If You Didn’t Like UFC 152 Flyweight Title Bout, Dana White Doesn’t Want You or Your Money

September 23, 2012
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Benavidez and Johnson UFC 152 faceoffDemetrious Johnson and Joseph Benavidez put on a fight for the ages in the inaugural UFC flyweight championship bout, but their efforts went unappreciated.

Both men fought with a never-say-die attitude at a ridiculous pace.  The fans at UFC 152 the Air Canada Centre, however, booed and UFC fans on twitter were fervent in their disdain of the two flyweights.

After reading several tweets and listening to the boos, UFC president Dana White had enough and fired back at the people who didn’t appreciate Johnson and Benavidez’s efforts.

“It doesn’t matter what we do, how many fights in a row we put on, or how these guys perform,” White said at the UFC 152 post-fight presser.  “I was reading Twitter tonight and these people were ripping on the flyweights.  If you didn’t like that flyweight fight, please, and I’m begging you, don’t buy another UFC pay-per-view again.  Don’t ever buy another one again; I don’t want your money.  You’re a moron, you don’t like fighting and you don’t appreciate great talent or heart if you didn’t like that flyweight fight.”

Benavidez came on strong for five rounds and fought tooth and nail against the eventual champ Johnson.  Despite having two black eyes and being cut, Benavidez nearly finished Johnson in the fourth after dropping him with a right hand and going for a guillotine choke.

The UFC president went as far as to say that if you didn’t like Johnson vs. Benavidez that he doesn’t want you ordering UFC pay-per-views any longer, because he feels if you can boo an all-out war, he doesn’t want you as a fan. Ultimately, White feels that the fight was an underappreciated, thrilling, five-round technical battle.

“That kid fought his ass off tonight, look at (Benavidez’s) face, going after a guy who is incredibly talented and picking him apart and moving.  He never gave up and went five straight rounds.  When I get on Twitter and I see that stuff, I get crazy man.  Please, please, please, those of you that said that, I don’t want your money.

“I wasn’t surprised, I was horrified by the booing,” White continued.  “I tell these guys in the back that after the weigh-ins are over and the way that this relationship works is that these guys are our partners.  You know we go in and do this and that and everything else and these guys go out and they deliver.

“Every fight you’re going to see in the UFC, two guys aren’t going to run into each other and just start swinging like mad men. These two guys worked their entire life to get to this point and it’s a five-round title fight.  If they can get the knockout or the submission quick, sure they’re going to go for it.  But the guys are so talented that you have the world champion right here and the second best guy in the world.  It’s insane; it drives me crazy.”

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  • Maine2Alaska

    i wasnt impressed with the entire ppv last night. just wasnt feeling it.

    • Maine2Alaska

      It’s stupid that people in here are saying your not a true fan if you didnt like the fights.. who the f*ck are you to tell anyone they arent a fan..when you spend almost 60 bucks one can critique a fight all they want. Im sorry if watching 2 guys that are smaller than anyone i have ever seen.. smaller than joe rogan.. isnt that entertaining for me. I have seen a lot worse, but still. Then that Olivera guy falling down 3 seconds after getting punched and they call it knock out of the night was pretty funny.. I think the Arm Bar Belfort did was the most exciting..

    • Maine2Alaska

      It’s stupid that people in here are saying your not a true fan if you didnt like the fights.. who the f*** are you to tell anyone they arent a fan..when you spend almost 60 bucks one can critique a fight all they want. Im sorry if watching 2 guys that are smaller than anyone i have ever seen.. smaller than joe rogan.. isnt that entertaining for me. I have seen a lot worse, but still. Then that Olivera guy falling down 3 seconds after getting punched and they call it knock out of the night was pretty funny.. I think the Arm Bar Belfort did was the most exciting..

    • KBEsq

      Look, I tend to agree with you about just ‘not feeling’ the PPV card. I had that feeling too. It certainly wasn’t a night where I was jumping out of my seat.

