Is Anderson Silva Still the Best Pound for Pound and the Best Ever?

April 29, 2012
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Anderson Silva at UFC 117
There’s no denying that Jon “Bones” Jones is a great, young, talented fighter with all the potential in the world.

But according to UFC president Dana White, for as great as Jones already is and could one day become, he still has to stand behind middleweight champion Anderson Silva.

“To deny Anderson Silva is the best fighter in the world and probably the best ever, is tough to do right now,” said White.

Hear what else White had to say in this exclusive video:

  • I absolutely agree with Dana White. Most people are quick to be prisoner of the moment and crown the next big thing as being the best ever. Jon Jones is great but call me when he defends his belt 10 times in a row. Anderson has only had one competitive fight in the last 8 years which was to Sonnen and he’s going to demolish Sonnen in the rematch!

    • JimmyB

      @Keldricshannon,….” he’s going to demolish Sonnen in the rematch!” Didn’t you say this the first time around? Didn’t everybody?,……and look what happened. Silva barely pulled it off. We shall see.
      maybe if silva were not a coward, he’d move up and fight a tough 205er instead of only fighting slow people at 205,…instead he wants smaller people(GSP) to move up when infact he’s the one that should be moving up. Coward, afraid to be beat. Bitches about every fight he think’s is giong to be tough.

      • MKE_04

        Wow, what have you contributed to the fight game to be calling world champions bitches? Anderson says in interviews that he’ll fight whoever the UFC puts in front of him. Stop putting words in peoples mouths.Talk shit when we you’re in the same level, you tactless ignorant ****. Next you’ll probably be saying he’s a coward because he won’t fight JDS.

  • b-soc

    Is Anderson Silva Still the Best Pound for Pound and the Best Ever?………….YES! I can’t wait to hear the arguments against this. And don’t even start with the Fedor business. His run was great, but Fedor never fought the best of the best in the UFC and it will forever tarnish his legacy (I don’t even look at those last couple of losses, its not coming to the UFC that did it for me).

    • longtime fan

      Fedor did fight the best of the best in the world during his reign including the ufc best at that time. Then dana bought out pride and took in all those best fighters and then grew and eventually developed more great fighters…. Cuz thats what time does. He cnt get into ufc now cuz dana is mad that fedors managers denied his offer and now fedor is not the best nemore so dana will remain stubborn now that he has a strangle hold on the situation.

      • pooby

        For the people who want to excuse Fedor because he’s “past his prime”….Anderson is older than Fedor, and still dominating as much as Fedor ever did.

        • Lesnardo

          Who cares?

          Fedor was the baddest man on the planet. Anderson was the best P4P.

          Arguments could be made from both sides as to who is better. Anderson would say that he is better because he is more dominant in his weight division and has been fighting in the UFC.

          Fedor would say that 185 is a joke weight class and in a open weight match he could have destroyed anyone.

          Also Anderson is a big 185 who could move up to 205 but refuses to do so. He is still dominant in his weight class because 185 is mostly filled with 205 rejects (Vitor, Chael, and Okami at 205 wouldn’t even be top 10..and they moved down to 185 because they couldn’t hang with the big boys at 205).

          Fedor is a small HW and has fought the best in the world for 10 years. But he is no longer dominant against the new HWs.

          • AdamBianski

            i think fedor is the best in a ring. but in a cage, as “big foot” did, bigger guys can pen him against the cage. i always thought in his prime with UFC rules randy would have beat fedor, yet in a ring where randy would be forced to fight, fedor would murder him.

          • AdamBianski

            I have never agreed with yet hated someon as I do you. You sound like an arrogant prick yet, you agree with me, at the same time you make fun of me. Oh well i guess you can continue to stand on my shoulders and clean up my arguments. I guess I will make the point and you can agree with me using proper english and claim the argument to be your thoughts.

    • I wouldn’t call someone who repeatedly struggles with good wrestlers a PFP king. The king should have no troubles dominating fighters of any style. GSP is #1, Jones is #2.

      • AdamBianski

        I think GSP is getting lost in all of this. I actually would also put him at numero uno.

      • KBEsq

        Silva hasn’t “repeatedly” struggled with wrestlers. He struggled one time. Watch all of Silva’s fights. Guys try to take him down a lot. He has one of the best sprawls in MMA, and people just don’t mention it.

        You’re basically arguing that Silva shouldn’t be P4P because of bad performance. The same could be said of GSP, only GSP lost his bad performance fight.

