Impressive Finishes Equal UFC on FX Fight Night Bonuses of $45,000

January 20, 2012
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The Ultimate Fighting Championship made its FX Network debut on Friday night with several UFC on FX 1: Guillard vs. Miller fighters giving officials several options to choose from for the company’s usual post-fight bonuses.

The fighters that scored the awards in Nashville pocketed an extra $45,000 for their efforts.

Almost any of the fights on the main card was worthy of Fight of the Night, but it was the show opener between Pat Barry and Christian Morecraft that took home the honors. Morecraft came close to locking on a submission on several occasions, but in the end, it was Barry that found the power in his hands, putting Morecraft down and out. And all of that took place in three minutes and 38 seconds.

It was no surprise, although there were several submissions to choose from, that main eventer Jim Miller was the one that scored the Submission of the Night. He got rocked early by Melvin Guillard, but survived long enough to find a way to take the fight into his world on the mat. Once there, he pressed Guillard, took his back, and secured a python-like rear naked choke for the finish… and $45,000.

The Knockout of the Night went to the entire evening’s opener when Nick Denis ended Joseph Sandoval’s night with elbows just 22 seconds into the fight.

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  • Great night of fights.

  • 155 n aouta ya weight class

    man please are u fookin kiddin me,, man pat barry just knocked out a guy that was really outa his weight class n they couldnt give him the weak behind as 45 grand? man whatever i thought fox wouldve helped pay these fighters, man pat hit me up i was all in on you n i dont even bet,, you shouldve got at lest $200K for most improved n knock out of d night, n the only reasion i watched or even wanted to post, hey they gonna learn today, man pls drop to 205

  • 155 n aouta ya weight class

    heavy weights limit is 205- 265 ,,,,,,,,,,,, think bout it,,,,,,,thats a big gap,,,,,,,annnnnnnnnnnnd…theres guys that r way bigger than 265 and are 22yrs old, watch strongest man 2011,,,damana pat barry could swang wit tyson,,,lol,, crank it up, i hope pats always the under dog cuz im all in

  • 155 n aouta ya weight class

    check my other posts, REALTALK

  • 155 n aouta ya weight class

    ohh n i do got faith that pat can get the HW title but what u think jones would do when pat kicked his leg,,, ewwww-weeeee, killaaa,, dont forget them hands and that powaaaaaa, pie-yow!

  • jtmma

    How in the hell was Barry/Morecraft a better fight than the two 135ers who were constantly going back and forth in a super exciting fight? Total bs.

    • MikeMc1983

      Not sure, maybe the fact that the heavyweight fight was exciting because you knew it could end any second. The tiny tots fight you kind of know will go back and forth because no one can finish. Watching 135ers, and 145ers is like watching women’s mma.
      Unless you can temporarily suspend disbelief watching the fight it’s not that exciting.

      You can pretty much add in 155ers nowadays too.
      Next were going to get the 12 years old and younger weight class. You can you tube those. They’re exciting. They go back and forth with a bunch of energy.

  • maddawgmar

    First off 155 your an idiot. How bout talkin english? I was lost after the first sentence. And mike you have been put on talking probation for the week. 135 to 155 like womens MMA, what joke. That fight was the best fight period. I scored it a tie. Back and forth the whole time. Pat Barry deserves his credit but FOTN no way.

    • 155 n aouta ya weight class

      whatever dude, im an idiot? hows it the best fight when they couldnt finish it, yeah i can tell ur lost, and your post wasnt perfect but who cares,

      • MrAdidas

        Most of the best fights in the history of MMA/UFC have been decisions & NOT finishes. TKO’s/KO’s & Subs are fun to watch, but fights that go the distance like Henderson Vs Rua, GSP Vs Fitch, Pham Vs Garcis 1 & 2, Edgar VS Maynard 1 etc. The best fights are definately those who go the distance. (IMHO)

  • MikeMc1983

    I’m sorry, did I use to big of words?
    Temporary suspension of disbelief is a phrase used to explain what people do while watching a movie/tv. It pretty much means people forget that they’re watching something fake. (I’m not calling the fights fake)

    However, one of the things that make watching mma exciting is the anticipation that a fight could end at any moment.
    I must admit I fall into this as well. When the fight starts I don’t think about weight classes, but it never takes long for the little guys to let you know they’re little. Sure enough, one of them throws out a four or five punch combo that lands with everything ounce of power they have in them… Then the opponent blinks once or twice, and acts as if he was never hit. Them usually proceeds to unload on his guy, and he just shakes it off.
    It’s usually at that moment that I realize that these guys just don’t have the power to really hurt eachother, and your left knowing that a kick, or knee will be all that ends the fight if it remains standing. The anticipation drops…

    Now if your in the boat that believes the announcers that they shrug it off because they have great chins (which commentators always scream at the moment I describe above) then I’m happy for you. Your suspension of disbelief goes much farther than mine. For that I envy you, because excitement goes way down for me.
    It’s the same reason why I realize when superman starts flying, that I’m just watching a movie where no one really gets hurt.

    • afk

      somebody needs a coooookie 🙁

      rage essays ftl. if you were really smart you’d know you can’t justify **** on the internet no matter how many bases you try to cover or how many times you use your thesaurus on ms word.

      we don’t care.

      great card!

      • MikeMc1983

        What makes it worse is that I’m not even able to use ms word. It’s all free typing from my iPhone. 😉

        No rage though. I don’t get mad on here. I can’t really. I’m relaxed. I come on here when I have the free time to step outside to smoke. (cig in the ashtray. See ya next one.)

        • You do realize that you are saying lighter fighters cant finish in the comments of a post about a bantamweight winning knockout of the night? How many times do we have to correct you on this?

          • MrAdidas

            LOL – Check & MATE!

          • MikeMc1983

            I don’t say the smaller guys can’t finish a fight. I say that they Don’t nearly as often. In this case to ko of the night was awarded to a tko stoppage when there was a much clearer ko on the card. The UFC can gift the awards to whoever they wish.
            I commented about why the fight with bigger guys was a better fight. It was better because it was more exciting. I explained why I found it more exciting.

            I stand by what I say. It’s not as if I’m saying anything that isn’t a well known fact. If you want to see guys throw a Ton of shots, and their opposition do the same. The lighter classes are for you.
            It’s why guys like Aldo and Melvin get such hype. Bj penn too. They were small guys who finish. It’s a rarity.

  • This place is turning into Sherdog…