      However, I totally agree with White about booing and insulting these guys. There are fights that are boring because the fighters don’t fight, and there are fights that are boring despite the fighters’ best efforts. I’m not saying the DJ/Benevidas fight was boring (because it wasn’t), but those guys were trying to fight, and kept a crazy pace.

      I think it was kind of like the Faber/Barao fight. Absent going absolutely crazy and being stupid, Faber was trying to fight. I couldn’t agree with White more on this issue: if you’re booing fights like these, then you came to see someone get hurt and bloody; not skilled athletes.

  • That’s cool with me. I’ll keep my money then.

    I’ve bought MANY a PPV, but if you don’t want my money I actually have plenty of other stuff I can spend it on.

    I don’t like fights where there is a guaranteed outcome. If they want to put Mighty Mouse or Cruz in title fights where there is a 0.000007 percent chance that the fight is not going to go to the judges, that’s fine, but I won’t spend a dollar to watch it.

    They had it right when <145 was in the WEC. Those fights, which aren't a big draw to fans, were free. As a free fight on fuel or fx or spike, I was happy to watch the little fellas. If there was a fight that I knew wasn't going to ever have anyone engage and just be 15-25 minutes of dancing and "being elusive and just freakin unbelievably exciting and action packed blah blah blah" I could just switch the channel or play piano for a bit, but I wasn't spending any money to do it.

    I'll keep my money Dana. Thanks for the advice. I didn't spend a dime last night either.

    • clizzark

      Then go buy tickets for a Barbara Streisand concert, you fruitcake.

      • maybe I will tough guy

        • OMAHAK1LLA

          tkd only 402 9570167

  • Give us a refund then if u don’t want our money I hate those flywieght-featherweight divisions

    • triangle choke

      If you don’t like the featherweight division, then you have just told us all how much of a fan you really are. “NOT MUCH AT ALL” Just stop watching the sport altogether and save yourself the hassle. Those out there that understand what I’m saying, are the true fans.


      Me too it was like watching grass grow

  • Lonnie

    Anyone who didn’t enjoy this fight is insane. Two guys who went in there and fought their asses off to win a championship. If the only thing you care about is two guys standing in front of each other swinging leather then watch boxing. MMA is not for you!

    • triangle choke

      Well said Lonnie. I agree with you 100%. I knew 100% going into that fight that it was going to go 5 rounds. I also knew that I was going to get my moneys worth.

    • macgrubber


  • rolando_mota

    Me as a true fan of mma I enjoyed the entire card. ..I enjoy every card. .I enjoy. All mma fights whether ufc or smaller local shows. ..and if u booed at all at this fight or disliked. ..then ur not an Mma fan. This fight consisted of scrambles, takesowns and a lot of stand up…at a high pace. .what else could you want? I would definitely pay to watch any fight. I wish people would stop crying about how to run the ufc….trust me Dana’s got it handled and none of us can do any better running a company of this size…if u don’t like it don’t p
    ay for it plain and simple…I’m old school where back in the day there was no free fights on TV. And nobody cried about it…these free fights are bonuses for me…these new fans want everything for free…

    • triangle choke

      Right on dude. These dummys that didn’t like last nights fight need to stick towatching WWE wrestling. The “ACTORS” in that sport are all a heavier weight.

  • DrkDisciple

    More and more events less and less quality. Didnt think much of that flyweight fight and since Dana does not want my money I will make it a point to miss a Montreal show for the 1st time.

    • triangle choke

      No worries, you certainly WON’T be missed.

    • phrankthetank

      That’s cool. More tickets available for the rest of us

      • DrkDisciple

        I would not worry about getting tickets. I am sure there will be plenty left over for that crappy event.

  • Advance

    That was the first flyweight fight in the UFC that I wasn’t really into, but it didn’t deserve boos. They were going at each other the whole time but they’re so quick and small that their strikes don’t have the same impact…and they can’t grab a hold of each other. It just became stale seeing them do something over and over that wasn’t very effective. It would have been fine for 3 rounds. It’s not a knock on the whole division…that fight just didn’t turn out that great.

