Unless he was looking down, I said, (so he didn’t know his fingers were in his eyes) he was doing it on purpose. Why else, if he’s looking straight at him (I didn’t check if he was looking down or up, I also said) would he put his fingers in his eyes for a couple of seconds?

Now the question was if he was a dirty fighter based on the eye pokes, to me THAT was dirty but it’s not that he’s doing anything else illegal.

Just that, listen, I am in Vegas for a while, I tried to look at the fight on FightPass but apparently FightPass doesn’t work in ‘this region’? I have no clue why but that’s what it says. So I can’t check if he looked down when he was doing this, that is the ONLY way to make it NOT illegal.

That’s it, and I will NOT respond to any idiot comments. When somebody can send me a clip of that exact moment, I can comment on that of course because that will reveal if it was on purpose or not.

Party on, and lighten up”

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  • uncle

    He is always poking fighters in the eyes like the 3 stooges he
    know what he is doing the Refs need to have some balls
    and take point and stop letting slide cause he is the champ

  • DamianCross

    All Bas was saying is that Jon Jones knows what he’s doing when he pokes his opponent in the eye, and the only reason Bas said it was…because Jon Jones knows what he’s doing when he pokes his opponent in the eye.

    Seems pretty clear to me.

  • Blow Me

    He accidentally poked him in the eye. He would put his hand on forehand to frustrate Glover. Glover would move it but it would cause him to get distracted and Jon Jones would capitalize on that. Bas Rutten is a f—ing retard. Jones is not a dirty fighter. He didn’t poke Glovers eye on purpose. He was trying to distract him. It worked. Rutten needs to worry about himself being a douche, He comes out a cool guy but please meet him in person. He won’t bother to acknowledge his fans or anyone. In his eyes, you are nothing. Dude is a huge douchebag who ain’t that famous. He should go train the failed experiment of Kimbo Slice again.

    • This guyyyyyy^^

      Go home Jon, you’re drunk.

  • Ian Price

    Jones is a dirty fighter. No way around it. And I recently got some respect for him for not pouncing on Teixeira after an eye poke! But until he stops repeatedly trying to blow out fighter’s knees (every once in a while is ok…haha), and until he stops 3 stooges’ing everyone, he will be considered a dirty fighter. Did GSP and Anderson Silva achieve greatness by pulling that crap?

  • tim

    Jones is one dirty fighter. He always been a dirty fighter. Watch his fights. I really hope someone do the same to his eyes soon and leave him blind. He deserve it.

  • james

    All jon is just a long armed monkey that cheats every chance he gets.

    • Chicago

      I hope you’re calling him a monkey due to him being long armed and not a race joke.

      • earlsimmons

        LOL listen to you getting butthurt over something that doesnt concern you. So what if it is a race joke. First amendment bro. You liberals should read the constitution before spouting off your garbage.

        • Chicago

          You and any one has the right to be as racist as you want. I could not and would not stop you. But its is my right to not like what you have to say. I find it funny that you defend your rights while at the same time tell me that i dont have the right to say what i want. We either all have the right or none of us have the right. FYI i refuse to message back and forth stupid little comments, so this is my last comment on this topic.

        • Mike

          Distaste for racism isn’t only a liberal thing, but it’s comical that that was your first assumption. Secondly, your, “it doesn’t concern you” comment is so hypocritical it’s a joke. Last but not least, the first amendment offers only legal protections concerning speech, not against the judgment or acorn of your peers. But he’s the one spouting garbage, not you, right? Lol

        • Sir_Roy

          Your hypocrisy is astounding. Above, you ridicule me for purportedly not having people stand accountable for their actions (totally misinterpreting what I said in so doing), and then here you are hiding behind the first amendment to allow for folks not to be held accountable for the garbage that comes out of their mouths.

          Negotiations are won and lost upon the spoken verb. Wars have been waged due to those few who felt diplomacy was less important than their so called “freedom of speech”. Words hurt and have been responsible for many “horrible crimes” you were so ready to blurb about above. You spout complete rubbish. Probably just another troll.

  • put me in the sauna coach

    I once went to a UFC expo…I walked up to him in hopes he would sign a lifesize cardboard cutout of “the man himself”. He must not have liked the gesture because he reached over to me extending his long fingers. They were almost in my eyes…so I walked backwards…then he started following me with those long arms extended and fingers nearly poking my eyes. I had no choice but to fight him…with my cardboard Jon Jones cutout. He started to oblique kick the cardboard knees and spinning elbows to the back of his cardboard head. Then he did that high pitch scream he does before fights and then did the weird crawling deal (that he stole from Rashad) and went back to his table and told some 5 year old girl he’s greatest ever. It was a day I wlll never forget.

    • Jon the Baptist

      That’s the best thing I’ve heard all day. Thanks for the laughs. Jon jones sucks I can’t wait to knock him out

  • Sir_Roy

    Not excusing it, but until the refs start doing their jobs, why the hell should Jones stop doing what he’s doing? I used to drive 80 in a 50 zone till I got a speeding ticket. Set me back a lot of benjamins. Guess what? I no longer drive 80 in the 50 zone.

