Is Anderson Silva vs. Chael Sonnen 2 Finally Set?

March 21, 2012
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Anderson Silva and Chael Sonnen at UFC 117It’s just about the worst kept secret in MMA.

Everybody knows that UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva will next defend his title against top rated challenger Chael Sonnen in a rematch that is sure to be one of the most watched pay-per-views of the year.

The only problem is the fight still has not officially been signed or agreed up for any particular event.

Sonnen spoke out about the highly publicized rematch when appearing on UFC Tonight on Tuesday, where he shed a little bit of new light on the much talked about fight with Anderson Silva.

“I’m telling people I have the fight. I believe it will happen. I believe it will happen in June. I don’t know the venue, I don’t know the exact date, and I haven’t been contacted. I don’t have a contract; I guess that’s my real message,” Sonnen said.

If there is a silver lining to this news, however, it’s that the UFC’s own production team may have given Sonnen the best news he got all week.

The current timeline for Silva vs. Sonnen 2 to take place is sometime in June, and the UFC Countdown show appears to be wasting no time in getting their footage started.

“However, the Countdown show, you know when the UFC comes and out and they film you, they’re scheduled to come out to West Linn, Ore., in two days to film the show,” Sonnen revealed.

“So I go now wait a minute, I don’t have this fight yet, you guys know something I don’t? They said we booked plane tickets, we’re coming out.”

With UFC Countdown now set to film Sonnen while he’s training at his home camp in Oregon, it would almost seem foolish to believe that the fight with Silva won’t take place in June.

There was some speculation about the fight not taking place in Brazil, but sources have indicated to that all signs are pointing towards Sonnen traveling to Silva’s native land for their second encounter.

Between the dates, venues, and the UFC Countdown show, it looks like the saga of putting together Silva vs. Sonnen 2 might finally be coming to a close.

“So read between the lines,” Sonnen said about the Countdown show coming to film him. “I took that as really good news.”

Brazil remains the targeted destination, but the last pieces of the puzzle still have to fall in place regarding the actual date and location for the show. The UFC has been looking at Sao Paulo, but are reportedly having trouble locking down the desired venue there, so they may have to go back to Rio de Janeiro again, although nothing has been locked in as of yet.

Still nothing appears to be in the way of this juggernaut main event from landing in Brazil in June.

Unless something catastrophic happens though in the next few weeks, Silva vs. Sonnen 2 should finally become official.

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  • Booker T

    I’m sick of spider. Hope he gets beat.If not, I hope they throw him to Bones. He will get the beat down then. Guaranteed!

    • bonkerstheclownmcpickle

      I wouldn’t mind seeing a new champion at 185, but I cannot fathom preferring the Jon Fitch of Middleweights over Anderson Silva. Anderson Silva delivers exciting fights and exciting finishes. Chael Sonnen has done it ONCE. Chael has five UD wins in the UFC and only one win by finish. Sonnen does have the dubious distinction of having always LOST by being finished in the UFC, but what good is that?

      Anderson has 11 wins by finishing his opponent and only 3 judges decision victories in the UFC.

      So essentially, you want another “bore the piss outa me” champion in the mold of GSP??? Uh … no thank you!

    • Anderson silver is in his late thirtys now & still toying with people!!! He’ll destroy Sonnen & I wouldnt count silver out against jones either!!! In silvers prime he would destroy jones & give his bones to the dogs, at the present time I know by the end Anderson will still beat jones… Jones most affectiveness is his reach but Anderson is also wicked at moving, ducking & weavive to avoid hits 😉 GO ANDERSON SILVER ALL THE WAY!!!!!

  • Booker T

    If Silva wins, #1&#2 P4P. Lets do it Dana.RIP Silva.

  • matty

    I agree with BookerT I am sick of silva! I hope jones gets to fight him and I also gaurante jones will destroy him.

    • KBEsq

      I don’t understand this “sick of Silva” sentiment. What do you mean? It can really only mean one of two things: (1) You’re simply sick of him being the champion, or (2) You’re sick of him because he’s annoying or because of some aspect of his personality.

      Considering Silva is the most quiet champion, and NEVER responds to Sonnen’s insults, you must just be sick of him being the champion. In which case, you’re just dumb. You’re sick of a guy because he’s good?

      This really just supports the theory that when you’re at the top, there’s always going to be jackasses trying to bring you down for no reason.

  • emmettbarnacle

    You guys are idiots how can you be sick of Anderson silva he’s been finishing people and destroying people ever since he came to the UFC Dan Henderson and chael are the only people to even take a round from him… Dumbasses

    • Lesnardo

      I don’t think that is the issue here.

      Everyone knows that Silva is a great fighter.

      But the 185 division has been shit because he’s been in there for such a long time.

      He should move up to 205. I’ll bet you that at 205, Silva will have his hands full with Shogun/Lyoto/Rashad. JOnes would kill him.