  • Everybody can’t be a heavy weight. These guys are still trained professional fighters putting in numerous hours of hard work. Most these fans just complain and want things for free. Both of those guys showed heart in that fight and I’m sure there will be some more exciting fighters to make their way to the UFC.

  • If i wanted to watch people jump around out of each others reach, i’d attend Junior High dances.
    UFC should go hire some Midgets, at least there’s some entertainment value to seeing a couple guys 5 inches shorter than these over-hyped Dancers.

    • clizzark

      You’re the exact type of moron he’s referring to.

  • dathump

    As the sport of mma evolves, the chances of seeing chess match style of fights is going to happen more often, High level fighters at any weight class are becoming so well rounded that they can counter any style of fighting. There are less specialized fighters and more full mma fighters. The days of a fighter getting the upperhand are slowly going away. There are always going to be better strikers, and better ground guys, but the days of a BJJ artist with bad stand up and good strikers with no submission defence are almost gone. The fights are going to seem more and more “boring” to people who dont understand the technical side. I agree with Dana,dont like the card, don’t order it, its not like they tricked you by sneeking the 145lb’rs in there last min.

    • Wow man very well sad. Very smart fan. Please I would be honored for you to add me on facebook and twitter.

      • triangle choke

        CombatScienceMMA I knew I could count on you showing up in this forum spitting some wisdom to some of these dumb ass so called fans.

      • dathump

        The other thing i was thinking, is the UFC really dependant on PPV sales? They are certainly working hard to become main streem and more reliat on network TV. I would imagine that they can get as much from fox for a live event and advertisments as they make of PPV sales. I wouldn’t be surprized if the next year or 2 it will be network tv only. So Dana may only be biting the hand that feeds him right now, not the hand that is feeding him in the future. Any one else wonder why the Fox cards seem to be better stacked then the PPV’s lately?

    • Very well said. It’s good to see there are actual MMA fans who can appreciate the art and technique of the sport.

    • pooby

      Good points.

      But, they were 125 pounders, not 145.

      • dathump

        ya, caught that right after I hit enter.

      • somecokehead

        thank you

  • This amazes me. I said out loud last night how idiotic the fans were for booing during this great fight, and now I see here people that actually consider themselves MMA fans being just as ignorant. You are not fans, and should not be taking part in this amazing sport

  • The whole, “you are not an mma fans if you don’t love flyweights” argument is SO weak.

    Check this out- people CAN like MMA and have no interest in seeing fights like that 125 pound fight last night. That fight was incredibly predictable.

    I’m looking into my crystal ball- every Mighty Mouse fight and every Cruz fight will go five rounds without anyone getting hurt or finished. Joe Rogan will say elusive 42 times and Goldie will say that it is really exciting.

    I’m not into it. I don’t think the UFC needs belts ten pounds away from each other. That exact philosophy devalued the hell out of boxing championships, since the belt means less when 72 people are tring to call themselves the world champ.

    If you dig it good for you, and if you think it makes you a better mma fan and you want to pat yourself on the back for it go for it.

    • clizzark

      So, you’re the type of idiot who thinks the smaller guys can’t finish fights? Benavidez has finished 12 out of his 16 wins, and came close to finishing that fight.

      • and Mighty Mouse has gone to the judges in 8 of his last 9.

        Benevidez was NEVER close to finishing that fight, you just think he was because Joe Rogan is trying REALLY REALLY hard to sell the flyweights, so anytime anything happens he goes apeshit,

        Benevidez never connected his hands and Mighty Mouse’s chin was tucked. Not even slightly close to a finish.

        Name calling is not a particularly strong form of argument. Grow up.

        • KBEsq

          I don’t get your argument. What are you ultimately saying? That the flyweights shouldn’t even fight because more of their fights go to decision?

          Honestly, the lack of highlight reel knockouts is more than made up for by the fact that you almost never see the lighter guys looking like they just climbed a mountain at altitude in the second round of the fight. Honestly, there’s nothing more boring that HWs when they get tired.

          At least these guys are constantly moving, and I totally agree with Rogan that their technique is more impressive because they usually have to roll with heavier guys.

