Is Anderson Silva Close to Retirement? (Video)

November 20, 2012
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Anderson Silva isn’t a young man anymore, but even at 37-years of age he’s still the most dominant fighter the UFC has ever known.

Currently the UFC middleweight champion has two fights remaining on his UFC contract, but is he ready to walk away from the sport after those bouts take place or is he looking to re-up to a new deal?

Silva met with UFC President Dana White last weekend at UFC 154 to discuss that very topic. White would obviously love to keep the most dominant fighter in the company’s history around for as long as he could, but the fact is Silva has a family at home in Brazil, a boatload of money already in the bank, and he could walk away from fighting tomorrow and still be considered the greatest fighter the sport has ever seen.

Before meeting with White, Silva spoke to about the possibility of retirement where he says first things first, he wants a super fight against Georges St-Pierre, and then maybe another defense of his middleweight title.

The only thing Anderson Silva knows for sure about the end of his career is that it will be in the UFC and nowhere else

Check out what Anderson had to say about the end of his MMA career?

  • Aaron

    In order to keep Silva around Dana White has decided to do tag team matches. Next up, Silva and GSP vs Sonnon and Lesnar. Both Silva and Lesnar will come out of retirement for what is being hailed as the super duper fight of the century.

  • Johnny Lopes

    its weidman… not widel you tard

  • dgs

    If he leaves the sport without fighting Jon Jones at 205 lbs, that will be a huge loss to the sport of MMA. That is currently the most intriguing fight in MMA.

    Why anyone would want to watch him fight a much smaller GSP is beyond me. Also, we all know GSP will continuously try to get the fight to the ground, and that would make for a boring fight (as are most of GSP fights post his Matt Serra KO). Jon Jones would stand and bang with Silva, and that makes for an exciting fight.

    • Kenny Powers

      I highly doubt Jon jones would stand and bang with Anderson, I think he’s smarter than that, but I agree it would be more exciting than GSP.

    • Lucas Freire

      Well,I’m sorry for being the one to burst your bubble,but I gotta say Jon Jones would NEVER stand against Anderson. Of course he’s improving his striking game,but the way he imposes himself standing isn’t due to his technique,but to his grotesque structure. Against someone like AS he would wrestle and bring the fight down in no time,not only because he wouldn’t be able to trade with AS,but also because,Jon Jones is a much bigger,stronger and better wrestler than Chael Sonnen,

  • asdsadf

    Well Anderson said he’s willing to fight either GSP or Jones. But he makes it no secret that he would rather fight GSP… given a choice. I want to see Chael Sonnen fight JBJ first though.

  • Alexandre

    what about Roy Jones jr. boxe match?