  • maddawgmar

    The PVP best fighter right now? Yes, I’ll do you one better, St. Pierre is number 2. Jones shouldn’t be in consideration for 1 or 2 til one of these guys either retire or lose. Now Silva the best ever, that’s a bit premature. We’ll see how his career ends up. The best ever should be measured by their entire career not in the middle of it. And for the Fedor part, he absolutely should be considered in this discussion for all time. He beat the best in the world for many years. Just because he is pulling an Ali and fighting longer than he should, doesn’t mean he wasn’t great. Take Tiger Woods for example, he was billed as going to go down as the best golfer ever, but if he doesn’t beat Nicklaus’ record, then? But until GSP or Silva lose they are 1 and 2 right now.

    • AdamBianski

      What happens after Jones beats Dan. Then can we say he is better then Anderson. Because at that point he has pretty much cleard out the division. I still think the super fight should be GSP and Anderson.

  • longtime fan

    People are quick to be prisoner of the momemt? Thats hilarious considering thats what you and everyone else did to crown silva best ever. Silva is not and never has been best ever. Dana white did a great job convincing people of anything he wants really. Hes even convincing ppl that fedor sucks! Really! U can argue hes washed up but u cannot really think he sucks… And ppl believe that!, but anderson silva has been part of the weakest division since hes been in the ufc. Hes been fed nobodys minus a few when he actually does fight and his losses come from nobodys. Im not saying jbj is the best ever yet but hes certainly doing what silva didnt already

  • AdamBianski

    Yes Anderson is a great fighter but he fights in such a week division. GSP on the other hand dominates everyone he fights in a very strong division, same with Jones. I just have a hard time saying Anderson is better then either one of these guys when every fight he has is against a guy who will be on the undercard soon after the fight. Anderson is a poster boy, if Dana really wanted to challenge him he would force Dan or Rashad to drop.

    • Lesnardo

      Or force him to move up and fight top LHWs.


  • lycan

    Look I agree with Dana 100 percent that Anderson is still the best pound for pound fighter , but the only actually good middle weight he fought was cheal sonnen like adambianki above me , I also think the mw division is week , to me if he fights munoz and stan he’s secured his spot , its just look at the tare jbj has been on he beat the top for lw below him , and if he gets through hendo who else is there gustafsson ?

    • Lesnardo

      MW is full of LHW rejects. Chael, Okami, Vitor, Stann, and Munoz can’t hang with Shogun, Lyoto, Rashad, let alone Jones.

      I mean, the greatest MMA fighter would be Fedor.

      The best P4P would be Anderson.

      But both of those titles could be taken away by JBJ.

  • The mw division is not weak, Silva’s so good that he makes it seem like it is. Are Rich Franklin, Dan Henderson, Yushin Okami, Nate Marquardt, Vitor Belfort and Chael Sonnen(who was on steroids in that fight with Silva and still lost) weak competition? He beat all these guys and more while they were in there prime. JBJ only has two quality title wins because Rampage is basically just a boxer in a very advanced sport which has pasted him by.

    • pooby

      Exactly! Forrest was considered good too, before he was humiliated by Silva. Silva hasn’t held onto his belt by squeeking out decisions against nobodies. He has consistently demolished very good fighters. His fights against true B fighers (Irvin) were jokes. Fedor is great as well, so I won’t begrudge anyone for thinking he deserves the title, but in my mind it’s Anderson.

      • AdamBianski

        it is the weekest division in the sport period. what did rich, chael, or, boetsch (i cant spell) do lhw all got decimated. that is why they dropped.

        • AdamBianski

          oh yeah i forgot about vitor and Wanderlei as well, that pretty much sums up the top of the division. I still say anderson, gsp, and jon jones are at a different level. Maybe the three greates of all time.

          • Lesnardo

            Like I said above and been saying for the last 5 years, MW division is a division full of 205 rejects.

            Vitor, Wandy, Chael, Stann CANNOT hang with big boys at LHW. And they all MOVED DOWN to MW.

  • sb

    Not a pro UFC fighter but I train with them and when asking them about their thoughts on Silva they all put him in a class all his own. He’s referred to as the Freak. I mean a front kick KO to the face of Vitor should seal that up. Holy Crap! Next subject.

    • AdamBianski

      so lloyota is also the greatest because he front kicked a washed up former champ like silva did.

      • TKD

        What an ignorant & uneducated comment. Welcome to MMA, AdamBianski.

        • AdamBianski

          me or him i just repeated his argument. guess you didn’t understand that.

        • AdamBianski

          hey tkd i dont want to be that guy but the def. of ignorant is to be uneducated. so calling someone ignorant and uneducated is like calling someone fat and obese, or saying he is deaf and he cant hear. but im sure, you being very educated already knew that.

  • Towers66

    Anderson Silva is p4p the best fighter in the world. I disagree with his competition being weak. I think he has been tested in many areas and prevailed. He beat the wrestlers, BJJ aces, well-rounded fighters, heavy hitters, granite chin fighters, judo fighters and boxers. Vitor KO, Sonnen Sub, Okami KO, Franklin KO x2, Leben KO, Griffin at 205 KO, Hendo KO and he beat Maia. I feel his competion was and is still pretty decent. Off the subject of p4p….he is so damn entertaining to watch perform.

