Is Frankie Edgar the Second Best Pound-for-Pound Fighter in the World? (video)

October 9, 2011
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UFC president Dana White, after Frankie Edgar defeated Gray Maynard at UFC 136 in Houston, declared his lightweight champion the No. 2 pound-for-pound fighter in the world. Do you agree?

  • I don’t see why u can debate gsp has #2, even with his lackluster performances against shields and hardy. frankie has been fighting since 2005 and he’s biggest wins are bj penn, maynard and jim miller. C’mon son!

    I love frankie btw, I think he’s a really tough s.o.b, but c’mon son!

    • scottarhart

      Totally agree. Edgar has heart for days, but just simply has not beaten the caliber of competition that GSP has over the past few years. Let Edgar beat Melendez, then we can start talking about him being a potential number 2. Also, I am not even sure that Frankie would beat Aldo (who is also in most pound for pound rankings) unless he outpointed him and won a decision. Too premature at this point to make the type of statement that Frankie is number 2, although he is very impressive. Let him defend his title a few more times, and then we will see.

  • This clip shows why Dana White is so awesome and a good promoter. He talks about his fighter like you would talk to your friends at a bar, swearing and saying crazy shit. He doesn’t seem like a corporate President but just your average guy (which really he always has been, just with real rich friends). He may be unprofessional in some ways but he is damn good at his job.

    Now go watch Bjorn Rebney talk about fights. He sounds like he is holding a press release in front of his face and reading it. He makes me fall asleep when he talks about the fights on Bellator.

  • wonggfan

    We can talk about this guy being in the p4p top 10 after he beats Gilbert.

  • Danjitsu

    You guys are missing the point on pfp. The fact that Frankie Edgar is in there fighting at his natural weight when he could easily cut down to 145 and even 135 and beating the best guys in the world at 155 who have 15-20 lbs on him come fight time is the essence of pfp.

  • jared499

    Agree that I do not think he moves ahead of GSP at this point, Dana is always quick to downgrade GSP. I think that if he beats Melendez, then we start talking.

    As for the Aldo fight, I really thing that Edgar can win this fight, especially if it were at 145lb. Aldo’s weakness seems to be his cardio, which Edgar has for days. No man should be able to get beat up like he did in the first rounds of both of the Maynard fights and come back the way he did. Just like against Florian, Aldo will not be able to use the leg kicks that he is known for because of the threat of getting taken down.

  • LarryTTurner77

    Not only is Frankie not number 2 Anderson Silva is not number 1.Jon Jones not only beat Shogun he also beaT Rampage and did it easily.Anderson got beat up by a guy who couldnt cut it at 205 which was Chael Sonnen.Frankie is a number 1 nothing and Gilbert Melendez will show that when he makes it to the big show.

  • MrAdidas

    I still dont see how you can give a guy who’s successfully defended his belt once Vs. BJ, 1.5 times VS Maynard & Dana thinks hes #2? What happened to clear out the division? If a fighter like GSP has done it so easily & going over 32 Rounds without losing… NOONE not even Silva, Lyoto or Jon Jones (b/c he lost to Hamill) have EVER come close to that & Silva is undefeated, Lyoto never got hit until he fought Rua & Jones well he got fucked over b/c Hamill couldnt continue from a dislocated shoulder & NOT… NOT from illegal elbows which is why the ref stoped the fight.

    I like Edgar & gained ALOT more respect after this 2nd fight (especially the 1st round), but AHEAD of GSP who has defended his belt 6 or 7 times & his last fight was the 1st time he lost a round in 4 yrs – which BTW I still havent been able to credit Shields with one round, let alone 2.

    Not sure why Edgar would be considered even if he did beat Gil. GSP 1st man to finish/make BJ QUIT, RAPED Fitch – funny considering Fitch has only 1 loss in the UFC, embaressed Alves, Koscheck, Hardy & Shields who noone could even come close to beating in 6 or 7 yrs & GSP did it with one good eye!

    Glad to see Edgar beat Maynard – Wonder whos next?!? Miller, Guillard, Pettis & Jeremy Stephens all lost & they were all potential #1 Contenders, so who’s next? (Pettis lsot ot Guida & Stephens lost to Pettis – therefore neither deserve a title shot… YET)