Is Daniel Cormier the Solution to the Jon Jones Puzzle?

October 23, 2012
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Daniel Cormier and Josh Barnett StrikeforceStrikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix winner Daniel Cormier may still be waiting on his next fight before moving to the UFC, but he’s already on the radar of some of the biggest and brightest fighters competing in the Octagon.

Over the past several months, Cormier has mentioned the possibility of fighting UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones on more than a few occasions.

While Cormier currently fights as a heavyweight, his frame seems naturally built for a move down to 205lbs, and with Jones virtually wiping the division clean of any top contenders, the former Olympian would look to be a prime prospect on day one in the weight class.

Cormier even mentioned prior to the announcement that Jones would be coaching the Ultimate Fighter 17 against Chael Sonnen, that he would be interested in a similar position on the reality show.

Jones however didn’t share his interest in the idea.

“As far as Daniel Cormier saying he wants to coach against me, he would want that wouldn’t he?” Jones said in an interview with “He’s relatively unknown. I’m not here to raise his stock.”

Obviously Cormier heard the comments and immediately began firing shots aimed at Jones on Twitter making light of the fact that he was apparently not famous enough to face the current UFC champion.

Cormier spoke to MMA Uncensored Live last week where he also responded to Jones recent declaration about his status in the fame department, and he was happy to ask for more Twitter followers to hopefully appease the UFC’s 205lb king.

“I think eventually it’s bound to happen. Obviously this guy mentions me and talks about I don’t have enough followers to coach the Ultimate Fighter with him, Twitter followers, so get on Twitter and follow DC,” said Cormier.

“But I do think it will happen eventually. It’s a fight people want to see and I definitely want to happen.”

Jones and Cormier actually crossed paths this summer while both attending UFC 148 in July, and from the sound of things at the time, the light heavyweight champion was singing a little different tune.

“At the Chael Sonnen fight (UFC 148) he walked up, got to his seat and asked me ‘are you going to 205?’ and I said ‘yeah man, we’re going to have to fight’ and he goes ‘good, cause I’m ready for you’,” Cormier revealed.

“Obviously this is a fight that he thinks about, but I guess it just doesn’t work for him right now.”

While he hasn’t even fought at light heavyweight yet, Cormier has a list of credentials that would automatically make him a viable contender in the division.

Beyond his unblemished record inside the cage, Cormier is also an Olympic level wrestler who has transformed himself into a top MMA competitor. He knocked out Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva in the first round and then proceeded to hand Josh Barnett one of the most lopsided losses of his veteran career.

Cormier also projects no hesitation in saying he wants to be the one to bring Jon Jones’ dynasty to an end.

Jones will begin taping the new season of the Ultimate Fighter in less than a week, while Cormier is still awaiting word on his next fight presumably taking place in Strikeforce in January. Realistically with Jones not fighting Chael Sonnen until late April, it would give Cormier the time he needs to cut the weight to make 205lbs.

“Realistically, six months because I would have to adjust my lifestyle,” Cormier said about how long it would take him to move down to light heavyweight. “It would be dieting, and continuing my training, and I would have to be real focused and real serious to do it.”

Now the question remains is Jon Jones actually willing to face Daniel Cormier in the UFC?

  • Gigi

    i think cormier is a lil bit overhyped before he proves himself against some of the better ufc guys. Jon jones is 2 much for him rite now and lookin at cormiers body the weight cut doesnt apply his side at all,so mby he shud just stick to HW div as for now

    • dd

      hes about the same size as seems jones are looking for easy fights. he beat 2 of the top ten in the world, i dont see how thats overhyped

    • chess4thestupid

      I think you need to learn how to spell.

  • FFan

    Great fight! I hope it happens.

  • dominator

    As the champ Jones should be facing whoever is put in front of him so it should not be a question of whether he’s willing or not. The UFC needs to put a stop to this bullshit right now.

    • shakejunt

      you’re acting as if the fight was officially offered to him. people need to get off this idea that jones picks and chooses his fights just because dan screwed the event and jones didn’t want to fight on 3 weeks notice.

      • Triggerman99

        I think he was referencing the last line of the article where it says “Now the question remains is Jon Jones actually willing to face Daniel Cormier in the UFC?” The author of the article said that, and I think dominator was commenting on that.

  • stevemcz11

    Shame Jones only seems to fight people smaller than him.

    • shakejunt

      everyone should try to be the pat barry of their division.

  • diazfan209

    Yes, Cormier is the solution while Jones is the problem

  • ed

    Daniel will have to lose the man titties first! back away from the Tastee Cakes Daniel san!LOL!

  • gnodeb

    Cormier is HW and he fights in SF. JJ is LHW and fights in UFC. And I thought Weidman is trying too hard to talk himself to AS fight…

  • One thing is for sure…Jones won’t be taking Cormier down. As far as the weight cut. Cormier has been cutting weight his whole life so it’s not as if it’s something new to him. Cormier is also part of one of the best gyms in all of mma. This guy isn’t a child and understands things on a mature level. He’ll make the cut and eventually they will fight. Both are great fighters but Jones hasn’t faced anyone of Cormiers caliber quite yet.

  • diazfan209

    “I’m not here to raise his stock.” – exactly what Jones had said about Sonnen after declining the replacement fight, that changed of course once Jones saw the TUF dollar sign………. Jon Jones’, “nobody deserves to be on my face time” attitude is getting extremely tired

  • DjSaneR

    Jones would destroy Cormier

  • that-guy

    i like the jones ” chicken bones” jones pizza