Invicta FC Champ Cris Cyborg Crushes Jennifer Colomb in Lion Fight 11 Muay Thai Bout

September 21, 2013
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Cris Cyborg SantosRecognized as one of the top female fighters on the planet for her exploits in mixed martial arts, Invicta FC featherweight champion Cris “Cyborg” Justino on Friday night stepped into the Lion Fight ring to put her pure Muay Thai skills on display.

Fighting at the Freemont Street Experience in Las Vegas at Lion Fight 11, Cyborg stepped into the ring with a single professional Muay Thai fight on her record. She squared up against French champion Jennifer Colomb, who entered the fight 10-0 with all 10 victories coming by way of knockout.

The fight was utter domination by Cyborg.

As she often does in MMA, Cyborg stormed her opponent with aggression, letting Colomb immediately feel the power in her punches and the relentlessness of her attacks.

Cyborg only increased her pace as the fight wore on, mixing in a wide variety of punches, kicks, knees, and elbows. As Cyborg began landing kicks high and low in the second round, Colomb had no answer. She looked confused and hesitant.

Cyborg took full advantage, adding insult to injury with an ever-wider array of attacks, landing a spinning hook kick and then driving Colomb into the corner with a front push kick before mauling her with punch combinations.

The end couldn’t have come soon enough for Colomb. And it did come, mercifully, at the 54-second mark of the third round, when Cyborg folded her over with a crushing right hand to Colomb’s ribs. The referee immediately stepped in and waved off the fight.

It was an impressive performance and could lead to future Muay Thai exploits for the Invicta champ.

“Hey why not? I train every day,” said Cyborg when asked if she would fight Muay Thai again. “If it’s for a belt for sure I come back.”

Her next fight, however, will be in a cage.

“I think November; I fight MMA for Invicta,” Cyborg said about her next fight.

She will be fighting for Invicta in her next bout, but Invicta is targeting a Dec. 7 date for it’s next event, not November.

Cyborg is now 2-0 in Muay Thai and 12-1 with 1 no contest in MMA.

The Lion Fight 11 main event featured Brazilian superstar Cosmo Alexandre vs. two-time WMC Champion and Rajadamnern Stadium Champion Nampon.

Despite taking the past couple years to focus on MMA, Alexandre quickly found his way back into the Muay Thai flow. He consistently overpowered Nampon throughout the fight, frequently tripping and tossing him to the canvas, and staying much busier.

Alexandre won a unanimous decision. All three judges scored the fight 50-45 in the Brazilian’s favor.

Tetsuya Yamato won and epic battle with Kevin Ross. The two battled back and forth for the duration of their five-round co-main event fight with Yamato winning a split decision (48-47, 47-48, 48-47).

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  • Oswald Cobblepott

    A crime, to let somone on that level of roids compete!

    • MANNY

      she’s been off roids since her suspension.

      • Rob

        Because you know her SOOOOO well right?

      • Maddawgmar

        You must be in her training camp. Because how can you possibly know that? She has been on roids for years without getting caught, what’s to say she isn’t stopping early enough to get away with it?

        • #1mmafan.

          How do we know you’re not on roids? I think you are. Hemorrhoids. Cause you’re a pain in the ass!!!

      • TheCerealKiller

        Yeah, and Barnett isn’t on roids either.

      • Lisa Magnooty

        with all due respect to you, i don’t think there’s a chance in h*ll that cyborg hasn’t been juicing almost her entire career, including the last coenen fight!


    The UFC dropped the ball on letting her fight elsewhere. I’ve got no interest in women’s MMA, but a fight between her and Rousey would be one I’d tune in for.

    • TheCerealKiller

      She said she can’t make 135. That’s the only weight class the UFC has for women right now.

      • Lisa Magnooty

        cyborg said she couldn’t make 135, and it was a complete lie! She always knew she could make 135, and 6 months after her and her lying ass manager tito ortiz left the UFC, the truth came out!

        The reason the lying ass cheater cyborg didn’t fight rousey – well the truthful official reason, was because cyborg wouldn’t get co-equal top billing and money for the fight! It had nothing to with weight, and never did have anything to do with weight!

        But IMO the real reason both of these liars (cyborg and ortiz) walked away from that fight was at 135 cyborg can’t juice without it hurting her as much as it would help her! It would force her to fight clean, and both cyborg and ortiz know that if cyborg had to fight clean ronda would beat the hell out of cyborg, and break cyborg’s arm to boot! That is the reason i really think those two liars (cyborg and ortiz) walked away from that fight, and from the UFC!

        So cris lying cheating cyborg, go fight little muay thai fight, where the testing isn’t anywhere near as tough as it would be in the ufc, and the chance for a cheater to get caught juicing is practically nil. Go maul other fighter who aren’t juicing, and continue to pretend that you’ve done al, you’ve accomplished on your own. But you, i, your manager, and the entire mma world know that’s a bold-faced lie!

        And while you’re at it, keep avoiding that fight with ronda rousey, because she would wreck your lie, your reputation, and your arm in no time!

        • Amadues

          Stop licking Ronda’s ass. Maybe then you could be a little bit objective.

  • KungFuPanda

    Ok she won, crushing her opponent as usual, but the real question is…did she pass the wiz quiz? Let’s not go giving her the W yet until we can confirm she didn’t have the testosterone level of a 6 ft 5in navy seal.