Is Cowboy Cerrone’s Next Fight the Worst Kept Secret in the UFC? (Video)

February 15, 2015
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Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone was in attendance at UFC Fight Night 60 and revealed that he has, in fact, signed a contract for his next fight. What he didn’t reveal… or at least, he didn’t confirm, other than with a sly grin… just who his next opponent would be.

Donald Cerrone vs. Khabib Nurmagomedov, whether Cowboy wants to admit it or not, is quickly becoming the worst kept secret in the UFC.

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  • Nate “THE CHEAT” Marquardt

    I just hope Cerrone catches Khabib with a knee coming in as he goes for his nonstop take downs. It would also be hilarious to see Khabib miss weight again. I still can’t believe how much Khabib runs his mouth nonstop over the last year seeing as how he hasn’t fought in a year for what most fighters consider a very minor injury. He didn’t even have any torn ligaments. The only other fighter in UFC history that has ever made a big deal and tried to exaggerate simple torn meniscus in the knee was Bisping so he wouldn’t have to fight Lombard. Anyone who has ever torn meniscus knows it is a very routine out patient procedure that doesn’t require a night in the hospital and is only a 30-45 minute scope and you walk out of the clinic or hospital and down time is maybe a month. Pro Football players have been known to get scoped and play the next week. Khabib is so stupid he thinks everyone is convinced he had some major knee operation. Even a serious knee injury like ACL like Mousasi had last spring and he back was in the cage fighting in 6 months from his surgery date which also included a 2-3 month training camp. Granted then you have the mighty GSP who had the Orthopedic doctor dream team and million dollar rehab after his ACL surgery where he milked his recovery time for almost 2 years.

    I personally think Khabib wanted this last year off to patch huge hole in his game which is striking to he could try and back up his mile of B.S. he talks nonstop.

    I will become a Khabib fan if Conor Macgregor ever backs up his mouth and goes up closer to his natural weight and gets schooled by Khabib.

    Mark my words the UFC will never let Conor anywhere near a wrestler like Khabib

    • CrackheadBoneJones

      Ufc is already protecting conor against all wrestlers. He is their breadwinner.

    • Joshua

      Your knowledge of a torn meniscus is minimal, actually it’s just plain embarrassing. So there are many types of torn meniscus, the worst being a “bucket handle tear”. This type of tear happens across the middle of the meniscus and can actually lock your knee in a bent position. The procedure for this is not just a simple scope. This requires laparoscopic surgery and the down time is usually 6-8 months (that’s including physio). So taking that into account- 6-8 months plus training for a fight and being comfortable could keep you out for a year. Also the Meniscus can only be repaired once, so taking your time to recover is optimal- If the meniscus was to tear again bye bye meniscus. With all that said, I have no idea if this is what Khabib had, but I just wanted you to be more informed.

  • cheflacsto

    Rooting for Cowboy all the way on this one. The guy has beaten 5 top ten guys in a row and won 7 straight. Any other fighter would be getting a title shot off of these credentials, Cowboy gets what some people think is the best fighter in the division. If Cowboy wins he would have nearly cleared the top ten for Pettis. (Not sure he can win this on though) Tough match up for Cowboy unless he can get a knee in during one of the takedowns.

    • Ja Wangnan

      I’ve been a longtime Cowboy fan, so perhaps my bet on him is more because of bias than anything. Had his performance against Bendo been better (and no, I actually believed he won that, dunno why everybody was fussing over it so much), I’dve been more relaxed about his chances against an undefeated ground monster in Nurmy…..

      Just hoping he keeps it on the feet for the most part and strikes the hell outta him. And if things get insane on the ground, I hope he’s positioned lucky enough to pull good ground defenses.

      I simply want all his “Cowboy’s only an ‘almost’ elite fighter and never will be” critics to stfu..

      • cheflacsto

        Agree completely, he has won beaten 5 top 10 guys in a row, so I believe the can all STFU, even if he loses this next fight.

    • deepgrim

      khabib is going to be a tough match up for anyone with his wrestling and smoothering top game. dont really rate his striking but the usually the other fighter will be more reserved against him on the feet due to the fear of the takedown. donald has good guard as well tho but it will be tough if khabib is on top of him. would like to see what khabib is made of when he struggles to get the takedown

  • drkdisciple

    If he fights Khabib like he fought Benson it will be a long night for the cowboy.

    • Greg

      True I just thought Benson and Cowboy being friends didn’t help their effort.