Is Georges St-Pierre Retiring? (UFC 167 Post-Fight Press Conference Video)

November 17, 2013
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Georges St-Pierre UFC 167 Post_9471Georges St-Pierre said he needs to get away from the UFC for a bit. That doesn’t sound exactly like he’s retiring, but the jury is still out on what the champ truly wants to do going forward.

Watch’s video from the press conference of GSP talking about his plans for the immediate future.

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  • Steven Mark Tobin

    evans is listening to gsp’s nonsensical rant thinking, what?? gsp is losing his marbles, clearly…

    • Kris-tyahn

      Ugh nonsensical rant?!? Okay mr. spychology, Evans was thinking WTF, what’s going on with one of my good friends you dummy. He’s shocked bc they are close friends, that’s a look of concern. Your welcome!

  • SLM

    I didn’t pay much attention to the hype leading up to this fight. Did GSP seem different, like he was heading into it like it was his last fight? He certainly looked as focused and intense as usual in the pre-fight moments. I also wonder if maybe “winning” the fight messed him up a bit before Rogan’s interview cause he was actually prepared by that point to hand over the belt. I guess we’ll wait and see.

  • Kris-tyahn

    Dana’s pissed off bc his cash cow is possibly retiring on the top, which is good for GSP, but not for the UFC! If GSP hadent “retired” I guarantee you, he would not have been this upset, nor would he have backed Hendricks as the winner, he’s mad bc no more GSP and he’s got to support te fighter that’s staying with the UFC. If I recall, when asked a few times in the past, Dana didnt always answer who he thought won or how he scored it. But now he is, and now he’s all upset bc of a close decision that could have went either way. I could understand if Hendricks won 50-45, but it was clear that it was 48-47, depends on who u give the first round to. I’ll have to watch it again tomorrow, but I did think Hendricks was going to win, not bc I thought he actually won, bc I’m not sure, I’m not saying GSP won either, but the 1st round is what decided the fight. Oh and the fact Hendricks didnt try to KO GSP and only used about 70% of his power…. Bahahaha what an idiot, does he actually believe anyone’s going to believe that joke?!? Really Johnny?!? LMFAO

    • Troy Mann

      Georges … I love you, man … I’ve held you in the esteem I would
      minor deity … but you KNOW you lost that title defense. Out-struck,
      out-controlled … dominated every round … that belt belongs to Johnny

      • LutadorF

        i strongly suggest that u research up before posting. The only round which the judges disagreed was round 1. And total significant strikes landed were 19-18 for GSP.

        • Inresponsetoamoron

          Hendricks won, GSP wants to quit after facing Hendricks. Research GSP’s f****** face. The whole story is written on it.

    • Null

      Agreed. Dana needs to take a breath, face out, and drink some water. It was a razor close fight and now all of a sudden he is changing mantras from “you can’t leave it in the judges hands” to oh there is a rampant problem here? GSP fought his heart out and if Johnny wanted to be the champ he should have gone after GSP when he was obviously hurt. You have to take it, you can’t expect it to be given to you.

    • Ernesto Lara

      I thought the third round decided the fight, i gave the first to GSP, second hendricks, third was complicated but i gave to GSP because he dominated for about 4 of the 5 minutes, fourth was hendricks all over and the fifth was clearly GSP, it was a close fight, but I agree with you, Dana is creating way more controversy than there should be because he is backing up the guy that will stay for a longer run, which sucks if you consider what GSP has already given the UFC, they should be grateful to him as well as him to them, and let him retire in peace while he is on top. He deserves it.

  • Brian

    On UFC PRIMETIME, GSP specifically answered the retirement question(s) by saying he bought an Octagon because he’s that committed to continuing to compete. So confused.

    • Lawdog1521

      That was before he lost (although given a gift decision).

      GSP can’t handle looking bad. He flipped out after B.J. (another gift decision) and Serra beat him as well.

