In Deep with The Count: Michael Bisping on Mark Munoz, Anderson Silva, TRT and More

August 25, 2013
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UFC-on-Fox-2-workouts-Michael-Bisping-096Since debuting as a contestant on The Ultimate Fighter Season 3 in 2006, Manchester, England’s Michael “The Count” Bisping has managed one of the longest continuous runs in the UFC’s almost 20-year history.

Debuting as a light heavyweight, Bisping has been a staple in the middleweight division since making the switch in late-2007.  Over his lengthy tenure as the resident “brash Brit,” Bisping has fought a who’s who list of UFC stalwarts, and become one of the most controversial, and yet at the same time, fan-friendly fighters of the last decade.

In this interview with staff writer Ryan McKinnell, Bisping goes in-depth on his UFC career, his legacy, not getting to fight Anderson Silva, and much more.

Bisping also breaks down his upcoming match with Mark Munoz on Oct. 26 in his home country of England — a home that he hasn’t seen him compete on their shores in over three years.

Bisping talks about his return to the U.K., his thoughts on TRT and Vitor Belfort, as well as chiming in on the business of professional wrestling, a business that his two close friends and former training partners Quinton “Rampage” Jackson and Tito Ortiz have recently made a foray into.

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  • lowlb

    Classy fighter and I like what he said about Chael and trt. Chael and trt sucks.

    • what..

      wait…classy??? You’re talking about the same guy who spit on Rivera’s corner men after delivering an intentional knee to a downed opponent? The same coach who didn’t show up for his guy’s fight on TUF cause he was out hammered the night before? The same guy who after the judges gave him the fight in England jumped on the cage and told Hamill to “go back to wrestling”. The guy who squirted water in the wrong guy’s face for “making a racist comment”. The same guy who complains about every decision loss he’s ever had? If Bisping is classy then I’d like to know what your definition of classy is. I don’t mind trash talking…but Bisping is the guy who talks more trash then anyone, and if anyone says anything to him he starts bitching about how they crossed the line. The guy is a talented fighter, but he’s yet to beat a top 10 opponent in his career…has lost every number 1 contender fight he’s had, and constantly bitches about how he deserves a title shot.

      • Wolf Ticket

        I think his lowest point was when he bet with Maybeh Miller, that his guy in TUF – Diego Brandao, would beat Mayhem’s guy. And he did it in front of these fighters, so Mayhem had no chance, but to accept the bet, so his guy doesn’t feel bad, even if it was obvious Brandao is a heavy favorite. That was probably the douchiest move I have seen in TUF history.

        Also, he was saying to one of Mayhems assistant coaches to shut up, because he (Bisping) earns much more money than this guy, so this other guy is not important enough.

        If anyone considers Bisping a classy guy, he simply doesn’t know anything about him.

        • yeah

          yeah his retort to a coach telling him how classless he was, was “and I make a lot more money than you a**hole”. he was also pointing and laughing at Mayhem’s guys when they lost a fight, or when his fighters won against Henderson’s guys he’d shout out “didn’t think this would be so easy”. The guy has ZERO class.

          • Ksmma

            Watching Hendo deliver that flying bomb to a stiffed bisping was my favorite moment in UFC history.

          • deepgrim

            yes that was pretty rememorable alright

      • lowlb

        I got told. I haven’t watched any of the tuff stuff. That certainly doesn’t sound classy. I’ll shut up now. Oh but Chael still sucks and Bisping almost beat him when his (Chael’s) trt was regulated.

  • TheCerealKiller

    Ha, you’re never “side by side” with Anderson! He beat everyone they put in front of him, including three of the five guys that beat you. Munoz is your next chance to actually beat a top ranked fighter, something you have yet to do.

    • don’t worry about the spider anymore, he doesn’t have the belt

  • Guest

    “In Depth with the Count?” – Seriously? – that had to be one of the lamest, ass-kissing fluff pieces I’ve seen this month.

  • El Gvapo

    Say what you like about Bisping, but he’s right about the whole TRT issue. Yes he’s a douche pre-fight but I’ve always though he was gracious in defeat or victory after every fight. The only one he wasn’t was the Rivera fight, but Rivera said some pretty tasteless stuff about bisping’s family etc. But I agree he’ll never be champ, but you can probably say that about 90% of the UFC roster.

  • El Gvapo, how about doing a list of the best TUF alumni from the past god knows how many seasons we are up to now? My top 5 would be:

    1) Rashad
    2) Koscheck
    3) Florian
    4) Diaz
    5) Bisping

    Pretty sure I’ve forgotten some obvious fighters though. I’d be interested to hear other people’s thoughts.

    • cs

      I like your list but I think some notable people here are Roy Nelson, Forrest Griffin, and Matt Serra (although Serra is kind of different here). Including those fighters, I would have the list like this:

      1) Florian (dominated almost every non-title fight)
      2) Bisping (great fighter even if he is an ass)
      3) Evans (too many decisions)
      4) Roy Nelson (if only he dropped to LHW)
      5) Koscheck
      6) Griffin (in his prime, he was good)
      7) Diaz
      8) Serra (could destroy most WW’s when he was active)

      My rankings are based off of how they were when they were active, rather than how they would perform today. I don’t think Nate Diaz can hang with a lot of lightweights for example, and Koscheck was good but lost decisively to many fighters.