  • oswaldcobblepott

    Just the kind of guy you want as your figurehead. Yet another example of why you should hire educated and qualified employees not just your drinking buddy who really likes boxing. As for the little fellas…I dream of the glory days when you for one fight from each of the real weight classes light weight to heavies. I buy all fight shows guess ill stream in like last night rather than fork out 65

  • soboc1

    That fight had a little of everything like a true MMA fight should. Stand up, sub attempts, sub defense, wrestling.

  • pooby

    Benevidez vs. Johnson was a GREAT fight! The only issue I had with it was the fact the result was a split decision. I had Mighty Mouse taking it pretty easily.

    Now, Hamill vs. Holett SUCKED. Hamill stood and did nothing but a few pathetic takedowns. Holett looked hypnotized like he had never fought before. He would throw one half assed punch every 15 seconds. Has he never heard of a combo?

    I’m usually most embarassed by American fans, but Canadians are worse.


  • Mario

    I agree and disagree on this matter.

    Yes I think the Flyweights are entertaining, but if Mighty Mouse keeps taking people the distance I’m going to lose interest in these fights. Fast paced fights are cool and everything, but if I’m guaranteed a decision, I rather not watch.

    I could say the same for Dominick Cruz and his style. Yes he’s dominant, but he’s a point fighter, just like Demetrious. This division needs more finishes to really solidify itself with the audience. I think that’s the problem people are having.

    But it’s like Dana said: “two guys aren’t going to run into each other and just start swinging like mad men.”

    Every fight is different. Especially when there’s a title on the line.

    Time will tell

    • Mario I agree with you. The fights are entertaining. But seeing them all go to the cards will get old QUICK. And a division with only 6-8 fighters will get boring seeing the same guys fighting each other all the time.

  • dgs

    Who cares what the weight division is, a good fight is a good fight regardless of the weight of the fighters. At least that’s the way it *should* be.

  • spidersilva

    I prefer fights with the chance of a finish b ut i know thats not gonna happen in the flyweights. I could just really do without rogan saying ridiculous fast and all the same shit. Just get new lines…thats all

  • lowlb

    Personally, I like this kind of fight. Two professionals going the distance and not getting knocked out and not taking too much damage, that can’t be easy and it seems top-notch. I would rather see an even fight, than a fight like the Hamil fight where one guy dominates and the other looks terrified. Mismatched fights are odd. The Silva/Bonner fight is odd. It not a fight the fans want to see ( I think) and it’s not a match-up of top contenders.

    If the fight goes to a decision then both fighters did well and the match-up was appropriate.

    I also am secure enough to like Michael Bisping…

  • shereko

    The thing that I find funny is if you disagree with someone on here or have a different perspective then you’re an idiot, a loser, a moron etc… people can’t just state their opinion if it differs from someone else.

    Myself, I don’t like cards built around the smaller weights but, its a nice perspective to see different weight classes.

    • MuayThaiFood

      That’s because half of the people on here are immature 20 somethings….MORON! Just kidding. 😉

  • JDM

    If every person who didnt like that fight last night didnt buy a PPV next time it would be funny to see how quickly the UFC cut the lighter divisions. Dana should be carefull what he says before hes back throwing fights on indian reserves again.

  • MikeMc1983

    I have always been vocal about disliking the vast majority of the smaller weight class fighters. Yes they’re quick, energetic, and technical. I don’t think anyone is questioning their heart. Both those guys tried to fight their ass off. It was also crazy that they were booed.
    I have no problem with those guys fighting, it just doesn’t have the same appeal. Yes the guys are extremely active. They probably both landed over 100 hits a piece. The issue is that because they’re the size of a freshman cheerleader it doesn’t do any damage.
    The division will have fights being finished. However it will be rare. Guys like to name a fighter that has finished some fights. Look, it’s a simple fact in almost every combat sport with striking, With each weight class the finishes are less everytime you go down.
    I don’t want to see two guys run to the middle and blindly swing on eachother. Reguardless of weight class. I just want to watch fights with the anticipation that it could reasonably end at any moment. I believe that’s where others thoughts are too.
    The 155lbs class had BJ Penn who was running through finishing fights. Besides him there’s really been no threat like that. Aldo is a guy like that at 145lbs. But as a whole the lowest weight division that almost always has that KO threat is 205lbs.