  • John Vo Bachak

    ??? Johnny kind of a sabotaged his own reasoning. 70% power? If you had the chance to knock him out then knock him the f**k out, but instead like Dana said, Johnny left in the hands of the judges. I didnt really see Johnny win decisively. I saw it as 2 rounds each with GSP just edging out a win.

    • AC_Jitsu

      I think he was possibly eluding to conserving his energy for the later rounds.

  • Will Louie B


  • Neil

    because he hasn’t ‘been away from the UFC for a bit’ already?
    8 months between fights is more than ‘a bit’.

    • Summer

      You’re an idiot! You don’t know the sacrifice of training to keep that belt! 8 months isn’t time off its full time training to keep in that shape not to mention the beatings you take in sparring in practice alone.

      • Neil

        bitchy, yes. Idiot? No.

        The guy has spent more time off between fights in the last few years than any other belt holder in the UFC.

  • Costa rica

    GSP is a human being, not a machine. Is bad to see how Dana White look like he does not care about him. Just the fight and the fight.


    GSP won? look at his face

  • Lawdog1521

    If you’ve seen his fights, you’d know the real GSP retired years ago.

  • sphoeninx

    GSP won simply because he was not taken out by Bigg Rigg, yeah GSP face look like a mess but in his last 3 defences – it’s has been the same. Bigg Rigg should have given at least an extra 20% to secure the win because he’d only used 70% according to him wow, wtf is that? It is just so sad that GSP despite the warrior heart that he has, really has become a point-fighter. What is so strange is Dana White reacting too much with the result, i think he should be neutral. GSP is getting more and more fragile against each title opponent that he has. it is so interesting that Bigg Rigg has almost completely neutralized GSPs wrestling. I do beleive that GSP is psyched-up by Rigg or the media about Rigg. All his mental power is seem to be concentrated on withstanding the punches of Rigg – that he can withstand the left hand of Rigg – that if it connects, he will not fall – that is what he is obsessed about. And so his wrestling did not have its usual explosiveness and power. if he is to really retire, pls bring back the old GSP – the rush GSP – and leave with a bang.

    • George Sperry

      Jesus! Hendricks is a renowned wrestler and GSP out wrestled him, but that’s somehow sad in your eye’s?
      As for being a point fighter… he doesn’t have that KO power that some have, so I guess he should just die because you don’t want to see a guy win a fight, you just want to see KO’s.
      I really can’t stand the “new” MMA fan who thinks MMA is boxing with some Jiu-Jitsu thrown in.

  • Jesse Romero

    I don’t care for Dana White, But i Like that he had GSP’s back.

  • MarkMaddenisafatloser

    GSP is the most under rated fighter of all time, Johnny clearly won that fight

    • TransJinderMahal

      Hendricks beat his ass.

  • Dental_Damnation

    You don’t win fights based on physical damage to the other opponent. I say it was a good call. Hendrix dropped some KO bombs and GSP withstood it and delivered on take downs and points. If you just narrowly defended your belt to the toughest fighters you’ve faced and look down the line at Hendrix, Woodley, Lawlor etc. I don’t blame him for wanting to step back or even retire. He’s been at the top for so long, it would definitely start eating at your psyche with all of these younger & better trained fighters nipping at your heels constantly.

  • Aeneas

    Dana White needs to calm down. If this was a street fight, then I would say Hendricks won simply because he dealt the most punishment. But it’s not a street fight. Fights are decided on a per round basis. Yes Hendricks was stronger but GSP won 1, 3, 5 whereas Hendricks only won 2,4. GSP pushed the pace whereas Hendricks mostly only countered. GSP deserved to win by UFC rules.

    • Ofcourse

      Cause for sure you can judge a round better than Dana White the Head of the UFC. Not like he could obviously tell who got their ass wooped.

  • Milosc

    There is an Army of genome-digging 10’s assembling, from Cirque du Soleil dancers to movie starlets, right now, to breed with this man