If TRT Ban “Retires Guys, It Retires Guys,” but Chael Sonnen Believes Vitor Belfort is Sincere

March 6, 2014
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(Courtesy of Fox Sports)

Over the years, Vitor Belfort has become the poster boy for testosterone replacement therapy in mixed martial arts. Right or wrong, he has received the lion’s share of criticism, whether it be for using TRT, for fighting his most recent bouts under the perceived lax oversight in Brazil, for saying he needed time to retrain his body so that he could fight without it, or any number of other issues.

Chael Sonnen is a fellow fighter that has enlisted the use of TRT, and now finds himself in a position to have to find a way to fight without it or hang up the gloves.

“If this retires guys then it retires guys. The rules are the rules,” said Sonnen on a recent edition of UFC Tonight. 

Sonnen, faced with this reality, is one of the few that believes Belfort taking a step back and assessing the situation is “genuine and sincere.”

Check out what Sonnen had to say about Nevada’s recent decision to ban TRT, Belfort stepping back from fighting for the moment, and what the realities of the situation are.

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  • Asspopper

    Let them take PCP if they want. It makes things more interesting!

    • RoBeRtOe

      You really named yourself Asspopper? Wow.

    • Guest

      Greatest post ever!!! Jajajaja

  • p pop pellec

    Trt ban is total bullshit they should just increase random testing, i needed trt since i was 19 due to a pituitary tumor it is a legitimate medical condition. It is dangerous to have low t, and just because someone needs trt to be and feel normal should not be banned. All it does is restore levels to what they should be simple and plain, how is having a testosterone problem considered grounds for being banned? If trt is such a problem i dont understand why an increase in testing isnt issued which could be paid for by the fighters if they need trt/hrt. They are blowing this issue way out of proportion. If trt is so bad for the fighters than anyone else remotely involved in the ufc fighter or not they should all be tested

    • carsti07 .

      thank you, very slowly I get a picture of this trt topic
      but I still feel totally uneducated = so I don´t have an opinion about the trt thing

  • The truth hurts

    Wow this bs about people legitimately needing trt is a joke. This .00001% of people who actually have medical conditions who need trt should not have a professional career hurting people. If I had an incurable eye problem that made me blind I shouldn’t be a software developer, its just not in the cards for me in life. Same goes for people with life threatening issues that need trt. Also can we cut the bs out about how guys like vitor and Chael actually need this crap. Getting older and taking steroids when you were young doesn’t count as a life threatening medical condition. What is a life threatening medical condition is getting put out cold by a juiced up 40 year old. Good bye trt it was nice never knowing you.

    • blob

      excellent post

    • P-Pac

      and 0.000000001% of the population are UFC fighters, so seems probable that they would be more likely to have the deficiency.