Is Anderson Silva UFC 153 Fight Stephan Bonnar’s Perfect Storm for an Epic Upset?

October 9, 2012
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Stephan Bonnar vs Jon Jones UFC 94It’s easy to write off Stephan Bonnar well before he ever sets foot in the Octagon to fight Anderson Silva at UFC 153 in Brazil on Saturday night. In fact, most oddsmakers, fans, and pundits already have.

With Silva sitting as the reigning UFC middleweight champion, holding a 32-4 record, winning 16 consecutive bouts, and knocking out both of his previous light heavyweight opponents, it’s easy to see the logic.

Time and again, Silva has shown a Matrix-like ability to outdo his opposition, finding a finish for 25 of his 32 victims.

But there’s always the Buster Douglas vs. Mike Tyson or Matt Serra vs. Georges St-Pierre upsets to point to and say, “It’s fighting. Anything can happen in a fight.”

UFC president Dana White knows it, Anderson Silva knows it, and most importantly, Stephan Bonnar knows it.

“I know a lot of people are counting Stephan Bonnar out and this fight is a joke and everything else. He’s never been knocked out; he’s never been submitted by anybody,” said White recently.

“This is going to be a tough fight for Anderson Silva. If Anderson wins this fight, even though he’ll never get the credit for it, it’s another huge notch in his career.”

It’s not like Bonnar steps into the fight out of obscurity.

His record may stand at a merely respectable 14-7, but over his seven-plus years in the Octagon, Bonnar has taken the likes of Forrest Griffin, Rashad Evans, and even current UFC light heavyweight champ Jon Jones the distance.

The only times he has been stopped were due to a cut in a fight with Lyoto Machida before either’s UFC days and another cut caused by an accidental head butt in a bout with Krzysztof Soszynski at UFC 110.

He hasn’t lost since, avenging the loss to Soszynski and backing it up with two more victories.

“Stephan Bonnar, he’s a great athlete, part of the history of the UFC,” said Silva in a recent UFC 153 media conference call. “He’s a very dangerous guy. He’s good on his feet; he’s got good groundwork and good defense.

“We’re the greatest fighters in the world and, Stephan Bonnar, it’s an honor to be fighting him. He’s a great champion, he’s done a lot in his career and it’s definitely going to be a great challenge.”

Even as much as White and Silva know that a fight is a fight and you can’t just write Bonnar off, the undertone is that Anderson Silva – tough fight or not – is supposed to win. A Bonnar victory would put him on the level of Sylvester Stallone’s famed movie character Rocky Balboa.

Bonnar is a smart man, keenly aware of that fact.

His last bout having been in November of 2011, Bonnar was resigned to the idea that he may not get another opportunity to set foot in the Octagon again at all, let alone face the most highly regarded fighter on the planet.

“It really came by surprise, honestly,” said Bonnar. “I campaigned for some big fights and I couldn’t get them. So in my head, I was really trying to get over the whole fighting thing.”

That fact, coupled with Bonnar’s overall philosophy towards fighting, could just lead to the perfect storm for an epic upset.

Let’s be real. No one thinks it’s going to happen, but when a fighter has nothing to lose and hasn’t built his career around belts in the first place, it makes you take a step back and think, “It could happen.”

“I was going in there and fighting people and winning and doing my best and, just, it’s a challenge; that’s how I always felt about fighting,” Bonnar said as he summed up his approach to his career. “You just did it for fun, not really for any belts, and now I’m fighting the greatest pound-for-pound guy, who’s been a champion for a long time, and it’s not for a belt.

“And you think if I pull off an upset against Anderson Silva, it’s not going to be as sweet because it’s not for a belt? Hell no! It’s going to be the greatest moment of my life.”

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  • smeagle

    Its gonna be a great fight

  • I’ll be so pissed if Silva losses to Stephen Bonnar. I don’t have a problem with the guy but I really want Silva to retire undefeated in the UFC. It would suck to see him lose to a guy who has never won more than 3 fights in a row and tested positive for boldenone. Yes your first fight with Griffin is considered “epic” but that was just a back and fourth brawl on the finale, not even a display of martial arts. w/e. I don’t want to hate on the guy; War Silva.

