Invicta’s Livia Renata Souza: ‘She Can Expect the Most Violent Minutes of Her Career’

April 23, 2015
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Having built a successful career in her native Brazil over the past two years, strawweight Livia Renata Souza has set her eyes on making a splash in America in 2015.

And what kind of impact would be greater than coming to Invicta FC and capturing the promotion’s 115-pound title in her first bout with the company.

“I was born ready,” Souza told “In my life, I’ve been waiting for a great opportunity like this. Certainly I want the American fans to know me and I hope they enjoy my game. I’m sure they will become fans of my style.”

As for her style, Souza does not feel that one thing defines her, but rather the sum of the parts she puts into it.

“I do not have a defined style,” said Souza. “I always try to be smart and look for mistakes of my opponent then profit from them in the best way. You can see in my last fights I neutralized the strengths of my adversaries and quickly finished the fights.”

Souza (7-0) will have a very tough task ahead of her when she challenges for the Invicta strawweight title on Friday in Kansas City against incumbent champion Katja Kankaanpaa (10-1-1).

“I respect (she) is the champion, but this connection will only last until the cage closes. After we touch gloves, she can expect the worst and most violent minutes or seconds of all her career,” Souza said of Kankaanpaa.

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“It’s a different fight, being my international debut and for the belt of a very renowned organization, but all my career, victory and belts have accompanied me in this journey, so I have no doubt that I will bring the belt to my country.”

Not only is winning the Invicta title important for Souza, but also establishing herself at the top of the 115-pound division and having the fans believe in her is a major goal as well.

“I want to hold a Top 5 ranking in the world for my weight and have the female MMA fans around the world associate my name to a winning image,” said Souza.

“I would like to thank Invicta, Julie (Kedzie) and Shannon (Knapp) for their confidence, and I will not disappoint them. I’ll make it worth it for all who attended. Brazilian fans bring your flags and together be stronger.”

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