In a Perfect World: Anderson Silva vs. Jon Jones at Madison Square Garden

February 28, 2013

Anderson Silva vs Jon JonesIn a perfect world, UFC president Dana White would celebrate his company’s 20th Anniversary with a superfight in one of the few places in the United States that have yet to regulate mixed martial arts… New York.

“Anderson (Silva) and (Jon) Jones, that’s the fight I want to see,” said White on a recent edition of UFC Tonight when asked what superfight most intrigues him. “If we made that fight and if everything went the right way, Madison Square Garden. Madison Square Garden on our anniversary.”

The Ultimate Fighting Championship was born on Nov. 12, 1993, at McNichols Arena in Denver. That arena is long gone now, but creeping up on the promotion’s 20th anniversary later this year, White would love nothing more than to finally crack the code and enter the New York market, and there is hardly a more historical venue to hold it in than Madison Square Garden.

Whether or not that can actually happen remains to be seen.

After years of trying, White believes they are as poised to finally get into New York, but it’s still not a done deal.

“We’re feeling pretty good about New York, really good. I just don’t want to talk about it,” said White following UFC 157: Rousey vs. Carmouche. “Let the lawyers deal with this. I’ll end up saying some (expletive) that will piss somebody off. We’ll have to wait another (expletive) year if I say something stupid.”

But even if they can get past legal hurdles in New York, there’s still the matter of putting the fight together.

The UFC recently put together a “superfight” between featherweight champion Jose Aldo and Frankie Edgar, as well as an upcoming bout between Aldo and Anthony Pettis, but those fights don’t carry the same luster as Anderson Silva vs. Jon Jones or Georges St-Pierre, the superfights that have been on everyone’s mind for the past couple years.

Silva vs. St-Pierre was extremely close to happening at one point, but an injury sent those aspirations spiraling away, at least temporarily.

“Before Georges St-Pierre’s injury, he was 100-percent down to fight Anderson,” White commented. “After being gone as long as he was, coming back, has a tough fight against Condit, wants this Diaz fight. I don’t blame Georges either. He wants to make sure that knee is good, get a couple fights under his belt (before reconsidering a fight with Silva).”

Jon Jones has a fight against Chael Sonnen already on tap for April, and White is still trying to put Silva in the Octagon with Chris Weidman as soon as July. So those bouts would have to go as planned and without injury for a Silva vs. Jones superfight to remain a possibility.

And all of that is predicated on Anderson Silva signing a new contract with the UFC. White has often said that there is no concern in getting a deal done with Silva; it’s just a matter of finally hammering out the details and putting pen to paper.

“It’s always a process with Anderson Silva, but to be honest, he wants big fights,” said White.

“It’s either going to be an eight- or 10-fight deal.”

So in Dana White’s perfect world, we’ll get to see Anderson Silva vs. Jon Jones sometime in November at Madison Square Garden, but in the real world, there are still quite a few moving parts that have to work together to make it a reality.

Will it happen? Only time will tell.

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  1. mma in ny is a possibility, jones vs silva isn’t

    • You can’t get a large soft drink in NY, it might be a while before we see MMA there

      • Seriously, god forbid that guy actually runs for president.
        <~~~this coming from a democrat.

        • After Hillary and Biden, Cuomo’s the strongest candidate the Dems have at this point. I don’t think Elizabeth Warren will be ready in 2016. Of course I thought the same thing in 2005 of Obama in 2008.

          • Anderson Silva be my friend is a possibility, Jones vs Silva isn’t

  2. In other news, Dr. Dre has announced Detox will be coming out this year…

    • Hahahahaha yeah and Bigfoot was seen riding the loch ness monster onto a UFO

    • lmao

  3. Since we’re replacing journalism with fantasies, how about if Jones and Silva team up to beat Sonnen into a coma?

  4. Silva will never fight weidman or jones. He knows they will whoop his butt. The spider is a hider

    • You must not watch to many fight if you believe weidman has a prayer.

    • Funniest comment ever!

  5. Lol and what’s up with Middleweight undisputed champion and G.O.A.T Chael P. Sonnen? he will kill Bones in the very first round with his amazing elbows and pnches and will finish the fight with the Showtime kick and Ali shuffle.

  6. They should hold it in Atlantic City and honor the NJ commission that wrote the modern rules which saved MMA and allowed the new UFC to thrive.

    • Are you from Jersey buddy?

      • Nope. Don’t even like Jersey. But the fact is the NJAC wrote the first draft of the rule set we use in modern MMA.

        • Indeed. NJ has played a very important role in mma. I am based out of NJ. There are non stop fights in NJ and PA. It’s great.

  7. I’ve been saying that the “superfight” will most likely take place @ UFC 200. I mean thats a given, no? Fighters willing we will see the two best fighters of our era step in the cage and fight for the real title of the best MMA fighter of all time, course behind Bruce Lee. I for one can’t wait to see the greatest UFC show ever! Dana has to deliver now and i dont give a crap where it is!

  8. I also thought Silva had already signed his “big” 10 fight deal? This ish is probably too good to be true anyhow, i do have faith we’re gonna see a fight @ UFC 200 though…

  9. Jones is too big for Silva and Silva is way too big for GSP. fight your own size guys.