Is Brock Lesnar Coming Back to the UFC?

May 27, 2012
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Following a loss to Alistair Overeem at UFC 140, former champion Brock Lesnar announced his retirement from mixed martial arts.

Since that time the former NCAA champion has returned to the world of professional wrestling where he signed a new deal to compete in the WWE.

But on Saturday night, Lesnar was in the crowd for UFC 146 and spoke to both UFC president Dana White and co-owner Lorenzo Fertitta. So what was the reason for Lesnar’s appearance at UFC 146?

“I don’t know, apparently now he’s a big fan,” White said following the fights.

Reading more into the situation, Lesnar being at the fights might mean more than him just being a casual fan enjoying the sport.

“He was here; I think that says it all,” White said with a wry smile.

When asked directly if Lesnar was contemplating a comeback to fighting, White admitted that he hadn’t talked with him about a return, but answered “possibly, yeah” when discussing a potential MMA rebirth for the one time heavyweight champion.

There appears to be more to this story than meets the eye, but White would only reveal so much on Saturday night.

One thing is for sure, quite a few eyebrows are sure to raise with the prospect of Brock Lesnar possibly returning to the UFC for one more run in the heavyweight division.

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  • Haven’t had a good 50 comment Brock story posted in a while. This should get venomous with a quickness.

  • MikeMc1983

    Lol, I was thinking the same thing. By tomarrow I’m guessing there’s at least 50 “I hate Brock, he sucks” comments.

  • The WWE has been horrible for a long time now and is basically down to Wrestlemania, The Rock, and John Cena. I wouldn’t be surprised if he wants to come back because MMA is the most addictive sport in the world. If he was willing to walk away from WWE before because he said he hated it he should of never went back. Money can’t buy happiness.

  • Maybe his retirement from MMA was just a cover so he could go make a quick buck in the WWE and not blur the line between MMA and wrasslin.

    I hope he comes back, I like watching that guy fight.

  • BlackDog2009

    Don’t get me wrong, I love watching Lesnar get beatdowns after beatdowns, Reem and Cain exposed this fake for what he is, a hype train, nothing more. This is where DW completely contradicts himself about making MMA legitimate. Also, funny that Lesnar looked fat as hell! lol

    • AdamBianski

      So losing to two top five guys after he beat everyone else makes him a fake huh? Wow guess I didn’t realize that, I guess your right I mean holding the title and handing out some epic beat downs were just fake. Admit it he is a top 20 fighter when he wants to be so get off it.

      • smill0313

        How many people fight at hw in the ufc? I think they are all top 20 fighters by default. He is ok, but giving him a title shot when he was 2-1 was a complete joke. Also, his fight with overeem should be a dq for overeem.

        • AdamBianski

          There are a few thousand guys who fight at HW. The UFC is not the only fight organazation so yes being a top 20 fighter in the world is very emresive.

  • MikeMc1983

    I have a feeling that Brock could have came in and won 20 straight fights, and as soon as he lost people would say…”see, he sucks. Can’t fight. All hype.”

    • Mario


      If he won 20 straight against the guys in the UFC, I’d call him the greatest Heavyweight of all time!

      Only a moron who doesn’t follow the sport would say that if that were really the case.

  • MuayThaiFood

    Hmmm….what a coincidence. I hear truck nuts are coming back too.

  • Mario


    I hope not!

  • Maybe Brock is who Cormier will fight in his final Strikeforce fight.

    • Brock sells a lot of PPV’s, I doubt they’d waste one of his fights by putting him on a Showtime card. Especially when they are not very happy with the way Showtime does business.

  • victoriapeal

    Yeah-gosh-wow: Lesnar…What a pussy, eh?! So as a rookie, he gave Mir (supposedly one of the best) two vicious beatdowns, defeated Carwin, Couture and Herring and derailed Cain for a year. So what? He’s exactly as BlackDog described: total hype—nothing more. ‘Cause as anyone familiar with MMA knows, hype alone is enough to turn in the performances he did. Lesnar’s not big, strong, quick, powerful, mean or smart—it’s all been “smoke and mirrors” with him…”hype”. And hey, I’d bet almost anyone could walk into the UFC’s HW division with only some NCAA wrestling experience and snag the belt. Yeah, Brock Lesnar, what a joke…

    • i love this comment… Brock was no joke and is still no joke… that would be like saying Rory Mcllroy in golf was a joke cuz he was a rookie in golf when he won big… or Cam Newton was a joke in the NFL when he broke records as a rookie… come on man, you don’t have to have a huge record to walk in to the building and steal the show (this isn’t boxing) I completely agree with you victoriapeal, Brock must have been a joke…haha trolls

    • BlackDog2009

      Wrong, kudos on your sarcasm, very well put. But here’s my counter offer. Lesnar comes in from the WWE, he doesn’t climb the ladder like many other much more accomplished fighters who take the sport seriously. Based on his WWE fame he is given free reign, Mir exposes him on their first meet… granted and I give him credit for avenging that loss in style, but then he beats an over the hill Couture, beats CArwin as Carwin gasses out… but it’s clear in that fight that Lesnar has no stand up skills, and that he’s a big pussy when taking punches. After that it’s all downhill, he spends his time in long extended leaves, supposedly ‘life threatenly’ sick, but after the year rests he came back… Cain comes in and completely exposes him, beats him up like a little girl, Lesnar leaves again (for almost a year again), but he’s healthy enough to be in the TUF (good pay day!), but not healthy enough to face JDS, he cunningly ducks JDS. Then another long layoff, comes back and he looks bored, he knows it’s over, Reem rapes him!! He goes bak to fake fighting (big payday!), and now he comes and sits in in a UFC ppv… and let the specuation begin! Well played Lesnar, well played DW, now the idiot Lesnar fans are buying the hype again. Meanwhile, the true grit fighters like Struve, Lavar, Cain, JDS, Cormier, Barnett, Country, …they are the ones makin the MMA sport great, sweating blood and tears. Lesnar is a turd, and no matter how much you shine it, he’s still a turd.

