Is Antonio ‘Bigfoot’ Silva UFC Bound?

December 20, 2011
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Antonio 'Bigfoot' Silva

Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva is looking to get back in action in the first part of 2012, and he’s hopeful it’s in the UFC.

The Brazilian is currently one of several heavyweights in limbo while Strikeforce works to eliminate that division next year.

Silva has been out of action since a TKO loss to Daniel Cormier in September that finished his run in the Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix. Cormier moved on and will face Josh Barnett to crown the Grand Prix champion.

The winner of that final will then meet a “heavyweight contender” for one final fight in Strikeforce before the bulk of the roster moves to the UFC, as its sister promotion concentrates on the other divisions and moves away from the heavyweights.

Silva’s manager, Alex Davis, is hoping to find out his fighter’s future very soon. He’s making the push to get him into the UFC now as opposed to later.

“What have I heard? As much as I try to hear something, I’m still not getting any news back,” Davis told MMAWeekly Radio. “But what I think, I anticipate Antonio being in the UFC. I think there’s a lot of great fights for him there.”

Silva has gone 3-1 in his last four fights including a dominant victory over former No. 1 ranked heavyweight Fedor Emelianenko. Davis believes his fighter can be just as dominant against the top heavyweights in the UFC.

“I think he’s going to be in the top five in no time there,” said Davis. “Guess what? He has it. He’s the guy, he is top ten in the heavyweight (division) even though he took that loss from Cormier, which it is what it is, it’s MMA, but I think he’s going to fit like a glove in the UFC.”

Right now, the dialogue has been limited between Davis and the matchmakers at the UFC, but he’s keeping his ears open for the right opportunity for Silva to pounce on.

His hope is Silva gets to follow fellow Strikeforce heavyweight Fabricio Werdum back to the UFC in early 2012. Werdum recently re-signed with the UFC and will make his return to action at UFC 143 against Roy Nelson.

“My timeframe is for March. That’s as far as I’ve managed to get, and it’s nothing definite. Antonio did just go through a shoulder operation cause he hurt his shoulder a little bit, and he had a lingering problem there so he took care of it,” Davis revealed.

“He’s going to be ready by the end of February. I’ve already informed the UFC and Strikeforce about it, and now I’m waiting for an answer. Joe (Silva), Sean (Shelby), and Dana (White), they’re busy people, so I think in the next few days we’re going to find out. I’m hoping that Junior gets a big fight and personally I’m really, really hoping and pushing for it to be in the UFC.”

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  • MikeMc1983

    I’ve been wondering who the “top heavyweight” will be that the gran prix winner will fight. I forgot about Bigfoot, but they may have him in mind. I can’t think of any other “top” guys not in the UFC. I know they could pull someone from the UFC, but that might be weird having a guy come over from the UFC for just one fight. They could throw a huge name, but it doesn’t really make much sense to me when they’re just closing the division.
    Not really sure why they’re even having “one more fight” after the tourney. (not that I mind it.) just seems Bigfoot might make the most sense for that fight, but then again he just recently lost to half of the gran prix final.
    Anyone have any ideas about that “one last fight?”
    Am I missing something obvious? It actually kind of annoying me how lost I am as to who that fight could be.

    • natpaukar7

      I agree with you…does Bigfoot really deserve another shot at potentially Cormier who just dominated him…or at Barnett if he beats Cormier ? doesn’t make sense… I have a feeling that they are going to bring Fedor back in to fight the winner as some stupid gimmick but who knows…that makes as little sense as any other option…is Overeem signed with the UFC or just for this fight??

      NO idea…and I can’t think its going to be good considering there are few if any good HW’s not in the UFC