    To everyone who thinks your not a true fan, we don’t have to have finishes every fight. Hell, we don’t have to have any, but can we please have divisions where fighters are capable KOing someone above the 6 grade?
    125lbs is crazy. Most of our supermodels are that weight.

  • fries171

    Dana got some balls on himm huh. I’ve been a fan since ufc 1 and to tell you the truth **** em. It’s getting old, not a bad card but for Dana to say **** like that too the people the feeds his business well i guess he does not need fans to watch his fights. One day we as fans will stick together and stop buying ppv for a while amd we will see zuufa crawling on there knees for us to come back. Now again i have bought every fight they have sold and even went too two of them i love this stuff but its time we as consumers take a stand and show them who really runs these type of companies its the FANS.Hey Dana thanks for telling us were a**holes i’m glad i give you my hard earned money but can’t have an opinon on it f**k you.

  • BlackDog2009

    Flyweights are gonna move fast, duck punches more, and be a lot more technical, they are not that heavy therefore you will not see much knockout fights. Johnson and Benavidez had a great fight imo, and it was a joy to see that no matter how much Benavidez (who fought his heart out) punched and kicked, Johnson was not there. MM has great skills great heart and his championship is well deserved.

  • markrenton

    Since the UFC absorbed the WEC there has consistenly been negativity surrounded 125-145lb’rs. I personally enjoy watching the lighter weight classes, as someone who has competeted in Judo and wrestling for most of my life I appreciate how much goes into this level of fighting. That being said, not everyone looks at MMA the same way.

    The bottom line is that if Dana wants a sport like MMA to be the biggest in the world, he is going to have to understand that people appreciate MMA for different reasons. At the end of the day it is two guys fighting in a cage and there will be fans that are only in it for the blood and highlight reel knockouts.

    In regards to the people who booed the flyweights and then complained to Dana…grow up chodes. If you don’t like lighter weights dont buy the cards or go the events. Its that easy. There are so many UFC cards on each month now a days that if you are a true MMA fan there will be atleast one card a month you can watch. If you dont like the smaller weight classes just dont watch…

    • MikeMc1983

      The problem with it is that they don’t just make an all midget weight card. I believe they do that because people won’t buy them. Instead they use them as filler. We used to get a strong co-main. Like in this situation it would have been like a hendo vs. machida. Instead we get talented high school cheerleaders fighting their heart out. I have respect for the guys fighting. I just don’t think they should be placed on a card where men are fighting that are the real draws. I should t have to not buy a card to show my disliking for a weight class, and miss fights I do want to see.

  • sc_e7e7040928e30a8a06169b52a24506a5

    I cannot comment on 152 as I have not watched a PPV for some time. In general, the shows have become more diluted as to quality fighters and quality fights. This was before the recent epidemic of injuries which really dilutes the shows. Dana Whites’ vision of MMA fights having the same frequency as the NFL games is dilusional.

  • somecokehead

    I suppose a person who only follows their home team is not a ‘real fan’ of the sport. Or a busy person who only watches 2 or 3 ppv’s a year is not a ‘real mma fan’. Is Dana trying to thin his wallet? Guess he and the rest of the UFC are too rich now.
    How bout this… 125 pounders are all head. Guys that weigh in similar to the average woman. Maybe they should not be booed but if the fans don’t like it… you are gonna hear about it. That is why you are all connected with twitter and facebook.
    Don’t like to be criticized Dana? Don’t want to hear what the paying fans think? Quit. I will take your job and your c0ke!

  • obuchons

    I thought the flyweight fight was awesome! I would take that every day over watching GSP dry hump so guy for 5 rounds! Seems like nobody ever boos his fights? Weird!

  • Richurd Cheese

    125 is too light. I’d rather see a women’s division.