Invicta Building for the Future, With or Without Cris Cyborg

May 2, 2015
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On April 23, Invicta FC held its most recent show, featuring a lot of up-and-coming talent, as well as a title change in the evening’s main event.

Looking back on Invicta 12, promotional president Shannon Knapp gave her views on the event and the standout performances by some of the international talent. And after a solid event, Knapp has her eyes set on the company’s upcoming Las Vegas debut on July 10. Firstly, Shannon, give us your overall thoughts on Invicta 12.

Shannon Knapp: I thought the show was very entertaining. I think that if a lot of people weren’t aware of some of the athletes, who had no background on them or had not seen them compete before, if they watched this show, they weren’t going to forget it. The fights for the most part were very competitive and fast-paced. There were some upsets, which always makes for an interesting night. What do you think of Livia Renata Souza winning the 115-pound title from Katja Kankaanpaa and having her as a new champion with the promotion?

Shannon Knapp: She was undefeated, and while we watched a lot of footage on her, you never know (how they will perform) until they get in there. The match-up itself was anyone’s guess who was going to win. I couldn’t have told you who was going to win that fight. It was an exciting surprise when she got the submission. She’s really entertaining. As you mentioned earlier, there was a lot of newer talent on the show. How important is it for Invicta to continue to bring in fresh faces for events?

Shannon Knapp: I think it’s great when we can bring in athletes and they can get that exposure. It’s not very often that we have a show that we don’t bring new talent in. Look at Alexa Grasso from Mexico; nobody knew who she was, but after one event she’s on the radar. So I think it’s important to continue to develop new talent and fill these divisions out. Invicta is set to return on July 10 for the company’s first ever show in Las Vegas. How are things coming along for that event?

Shannon Knapp: Since we kicked it back in gear in September of last year, we’ve been going at it about every other month, so this is actually a little bit more of a break than we’ve had in a while. Right now we’re in the process of getting our promoter’s license out there. We have a venue, a location, a date and are building a card. The pieces are coming together.

Cris Cyborg Santos 029 Currently, promotional 145-pound champion Cris “Cyborg” Justino is scheduled to headline the July 10 event. With all that’s been going on between her and UFC 135-pound champion Ronda Rousey, is there any uncertainty of Justino’s future with Invicta?

Shannon Knapp: I want the best for her. Whatever the best is, I’m all for it. She’s signed with the UFC and she competes here, so it’s not like I’m going to be blindsided by anything that’s coming. I’m aware of it. It’s her goal, the UFC’s goal, and my goal to help her to get to that next step and compete against Ronda. I made the decision a long time ago to not build the promotion around one athlete, so I’m always prepared for anything that happens.

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    Cyborg is a boor and should fade away

  • KJK

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