Is Another Ultimate Fighter Comeback Season on the Horizon?

May 7, 2012
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Matt Serra at UFC 53UFC president Dana White has promised that they aren’t done tweaking and changing the new Ultimate Fighter Live until they get it just right.

Ratings for the long running reality show have not matched past seasons on Spike TV, and with a Friday night time slot, it’s been a tough go getting new fans to tune in even with the live format for the fights each week.

While FX and Fox executives are still thrilled with the numbers the show is pulling compared to past programming on Friday night, Dana White is never satisfied with “good enough.”

One idea that may come up in the near future would be a do over of the infamous fourth season of the reality show in which the UFC welcomed in a group of past fighters to compete with the grand prize being a title shot at a current champion.

Fighters on the fourth season of The Ultimate Fighter dubbed The Comeback, included Matt Serra, Chris Lytle, Patrick Cote, Travis Lutter, Charles McCarthy, Din Thomas, Jorge Rivera, and Shonie Carter.

What no one could have predicted, however, is that one of the winners actually went on to defeat an incumbent champion.

“People keep asking me about the comeback. It was a great season, and the craziest part of that whole season is Matt Serra wins it and actually wins the title. It was crazy,” said White recently.

Serra defeated Georges St-Pierre in one of the biggest upsets in UFC history at UFC 69 in 2007 to claim the welterweight title.

The popularity and discussion about that season of the show has continued all the way until now, and the prospect of doing another “Comeback” season seems like something the UFC and White might be interested in doing.

“But the answer is yeah, we’re looking to do a lot of different stuff now with The Ultimate Fighter Live and that would be a fun one,” White stated.

The latest season of The Ultimate Fighter Live will wrap up in the next few weeks with the live finale airing on FX, Friday night June 1 from Las Vegas.

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  • phrankthetank

    It would give them a couple more contenders at mw and lhw

    • kevstinx

      You have to earn a title shot by working your way up the ranks/ladder.

      Not winning an elimination contest of has beens

      • shakejunt

        like machida?

        • pooby

          Or Lesnar?

          I love the idea of doing another comeback season. Just don’t give a title shot to the winner.

  • dontayjohnson

    I would definitely love for it to happen. I think light heavyweight/heavyweight or light heavyweight/lightweight would be the ideal divisions.

  • kevstinx

    Remember the come back last time?
    I stopped watching TUF due to: the comeback season. All you are trying to do here is re-market a fighter to give him a title shot.

    eg: Serra, wins it, gets lucky punch, gets title shot, then goes back to where he came from.

    Used to be a big fan of the sport, not such much these days, getting bored of UFC, presentation, constant mistakes and cowboy attitude of the org.

    • bco1158

      Used to be a big fan of the sport? Then why do you waste your time commenting on MMA message boards?

      I know I dont spend alot of time reading articles and posting on topics I’m not longer a fan of…

    • fightfankevin

      I disagree, the comeback season showcases proven names, restirs nostalgia and in serras case shows a fighter can still win on any given night. In other news Tim Sylvia is salavating at he thought of this happening.

    • pooby

      “…gets lucky punch”?

      He got twenty-some “lucky” punches. He laid a beating on GSP unlike any other fighter.

  • i think it is time for another come back show. they keep bringing in more marginal talent and leaving guys behind. its hard to care about fighters when you only see them once a year. However, they need to make an effort on the show to really improve the fighters and select fighters that can improve with a “next level” type of training. i for one am tired of seeing a bunch of cookie cutter fighters in the 155 and lighter divisions. Also the most popular (by ratings) was the season where they had kimbo and roy nelson on the show. so the term “come back” doesnt have to include fighters only from UFC’s current roster. i like a format with multiple weight classes also because the first few weeks of every season has the top fighter from one team matching up against the bottom fighters from the other teams. fewer fighters should make for a smaller gap in talent. not that anything i say will make a difference, but typing makes it look like im doing something at work

  • johnnylopes

    i think a HW or MW season would be good, be a nice tune up for the champs… and you never know what could happen exp. MATT SERRA

  • I would love to see another comeback season, although it is disappointing that they are still completely committed to the inferior live format.

  • RonnieV

    Get rid of live fights, get back to a week night, and have another comeback season with fighters people are familiar with. They could steal a ton of guys from Strike Force.

    Denis Siver
    Sean Sherk
    Joe Stephensen
    Yves Edwards
    Mac Danzig
    Joachim Hanson
    KJ Noons
    Matt Wiman
    Joe Lauzon
    Aaron Riley
    Sam Stout
    Dennis Hallman
    Gesias (JZ) Calvacante
    Lyle Beerbohm
    Pat Healy
    Jorge Gurgel

    Matt Serra
    Matt Brown
    Dan Hardy
    Yoshi Akiyama
    Dan Miller
    Josh Neer
    Mike Pierce
    Mike Swick
    Paulo Thiago
    Paul Daley
    Evangelista Santos
    Tarec Saffiedine

    Robbie Lawler
    Rich Franklin
    Tim Credeur
    Ed Herman
    Cung Le
    Chris Leben
    Jason MacDonald
    Nick Thompson
    Mike Massenzio
    Jorge Rivera
    Mayhem Miller
    Keith Jardine
    Benji Radach

    Light Heavyweight:
    Stephen Bonnar
    Forrest Griffin
    Brandon Vera
    Vlad Matushenko
    Krstof Sosyzinski
    Cyrille Diabate
    Rafael Calvacante
    Mo Lawal

    Heavy Weight:
    Tim Sylvia
    Andre Arlovski
    Brett Rogers
    Todd Duffee

  • troop

    Ok Mr. White here is your cast and roster for the UFC TUF HW comeback season.
    Maybe the coaches would be 2 guys that got cut and came back like Gonzaga and Werdum?
    16 heavyweight fighter roster: Tim Sylvia, Andre Arlovski, John Madsen, Jeff Monson, Eddie Sanchez, Paul Buentello, Carmelo Marrero, Abe Wagner, Seth Petruzelli, Tim Hague, Todd Duffee, Ricco Rodriguez, Pedro Rizzo, Justin McCulley, Chris Tuchscherer and Sean Mccorkie
    Maybe have Darrell Schnoover, Chase Gormley and James McSweeney as alternates since there is no doubt, one of the above 16 will get hurt. Christian Morecraft, Pat Barry and/or Rob Broughton are (or will soon be) cut so add them to the alternates so this could be their chance to get right back in the UFC.
    Maybe have a mini-tourney to fight to get into the house for the last spot between the ‘way too old’ but never seem to go away guys like Frye, Severn, Randleman, Mark Coleman, Ken Shamrock and Maurice Smith. 1) Some of these guys fight/fought at LHW but could make HW 2) Obviously not all these guys would want to fight but we only need 4 to get a mini-tourney 3) Give the winner the 16th spot and runner-up a spot on the alternate list 5) Finally, this would be interesting to watch because we might see our first fatality in the UFC ring! :o)
    If the 2 fighters left are from different teams, instead of them fighting each other for the final for the contract maybe have them fight the opposing coach for the finale. Looking at the roster, I don’t think any are worthy of a title shot like last time!

    • fightfankevin

      Great idea, but just skip the heavys and focus on the old guys. Bring in Severn, Kimo, Shamrock, etc… And convince Royce he must come back to defend his honor.