      • victoriapeal

        It’s too late to retract what you wrote—the Internet is virtually permanent “ink”—and you said he was “hype”. Your long, defensive dissertation notwithstanding, you wrote nothing that will remedy your plainly erroneous comment. There is a significant difference between eking out a victory against a monster like Carwin or getting bested by a great like Overeem and being pure hype. This is apparently lost on you. Now, placing your foot still farther into your mouth, you call Lesnar a “turd” How old are you?) and liken him to a “little girl”. (I’d love to witness your informing him of this to his face.) Your “rape” comment seems to be most revealing here—I believe we have finally identified your “true color” (pink, it seems).

    • RealmmaFan

      i respect brock for what he accomplished as a fighter.. But these kids thought he was the number 1 ranked in the world at some point what a JOKE seriously he got the ufc belt when the ufc heavy weight division was weak they had no one pretty much it was funny as hell to watch someone from the wwe come in and take the belt with only 3 fights in his mma record i guess brock proved the wwe had a deeper heavy weight talent pool than the ufc hahaha i knew once jds and cain debut that they were more skilled and talented than brock and that they were just milkin him for the ppv buys brock would have never touched the belt if dana brought fedor over back in 08 but no he didnt why because dana cant do his job right i mean the guys from strikeforce can make a deal but dana cant? What a joke and now everyone all fedor is trash see what cain did to bigfoot lol that ground and pound was nothing compared to fedor vs nog lets see what kind of wear and tare cain and jds will have 35 plus fights deep into there career.

  • maddawgmar

    Here is the thing about Brock. He is strong, fast, and a great wrestler. Outside that he has no talent. He can get away with his strength sometimes, but when he gets in the cage with a skilled fighter he gets beat. Mir exposed his lack of experience in the first fight. Carwin exposed his lack of chin. Cain didn’t gas like Carwin, and KO’d him. Then Overeem. Brock could compete with mid-tier fighters but the top guys right now, no.

    • I think you meant to say Carwin exposed the fact that he doesn’t like to get hit. His chin, in that fight, was very impressive. He ate everything Carwin threw at him and was still there when Carwin punched himself out. He took a lot of big shots and didn’t go to sleep. His fight mentality was exposed, not his chin.

      • MuayThaiFood

        Short_Bus I was just going to comment but you said exactly what I was thinking. When Carwin was punching him in the face he looked like a man wanting a way out. Nobody likes to get hit in the face but I’ve seldom seen a fighter at his level with such a deer in the headlights look in his eyes. He just won’t do well against top level strikers who can stop the takedown. No matter how much he trains I don’t see him ever being able to contend with a guy like JDS.

  • KBEsq

    I agree with the comments that Lesnar doesn’t like to get hit, but that is just one aspect of fighting. A very important one that you cannot teach, but still just one aspect.

    Lesnar is a very talented fighter – I think it’s absurd to say that he has no talent. He may not be the best in the world, but he has a lot of skills. The only guys he hasn’t been able to beat were the very best.

    Maybe he needed to quit to see how much he wanted to do it. His heart was just not in it before this unless he was winning, but a true fighter’s heart is in it regardless of winning or losing. I wouldn’t mind see him back to see if quitting made a fire inside him.

  • FlowWithTheGo

    The only fight that makes sense for him would be Mir III.

  • moosetc

    Don’t hate Brock is a killer let’s see him fight Bigfoot or Struve

  • moosetc

    Blackdog your a turd

  • It’s you’re, as in you are.

  • TwistedSpineMMA

    would not suprise me at all

  • big ern849

    This all is irrelevant anyways Brock is just into his wwe contract. If there’s anything that you can count on its that they don’t let talent out of those. DW doesn’t even want to try to negotiate that out

  • victoriapeal

    It would be great if everyone could stick to the issue being discussed and follow, at least somewhat, the “debate”. I replied to BlackDog’s claim that Lesnar is pure “hype” and “nothing more”. No contention is being made that Lesnar is better than any of the UFC’s current top HWs—-only that he is certainly not just hype—that was the premise of my rebuttal to BlackDog. Lesnar may be lacking much as an MMA fighter and this should be no surprise—he lacks training, sufficient experience, etc. He is not, however, just “hype”. If he was, then who gives a flying !@$#% that Overeem or anyone else beat him (given that he “sucks” so badly?) RE: Lesnar didn’t “climb the ladder”. Uh, he beat the UFC HW champion and so became the champion. The fact that he “climbed the ladder” in many fewer steps than most apparently bothers you.

  • John Youwer

    Brock beat a washed up Frank Mir and a old should have been retired Randy. Brock needs to stay in the fake WWE and Dana the Don King of MMA needs to go away before he ruins MMA for good.