    • Drew Nathan

      If he can’t beat a guy who hasn’t won more than 3 fights in a row, then he doesn’t deserve to retire undefeated. If Bonnar is as bad as you say, Silva should smash him and you should enjoy every minute of it. I personally think it will be a one-sided clinic that goes the distance, but I’m cheering heavily for the upset.

    • $26909079

      Don´t worry uncle Dana will keep feeding Silva 2:nd degree fighters and then say ” see i told he is the best ” LOL, Silva will be undefeated in the UFC but only because 90 % of his opponents have been trash and cans

      • So 90% of the world class professional fighters that Silva fought are trash and cans? So what fighters do you respect? Man I can’t stand you fake fans that don’t have any respect for fighters.

        • earlsimmons

          the only fighter that deserves respect is the reem.

        • $26909079

          If you take your head out of his ass you see what I mean. But Silva have balls deep on you so apparently that is a difficult task

          • Intelligent comeback…. insults, opinions and no facts to have uphold a friendly conversation. Done.

  • Manuel Lopez

    its NOT gonna be great, the match is a joke, you re gonna tell me bonnar will do what sonnen, hendo and others could not do. this is a wwe match a joke at fans pockets expense.

    • andyman07

      just don’t watch it and stop crying about it…im tired of all these ppl coming on here and saying they have no interest in such match yet they are reading the articles and commenting on them…if you dont care about the fight then why are you reading articles concerning the fight?

  • John Bunch

    Smart writer…watch the responses to this skyrocket.

  • Hotnickson

    This fight is going to be cake for Silva. The fight is a JOKE. Would have rather watched Weidman vs Silva!

    • I think a lot of people would rather have seen Silva vs. Weidman, but with only 3 weeks of training, Silva told the UFC he could fight, but didn’t think he could comfortably commit to making 185 pounds.

      Plus, I believe Weidman isn’t quite healthy enough yet to step in at UFC 153.

      • Silva is at ten title defenses and 15 consecutive wins and went up in weight three times already, once again a former LHW champ. Nine total fights does not give a guy the right to face the greatest ever. Two more wins does. It shuts the door on it. If there are people who strongly feel your not the #1 contender and say you need to beat two other guys then I think thats what should happen. If your tough enough for Silva take out the other two guys and shut everyone up. I have no problem with Weidman. I actually like the guy. But I’m just being down to earth about this thing.

    • andyman07

      once silva fights weidman and thrashes him you’ll along with all the other ppl wanting this fight will disappear until another promising fighter rises and then you’ll start the bandwagon and want that’s just never enough with you ppl

      • Hotnickson

        Regardless this is just a “give me” fight for Silva. I wish Nick Diaz wasn’t suspended so he could have possibly stepped in for this bout. NOW THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN WORTH WATCHING!

  • Vince

    OH please it’s not a even a decent mismatch. IF bonnar had k.o power in both hands, he would have a punch chance,but he doesn’t even have that!

  • Mismatches are not only bad for business but dangerous. Seriously, the first death in the UFC will result from some absurd mismatch by an increasingly desperate promoter like Dana White.

    • Is there really any match-up you could make in the UFC currently that you think would result in death? Especially considering there is a referee in the cage with them and officials Octagonside.

      • Hotnickson

        Lesnar nearly killed Mir in there 2nd match. Nate crushed Marcus Davis (looked like he was dead). If Silva comes into this match with the same animosity he did against Sonnen in there last fight. I can see possible death for Bonnar!

    • I wouldn’t go that far. I don’t think Silva is going to kill the guy. The refs are some of the best in the sport. I’m sure Herb Dean will be reffing this fight. And Bonnar can take punishment. He’s a tough guy. This is a desperation move either, Anderson stepped up to help out the card.

  • $26909079

    Anderson the can crusher Silva

  • UFCfightblogger

    Bonnar could pull off the upset but its highly unlikely. Even with Anderson Silva taking the fight on short notice, the guy is almost invincible. His skills are unmatched. I just hope Bonnar doesn’t get embarrassed and goes out with some dignity.

  • Conqueror

    Fedor can beat both Silva and Bonnar at the same time with one arm tied behind his back 😉