    • Truthcore

      it’s not just whether his actions are “legal” or “not legal” but whether dirty – which may mean within the official rules (or at least gray area) and unsportsmanlike.

      fact of the matter is, Jones knows what he’s doin, that by leaving his fingers extended out like that, there is a higher probability of an eyepoke if opponent comes forward to attack, which also happens several fights multiple times.

      eye gouging or poking IS against the rules, but an eyepoke is commonly construed as an accident and warnings can be given…. Jones takes advantage of this.

      it’s kinda like kicking to the nuts, but trying to disguise it as an inside leg kick, b/c u want a breather and only gets a warning. Would u say this is a dirty move? of course.

      Jon Jones is ridiculously talented and doesn’t need to resort to cheap tactics.

      • TheCerealKiller

        Then lunge your head at his fingers! You’re the next champ! The world will love you and respect you more than Jones! Game plan.

    • earlsimmons

      LUL thats like saying “Well I will just rob banks and commit horrible crimes until the cops do there job and catch me”. Whats right is right and wrong is wrong. You shouldnt need someone to tell you what your doing is wrong. Grow up you clown.

      • blob

        Exactly I totally agree with you.

      • Sir_Roy

        You completely missed the point. You’re ABC logic doesn’t work. There’s a definite question of “degree” you don’t seem to get (probably too interested in throwing around insults to actually think about what you’re saying). I never said it wasn’t dirty, nor did I say it was acceptable. It’s not acceptable. But fights are refereed. Streets are refereed / monitored for speeders. These infractions are not even in the same ballpark as “horrible crimes” whether on the level of legality or morality so grow up you clown.

        The ref shows his presence, does his job, sets a precedence and the fighter falls in line. He doesn’t and you see what we saw with Jones, whether it be fingers extended, grabbing the fence or purported inadvertent low blows. Likewise with a given stretch of road. Folks know that cops will not pull you over if you’re only going a certain amount above the speed limit. So, you know what? 90% of the people will drive as fast as they know cops will permit … not the law … but those that enforce it.

        Up to us and our moral compass to dictate the limits between wrong and right to be sure, but let’s not go crazy and start to ignore the blatant differences between horrible crimes and unsportsmanlike behavior or driving above the speed limit. Geez.

        There are refs who’ve reeled in fighters with a reputation for finger poking (i.e. Koscheck who received a warning and was deducted a point for it). And those that don’t. Yes, a fighter is responsible for his conduct in the Octagon. A ref is there to ensure it stays that way.

      • Sir_Roy

        Oh, and me stating “why the hell should Jones stop doing what he’s doing” was me obviously being facetious. I’m telling the refs to start doing their jobs and calling dirty tactics for what they are. Just in case that flew a little too far above your head.

  • Darin

    Bas is awesome and his comments on Jones are spot on. Bas stated facts, that’s all.

    • deepgrim

      yes baz is pretty straight to the point. as well as the odd eye poke jones likes to keep his arm out stretched so it makes it very hard for the fighter to throw a punch with out poking themselves in the eye. Its a bit s–t cause he could win the fights without resorting to that, but im sure the fighters are well aware of this so they may work out a way to deal with it

  • George Sperry

    He didn’t see it but he thinks it was dirty…. hmmm.
    Maybe he should comment on what he KNOWS about.

    • Maddawgmar

      No, he said he didn’t look if he was looking down at the moment. Not that he didn’t see the fight.

      • George Sperry

        I thought the following meant he didn’t see the fight…

        Just that, listen, I am in Vegas for a while, I tried to look at the
        fight on FightPass but apparently FightPass doesn’t work in ‘this
        region’? I have no clue why but that’s what it says. So I can’t check if
        he looked down when he was doing this, that is the ONLY way to make it
        NOT illegal.”

  • Bob Sacamanto

    Jones would stop if someone would just honk his nose, stomp his foot, then slap his chin when he looks down.

  • james

    Jon is a cheater. Liar and a coward. I hope Alexander beat the color off him. He a total embarrassment of a fighter. Dana white is such a douche trying to stand behind this monkey.

    • TheCerealKiller

      Explain to me again how he is a coward?

  • Austin, TX

    Yes. Jonny “Poky” Jones is a dirty fighter. Everyone who has ever watched for him for several fights immediately notices not only his unfair size advantages over people but also his style of fighting which includes poking peoples eyes and extending his arm out like that with his fingers out. Everyone knows it. People wo are unfamiliar with MMa notice it even. Also he’s an unctious, arrogant little douche twat. That’s why nobody like him. Why doesn’t he fight at HW? If he’s so unstoppable I mean. Fact is he’s not. He lost to Gus. 1st guy his size. 3 rounds to 2. Who still suffered a 5 or 6 inch reach disadvantage. But Gus doesn’t fight like that. Only Jones. ALso I looked at the ages of all those Light heavies he beat. They were all on the downside of their career for the most part. Only exception was Machida and Rashad. WHo he stil had had an incredible advantage over. He didn’t even stop Rashad. He need to step up and fight Cain. or JDS. Or Fabricio or Brown. He won’t though. He’s scared. He likes having much smaller opponents. He likes having the immediate advantage. He’s 6 4″ or 6 ” or something. Oh I forgot. “All this would not be possible without the grace of his Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.” I forgot.