Initial Ratings Back for UFC on Fox Debut

November 13, 2011
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dos Santos vs Velasquez

The first ever UFC event on Fox went down in Anaheim, Calif. last night and on Sunday the initial ratings for the event came back.

The initial ratings for the event totalled out at 4.64 million viewers for the one hour show according to TV ratings website

These numbers are early estimates and may change once more data is available on Monday.

To put this in perspective for Saturday night in regards to other shows airing at the same time, the UFC pulling in 4.64 million viewers came in third overall in the ‘big four’ networks airing programming.

The college football game between Stanford and Oregon pulled in 7.11 million viewers during their broadcast in the 9pm ET hour, while CBS show ‘NCIS’ raked in 5.5 million viewers.

What’s interesting to note however is the fact that the UFC show matched the Stanford/Oregon game in share within the coveted 18-49 demographic with a 7 share and almost identical ratings.

The downside based on this initial broadcast is the fact that the UFC show did not topple the record set by the first ever broadcast of a major MMA fight on network TV. The Elite XC fight between former street fighter Kimbo Slice and James Thompson pulled in about 6.51 million viewers at the peak of their broadcast.

Does this mean that the first ever UFC event on network TV will be viewed as a success or a failure?

Well, these ratings are an early result and may fluctuate based in final numbers reported on Monday, although it’s unlike they will shift with huge differences, especially in terms of millions of viewers.

The UFC on Fox broadcast was also a kick-off to a relationship that actually brands itself in Jan 2012 with 4 more live fight cards on Fox next year.

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  • its sad – if GSP had been on the card they would have had 10million plus ratings

  • dutchshultz

    Those ratings suck UFC did not even beat the CBS strikeforce card with fedor

  • Imalwaysright

    As long as its a one fight card show im not wasting my time, give the fans what they know the UFC for or get used to low ratings

  • I think a full card would have pulled much stronger ratings because it would have given them a chance to build an audience. Last nights show was good but most (90%) of it was promo and intro material. Casual channel flippers or people who decided to give this “MMA stuff” a try likely tuned in for a bit and passed on by. Even as a hardcore fan I found myself growing impatient. All that behind the scenes stuff is great and it helps connect people emotionally with the fighters buuuuuut that’s what the “Primetime” shows are for. When it’s fight time they need to air the fights and let the product sell itself.

    I think the next FOX event will have 4 or 5 fights and it will pull much higher numbers.