    • Lesnardo

      I agree. Pretty much you can’t say that his competition has been weak. Smaller guys don’t get HW attractions. A top 10 guy at HW gets paid more than a top 3 guy at LW. And the name recognition isn’t great at lower weight classes.

      I think fans are asking for this: Anderson should move up to 205 and fight Shogun/Lyoto/Rashad. I am not gonna ask him to fight Jones because Jones would kill him. But Shogun or Rashad would be game.

    • KBEsq

      Totally agree with you. There’s a perception that the MW Div. is weak because the MW Div. does not have fighters like Kos/Alves/Fitch, who dominate all the other fighters in their division, but cannot beat the champion, GSP. Because of those kinds of fighters, there is a false perception of a hierarchy that makes GSP look more dominant than he is.

      By the same token, because the MW div. does not have guys who dominate everyone BUT Silva, it makes Silva appear weaker than he is. The reality is that just because the other guys in the MW Div. beat each other inconsistently, that doesn’t mean they are any less talented than fighters like Koscheck/Fitch/Alves. In fact, I would argue that means the MW Div. has more depth and talent. It just appears as if it does not. All the divisions (except MW) have fighters like that: guys who make the champion look tougher than he is because they can beat all the other fighters in that div. but cannot beat the champ. It’s all a false perception.

  • Towers66

    Hendo submission…oops. 🙂

  • The LHW division isn’t strong at all. JBJ has only been champ for a year and there’s no more challenges after Hendo besides maybe Gustaffason. And if you think that the LHW division is so tough, I guarantee you that Anderson would be favored to beat and go on beat everyone in the LHW division. Silva would easily walk through Bader, Shogun, Rampage, and Rashad. Also, JBJ even said that he doesn’t want to fight Silva, because he knows what will happen if he does!

  • adam1848

    The argument is mostly subjective and good points have already been made, so all I will add, is that when Anderson finishes sizing up his opponent and opens up around 2 or 3 minutes into the fight and simply takes control, the fluidity, grace, and utter destruction he is able to unleash is like nothing else I have ever seen in MMA.

    • TandmWarElephant

      I actually agree with you… I can’t say I’m a Silva fan at all, (he beats all the guys that I want him to lose too), but he is the most composed fighter I’ve seen.. The way I see it Jon Jones is a beast i cannot lie however, He reminds me of Faber back in the WEC days when he was beating everyone because of his raw style, he was so unpredictable and thats what made him unbeatable, thats how i see Jon Jones, he is creative and crazy and people don’t know how to handle it. Even with Lyoto when he first burst onto the seen his karate style was throwing people off a bunch too but Anderson Silva, has had plenty of time for fighters to get his number and know how to beat him.. but no one has, there’s two things that happens when fighting silva, you don’t engage and he starts making fun of you or you engage CATCH him and then he puts the smack down, if you notice Okami, Belfort, and Franklin, from what I can remember, all caught silva with a punch or two and it then silva went onto the offensive and made them pay. I still don’t like him and I want him to lose but you can’t deny that Silva is on another level, Jon Jones has ALL the advantages to beating Silva but I couldn’t imagine Jones winning, and GSP well if he was taller I’d love to see him pay Silva a visit, I see GSP’s wrestling being key if they ever fought don’t see it happening though :/

  • Booker T

    Lets go then Dana and put together a Silva vs Jones fight. I’m tired of reading about all these idiot morons who think Silva will kick Jones’ but. Lets get this fight made now!!!! Come on!!!!!!!!

  • AdamBianski

    Last time I am getting on this page all I want to say is GSP, Anderson, and JBJ are all at a different level then everyone in their weight class. I don’t think anyone should be forced to move to a weight they are not comfortable fighting at (see Brandon Vera). So what I will sum this up with is they are all great and if they were all 6’4″ with and 82″ reach the fights would proly be stailmates. The truth is Jones is the biggest so I imagine he would win and I imagine Silva would beat GSP. If you don’t think size matters then you have never watched the UFC in the early days. Remember when Mark Coleman burst on the scene. Please don’t bring up Royce while the Gracies ran the UFC all of the fighters were hand picked to prove BJJ was great, if you don’t believe me watch 1-4 then watch five big differance in the quality of fighters. Yes I know he beat Dan who won five, pretty sure the Dan that fought at five would murder Royce.

  • natpaukar7

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  • juniorbra

    The guy is the F…… Number 1 and that’s it !!!!! I don’t doubt it !!! He’s going to demolish stupid cheater Sonnen. Jon Jones he is the next Silva. Nobody is going to stop him too…. Please GSP don’t even get close to this two guys..