In His Mid-30s, Luke Harris Knows It’s Now or Never

October 10, 2014
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It’s been quite a ride for Canadian middleweight Luke Harris since his last win over Jason Zentgraf at MFC 37 in May of last year.

Since then he’s participated in The Ultimate Fighter, and following his elimination, has focused his efforts on his school.

“I’ve been featured on The Ultimate Fighter Nations: Canada vs. Australia, but unfortunately that didn’t go so well because I ended up losing my fight there, but overall it was a great experience,” Harris told “Other than that I’ve just been training.

“I run the Hayabusa Training Center and I’ve been coaching about 25 fighters at the gym, and we’ve had some fighters who have picked up some wins lately, so things are going well.”

Looking back on his time in TUF, Harris acknowledges just how difficult it can be to participate on the show.

“You kind of hear what it’s like, but it’s different,” said Harris. “It’s seven weeks with no communication with anyone, and you’re training every day, so you kind of over-train and stuff, but for me, I found the biggest challenge to be keeping my weight down.

“I normally walk around at 220 (pounds), and I fight at middleweight, so on the show I had to walk around at 195, which is completely unnatural for me. It’s probably okay if you fight early, but my fight was the last one and I was starving myself for seven weeks straight.”

Harris (10-2) will return to fighting on Saturday in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, as part of the World Series of Fighting 14 against fellow veteran Jared Hamman (13-6) in what could be a 185-pound title eliminator.

“He’s obviously a tough opponent and it’s a great test for me,” Harris said of Hamman. “He’s fought a lot of good guys in the UFC over the last several years. Stylistically, I think it’s a good match-up for me, and I’ve just got to make sure I’m at the top of my game on Oct. 11.”

As an older fighter, Harris, 37, knows now is better than later if he’s going to make a push for something more in MMA. Having said that, Harris is also aware he can’t leap before he looks.

“To me, the most important fight is the one right in front of you,” said Harris. “But Jared’s a big name so I feel this could really propel my career.

“I’m in my mid-30’s, so it’s no secret that it’s getting a little later in my career, and I believe he’s the same way, so we’re both looking for that win. I want big fights and big names, and this is that type of fight, so I’m excited.”

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