      • Timothy Malone

        Diego Sanchez deserves to be on that list. He is 13-5 in the UFC and four of those losses are decisions and the other is a stoppage in the 5th round against Penn.

        • shakejunt

          definitely. dodson too. granted he’s only had a few fights, but he’s showed dominance at bw and flw

          • El Gvapo

            Not quite yet for me. Granted he’s had a title fight but it’s a thin division. Do the list again in a couple of years though and I think he’d certainly be a serious consideration.

        • El Gvapo

          Yep, he’d be in my top 10, maybe not top 5 though.

      • El Gvapo

        Ah forgot about Forrest, knew there was a big name I was forgetting. I also didn’t count anyone on season 4 (Serra) as that wasn’t the traditional TUF format. Nelson would be in my top 10, as probably would Sanchez, Maynard and maybe Bader. Honourable mentions for Matt Brown, Joe Stevenson and possibly Swick too. I based my choices on length of tenure, title fights and wins obviously.

  • Oswald Cobblepott

    Propaganda led overrated fighter to help sale in UK. He gets thrashed in elite fights, which is why he always fights bums. UFC will do anything for this wanka!

    • El Gvapo

      Haha you are a proper idiot. What sales in the uk are you on about? There are no PPVs in the UK to chase. Plus if he only fights twice a year, how does that help sales of all the other events he doesn’t feature in?

      • wow

        you really don’t believe that the most popular fighter in the U.K. winning fights doesn’t help increase the popularity of the UFC in England and the rest of Europe in general? Of course the UFC was feeding him easy fights early on to increase their market there.

        • El Gvapo

          Are you from the UK? I can tell you he’s not the most popular fighter here. The popularity of MMA far transcends any national pride, particularly in a country that has so far produced so few stars. You seriously think people in England would rather watch Bisping than Silva, Bones, Weidman, Cain etc? Do you think that all non-US fighters are in there to grow the market in their respective countries? Gustafson, Siver, TKZ, Sakara, McGregor, Sotiropolos etc are they only there to grow markets? Nope. And by your rationale, surely you’d expect the ufc to find some decent Chinese or maybe Indian fighters to grow the massive potential in those markets? Fool.

        • El Gvapo

          And how would Bisping’s popularity affect other European nations? You are aware Europe has been around for thousands of years in its current guise aren’t you? Do you think a Greek would watch the UFC if there was a top level Dutchman in it? Would a spaniard root for a Russian? I doubt it, not because the Spanish don’t like Russians but because they are two entirely separate cultures. Take your head out of your arse and open your eyes to the fact that the big wide world doesn’t all operate the same way as the Americas. Again, fool.

          • cschuster

            Well said!

  • Oswald Cobblepott

    TUF winners are no good,

    • El Gvapo

      Again, an educated post.

  • james j

    Bisping is a very good fighter and a not so good person. However, all I want is to see him fight. I can careless what he or any other fighters do outside of the octagon.

  • claudale

    “I’ve always wanted to fight anderson silva” – not true. Bisping always wanted a title fight after 2 more fights. Like GSP, he was waiting for him to slow down before he’d risk

    “I fought anyone at anytime” – what about the rematch with Matt Hamill that the fans wanted and Dana said was a no brainer? “I’ve always fought the best guys” – haha

    It was ridiculous for him to pick a fight with Rivera and half of his other recent fights (Jason Miller). He’s milking it, he’s the TUF champion with almost 20 UFC fights and no title shots. Very different than Chris Weidman who made it clear early on he’d like to fight for the belt against Anderson silva now.

    Florian wasn’t the TUF champ and he had 3 shots.

    • El Gvapo

      Last I heard, Joe Silva was the UFC matchmaker and not Bisping. You think bisping decides who he fights? I doubt it very much, I doubt anyone in the UFC decides who they fight except possibly for AS, GSP or Bones and even then, if the UFC thinks it will make money then they will make the fight happen. And how exactly did Bisping pick a fight with Miller? They were coaches on TUF, they’re meant to fight at the end. You think Bisping picked Miller to coach alongside or do you think the UFC picked miller thinking his “outrageous” personality would equate to big tv ratings?

  • cschuster

    The only people talking smack about him seem to be Americans. He might not be the most likable guy, but he is definitely one of the most underrated fighters in the UFC. He only fought the top tier and all his loses were razor sharp decisions or flat out wrong decisions

  • trackbackone

    Michael Bisping is a learned fighter. He fights well, has excellent technique, etc. He fought many top-level fighters, and his losses were never devastating, less a knock out from Dan Henderson. This is not the entirety of his fight records. Anyone that claims otherwise is a typical fanatic that would resist commending a Yankees pitcher because he or she hates the Yankees. I love sport, not fanaticism.