    • Totally with the Emmett 20%. These guys love Chael ‘the distortion filter’ Sonnen. They’re as deluded as he is! Just imagine if he wins… he’ll become completely unbearable. Anderson Silva is a total legend. Sonnen is a f***wit. Talented and entertaining, but a f***wit. I know who I’d rather hang out with and I don’t have a gun rack.

  • RubeKegal

    emmett, you are wrong. You are the idiot, not previous 3 posters. You are at a 20% vs 80% rate of people who like Silva. Silva is a cockstain who hopefully gets demolished by Sonnen.

  • BlackDog2009

    Im tired of these non fighting champs. Sonnen calls out Silva, yells that he sucks and Silva conveniently goes on hiatus, shoulder injury… right. I’m thinking he had that injury and always toughed it out anyways and fought, but he thought it would be a good time to take out the ‘i’m getting surgery’ slip out and derail Sonnen’s momentum.

    Same with GSP. Nick Diaz calls him out too and then ‘oh my God there goes my knee again, this time I really need surgery’ . These two champs were publicly called out and they just sat there like idiots who didn’t understand english.

    I’m not saying they should have gotten up to fight the guys calling them out right then and there but they should have gotten in the ring and accepted the challenge presented to them or at least call out some truths and Silva should have said: “hey by the way, I beat you already” . Anything but just sit there with their thumbs up their assess.

  • Guess Im with emmett in the 20%… I love Silva he is the best fighter in the world other the recent rise of Jon Jones, Silva has been the most exciting fighter in my opinion. I think a lot of people dont like Silva cause he doesnt suck up like GSP and even Jones to an extent. Everyone that thinks Jones would destroy Silva I have a hard time beleiving that Silva would get destroyed… I think people should appreciate Anderson being so great as he is getting older. I dont think he has anything to prove with fighting Jones who is much younger. Jones actually wants to go to HW so I think again you dont have to love Silva but you have to respect him… You wont see another fighter quite as dynamic while Jones is dynamic he will probably never be the striker Silva is……

  • @Black dog have you ever thought about by Silva not saying anything that was his way of fucking with Sonnen…Think about this Sonnen loves the verbal combat and by Silva not saying anything it actually pissed Sonnen off more than if he would have engaged in a verbal war..I actually thought it was clever on his part. I have been a dumb ass trying to pick a fight or two in my life and the most frustrating is when you couldnt even get that person to engage not because they were scared but because they were acting like you didnt matter….just a thought

  • Anderson is the best P4P fighter in the world. Funny how people want to jump on the silva hater bandwagon. He has an amazing record, and he is a very respectful fighter. Sonnen is the most disrespectful fighter ever. Rememeber that MMA and all martial arts are built around respect, it was ingrained in me when I first started training Karate 25 years ago. How anyone can support Sonnen when he has tried to turn MMA into a pro wrestling drama atmosphere totally boggles me. Silva VS Sonnen 2 will show AGAIN that Anderson will rise up and continue to impress.

    • Lesnardo

      Again, no one disputes Silva’s skills and achievements.

      But he needs to move up to 205 because 185 is boring as hell.

      • bonkerstheclownmcpickle

        @Lesnardo “185 is boring as hell.”

        To some degree true. But Chael is NOT the solution. Chael is the 185 lbs version of Jon Fitch. Truth be told, Fitch has finished more opponents and put together a better overall UFC record than Mr Sonnen. So … WHY ON EARTH DOES ANY SANE PERSON WANT A BORING-ASS FIGHTER LIKE SONNEN AS MW CHAMPION???

        We already have an never-ending string of UD title fights with GSP as WW champ. Do we really want another UD specialist champ? GSP is actually more likely to finish a fight than Chael Sonnen. Sad but true.

    • macgrubber

      chris shut up please. No one cares about respect or your karate. Id punch you in the face if i saw you irl hows that for respect? I do not pay to watch two outstanding citizens fight. This is a combat sport. and NO ONE has come up with better lines than Sonnen.

  • natpaukar7

    Sonnen stands no chance…IMO…in Brazil…Silva will anihilate him quickly…also taking nothing away from jon jones, I think Silva would infact destroy him….reason being, seeing the way he took the first round with Machida…I don’t think he would have been able to handle the stand up if it was indeed Anderson Silva instead of Machida…but that having been said if he tooko anderson down it could be a quick night…overall I bet on Silva over any man alive…maybe with the exception of GSP but I haven’t seen him in so long that I am forgetting

    • Lesnardo

      You are an idiot.

      JOnes would kill Silva, Silva would kill GSP, GSP would kill Edgar.

      GSP is not the #1 fighter at MW. At 185, Sonnen, Munoz, and even Bisping would give GSP trouble.

