Invicta FC 11 Results: Cyborg Keeps Hopes of Rousey Fight Alive, Crushes Tweet

February 28, 2015
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Even though she had a title defense in the offing on Friday night, the lead-up to Cris “Cyborg” Justino’s fight with Charmaine Tweet constantly circled back to her rivalry with UFC women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey and whether or not the two would ever fight.

Rousey has to defend against Cat Zingano at UFC 184 on Saturday night, but Cyborg kept her side of the hopes for a fight with Rousey alive with an face-breaking performance against Tweet.

Cris CyborgAlthough she had been out of the cage for nearly a year and a half, Cyborg showed no signs of ring rust. She immediately rushed Tweet, landing a flurry of punches. A right hand sent Tweet crashing to the canvas, but Cyborg continued her onslaught, landing a few well-placed punches, but couldn’t find the finishing blow and forced Tweet to return to her feet.

It proved to be the perfect move for Cyborg as she unleashed another flurry of punches. Tweet’s nose was obviously busted up, gushing blood, as she doubled over and backed into the cage. Referee Herb Dean had seen enough and stopped the fight.

In a mere 46 seconds, Cyborg once again showed why we all want to see her get down to 135 pounds and fight Rousey. For her part, Cyborg sounds as if she’s still going to try and get down to bantamweight in order to make the fight happen.

“I am so happy to come back a champion. Maybe someday I’ll be in UFC soon,” she said.

“My team and me train hard for this. I would try my best; I would try 100-percent to make 135.”

Alexa GrassoStrawweight Alexa Grasso earlier this week said that she wants to emulate Rousey. She wasn’t able to pull off a Rousey-like finish, but she definitely showed a well-rounded arsenal in her fight with Mizuki Inoue.

It was a strong performance from both fighters, but Grasso was the more aggressive and more effective fighter throughout, earning a unanimous nod from the judges.

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Inoue was also aggressive, consistently pushing forward and putting pressure on Grasso throughout the three rounds. Grasso’s striking was much more abundant and powerful than Inoue’s, plus, when Inoue put Grasso on the mat, which she did several times, Grasso found a way to turn the fight to her advantage.

The victory doesn’t quite put her in Rousey territory, but Grasso is now 7-0 and looking for a shot at Invicta FC strawweight champion Katja Kankaanpää.

“If Invicta lets me, I would like to fight for a title,” said Grasso after the fight. “If I can, I would be so, so glad.”

In earlier action, DeAnna Bennett won a unanimous decision over late replacement Norma Rueda Center, while Irene Aldana submitted Colleen Schneider, who was also took the fight on short notice.

Invicta FC 11: Cyborg vs. Tweet Results

Cris “Cyborg” Justino (12-1, 1 NC) vs. Charmaine Tweet (6-4)
Alexa Grasso def. Mizuki Inoue via unanimous decision (30-26, 29-28, 29-28)
DeAnna Bennett def. Norma Rueda Center via unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)
Irene Aldana def. Colleen Schneider via submission (rear-naked choke) at 1:05, R1
Jamie Moyle def. J.J. Aldrich via submission (rear-naked choke) at 2:20, R1
Amy Montenegro def. Brianna Van Buren via unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)
Christine Stanley def. Laura Salazar via TKO at 2:59, R1
Aspen Ladd def. Ana Carolina via TKO at 4:21, R1

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  • Car95321

    The real p4p female fighter wonder how long dana white can keep cyborg away from Ronda seems like he’s more concerned with looks then real talent

    • Sadstrangelittleman

      Yeah…. Ok…… I’m sure it’s all Dana that’s keeping her out of the UFC and not her desire to kickboxing in addition to MMA plus other factors for both sides. I’m not a UFC flag waver not am I anti Cyborg but I think both sides have been to blame for there not being a deal. As for the looks comment….. You’re grasping at straws and just trying to use the “Cyborg looks like a man” hate to justify why she isn’t in the UFC.

    • Groinstrike

      She’s on steroids. She’s not p4p anything. She isn’t even a female anymore

  • Car95321

    Well the ufc makes super fights all the time they bring a boxer over to prove a point and now they bring a wwf actor over to experience a dream of his but your telling me they can’t put a fight together against cyborg and rousey because of a few pounds ronda is the ufc poster girl and there going to try and keep it that way period

    • Neil

      As often gets pointed out, Cyborg LEFT the UFC instead of staying on, so she took steps herself to make it harder to get this fight.

      Although I do agree, there’s probably a little bit of trepidation about how this fight would go, so Dana & the UFC are probably more than happy to just sit back and let Cyborg do all the talking while Rousey keeps collecting wins (legit wins I’d say, I don’t think she’s a paper champ at all) and improving her boxing, just in case it ever happens.

  • brad king

    Dana better keep his cupcake champion away from this gal cause she swings for real. RR as champ makes me aND millions laugh

    • Groinstrike

      She’s not a real champion. She’s on steroids. She’s already been caught before, and she hasn’t stopped.

  • Ryan

    Even if Ronda won at 135 shes too brain dead to realize the win doesn’t mean as much for her by forcing Cyborg to come down to an unhealthy weight to fight her. It’s like asking someone to fight with one arm tied behind there back then saying your the better fighter after you win. Look at how sucked out and depleted Cyborg looks when she cuts to 145 let alone another 10 pounds! Let me just say also I am actually enjoying Rondas career and I would like her a whole lot more if she would just show Cyborg some freakin respect. That’s pretty much the only knock on her.

    • SixToedPete

      I agree. After cutting to 145 lbs, Cris Cyborg rehydrated more than 15 lbs to be in the low 160’s at fight time. Make the Super Fight for Cris Cyborg’s 145 lb Invicta FC Belt. Invicta FC and the UFC have a strong working relationship so they can easily do this. Ronda can keep her 135 belt. True MMA fans don’t want to see an emaciated Cris Cyborg fight Ronda Rousey at 135 lbs. They want to watch these two great athletes battle at their best which is 145 lbs, the natural weight class for both women.

      • Groinstrike

        Yeah Yeah real impressive for a woman on such much steroids she looks like a man beating up women. Also if 145 is both women’s natural weight why an Ronda make 135 and cyborg can’t? Oh yeah because One is pumped up on steroids, and the other isn’t.

        • SixToedPete

          Cris Cyborg failed one drug test almost four years ago. She has passed every drug test since. What you stated is simply a lie.

    • Zach Larson

      that’s not a she! how is it fair to ask her to go up and fight a man? if he wants respect he should fight guys! end of story.

  • Bugster

    Whoever gave the Grasso 30-26 should never judge again. That is just plain awful.

    • SixToedPete

      I agree that was a terrible judge.

  • DamianCross

    And now to wait for the post-fight drug test results.

    • Sadstrangelittleman


  • LegalHispanic

    Thats one ugly She-Male…..Rousey is gonna need an elephant gun to take Him-Her out….

    • Sadstrangelittleman

      Didn’t know that it was the Invicta Annual Beauty Pageant….. Grow up

      • LegalHispanic

        Ha..ha…ha….Rousey does it again…enjoy your she-male…

  • Lickity Prickit

    What’s up with that fugly beotche’s armpit?

  • taylor2008

    Then Cyborg needs to get off the juice and fight naturally.

  • Zach Larson

    that,s not a she! that’s a dude who cut off his junk and got hormone injections! Hey! All guys who can’t make it fighting dudes here’s a route for you! granted a drastic one lmao.

  • don the great

    get on down to 135 so rousey can wodd you up like aluminum foil