      • shereko

        I agree… very true. If you say (not Lesnardo you but, “you” in general) that Silva should move up to 205, thats like saying Jones should move up to Heavyweight, how is that a fair fight? So someone should be punished for the other people that are in his weight class? There is a reason why people fight in particular weight classes. Thats like saying Jones should fight Overeem. It is what it is, like Silva or not, what he’s done is entertains for the most part. Throw out a couple fights (Maia etc) and watch the fights against, Leben, Franklin x2, Forrest, Belfort, Henderson that were exciting to watch. Its not like a GSP hug fest, I think Jones is fun to watch too, but its apples/oranges, Silva is 37 and has to be on his downslide, but you can’t throw a champion with that legacy to the wolves just to say you saw him lose thats just dumb.

      • macgrubber

        Bisping give GSP trouble HA thanks for the laugh bro.

        • Lesnardo

          Umm Bisping is naturally WAAAAY bigger than GSP. GSP tosses around midgets fighting at 170lbs.

          Trust me, GSP would be lucky to be top 5 at 185lbs.

          Bisping wouldn’t even be top 15 or 20 at LHW. Look at him now! He was fighting for the shot at the title at 185lbs.

          • macgrubber

            O sorry Lesnardo I had no idea that Alves and Shields are midgets at welterweight cuz last time i checked shields fought at 185 and alves has trouble cutting down to 170. Trust you? Why is that? Do you know how good GSP would be at middleweight? Have you fought him at 185? And Bisping is a joke. The UFC gives him C lvl fighters so he can win and they can keep their fanbase in the UK. Why hasn’t he gotten a title shot yet? Cuz he would get demolished and the UFC cant have their biggest UK fighter get destroyed. Lose money that way.

  • If Chael wins does Anderson get a rematch?

  • BizzleZX10R

    I’m guessing nobody has seen the Silva documentary “Like Water” there is a scene where Big Nog is telling Silva he needs to knock him out. And Anderson says “No,i’m going to submit him” come really think Chael really put a beating on him? Anderson leaving his hands down and eating his punches? no,anderson wanted to make chael look like a fool and he for Jones? i really don’t know who would win i like them both alot but i think Silva may be too elusive to touch standing up but who knows,Jones could kill him on the ground? but Silva being a BJJ Blackbelt could grab one of jones super long arms? so,hard to tell..

    As far as GSP at middleweight i think he would have great success at 185..Bisping would get owned more than what Sonnen did to him. For some strange reason i kind of see Wanderlei putting up a good fight with GSP

    • shereko

      Very good post. I don’t know why either but a Wandy vs GSP fight would be good. I do think I need to check out the documentary though too.

    • lowlb

      Agreed. I think Silva is weird and bored with fighting but I also think he was in complete control of the fight with Sonnen. Go back and watch the Sonnen/ Maia fight. Sonnen looked ridiculous. He got destroyed by Maia, completely handled. Silva was just being a weirdo during the Sonnen fight. He waited until the end, used Jui Jitsu and submitted him easily. It was an entertaining fight, but odd in comparison to the Maia fight.
      I think we can either expect something similar with Silva playing around until he needs to submit him or, and this is hat I hope, he beats the shit out of Sonnen. Either way Sonnen will lose and go away pouting..

      • RubeKegal

        @lowlb, your mom and dad must have done a sh*tload of drugs before you were conceived.

    • RubeKegal

      Your mother was obviously a crackwhore

  • People hate on Anderson Silva and GSP simply because they’re not Americans. Sonnen is arrogant like many others in this culture. That’s why he has gotten tapped out so many times by people like Babalu and Trevor Prangley. GSP and Anderson are true martial artists!! That’s why they act the way they do!! Deal with it!! The fact of the matter is that most of the UCF champions are Hispanic and people have trouble accepting that!! Oh, and Bones is just an Anderson Silva wannabe!!! But he will never be a true martial artist, no matter what he does!!! Finally, I just want Chael Sonnen to stop whining and crying!!! Just like Frankie Edgar and Rashad Evans have been whining and crying for so long!! Jeeezz!!!!

    • RubeKegal

      Jose, your mother was obviously a meth head

  • matty

    Jones will never be a true martial artist? Why because he is a americian? Most of the UFC champions are Hispanic? Don’t post anything if you have know idea what you are saying!

    • Lesnardo

      JOnes will never be a true martial artist!!

      He is a true MIXED martial artist! 😛

  • Towers66

    Anderson is a great Champion, I don’t believe he should move to light heavyweight unless he chooses to. His career is closing out anyways and he may as well end it on a high note. I believe this fight will be the biggest and mostemorable of his entire career and it will be in front of his fellow countrymen. If he loses…..of course he will get a rematch. It’s the UFC, rematches all day every day.

    • bonkerstheclownmcpickle

      It’s a pretty big IF to speculate on. IF Chael Sonnen beats him? Better men have tried and failed. But if Chael Sonnen pulls it off, then a rematch would make a lot of sense because each of them would have one win against the other. It’s a completely logical rubbermatch.

  • Towers66

    Most memorable***