If Ryan Couture Wants Dad to Corner UFC Fights, Randy Couture Ready to Cross that Line

February 10, 2013
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Dana White vs Randy Couture

Dana White and Randy Couture

UFC president Dana White says Randy Couture can’t buy a ticket to a UFC event, or corner his son Ryan, who is under UFC contract since signing a deal with Spike TV and coaching “Fight Master: Bellator MMA, Bellator’s upcoming reality show that will air on Spike TV.

Couture isn’t worried about getting tickets.  His only concern is for his son’s career.

“I’m not really concerned about whether or not I can buy a ticket and go to an event if I wanted to.  I certainly still have a number of friends in the fight game, with the organization, that would probably give me a ticket if I asked for one,” Couture told Knockout Radio, and official content partner of MMAWeekly.com.

“My only real concern is my son and I’ve been a big part of Ryan’s career, certainly a big part of his last three training camps as he’s moved up in competition.  I’ve helped him formulate some of those game plans in some of those camps and cornered him for his last three fights, so if that’s what Ryan needs and that’s what Ryan wants, then I am certainly willing to walk across that and address that issue, if Dana tries to preclude me from being a part of Ryan’s career,” said Couture.

As far as being able to corner Ryan in the UFC, Couture feels it’s a commission issue.

“I think at the end of the day it’s a commission issue.  Commission licenses the athletes and licenses the seconds and so, I don’t know, I want to make whatever the best decision is for Ryan.  I don’t want to cause any more trouble for Ryan with the organization,” he added.

Couture hopes the tensions between he and White diminish, but knows it will take time.

“I think the dust will settle and some of this will go away, but I also know that Dana is one to hold a grudge.  He’s not one to forget things and that’s probably why he’s had such the strong reaction that he’s had.  He’s still hanging on and harboring some of the old animosity that he’s had from the issues that we had in the past, so it will be what it will be.”

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  • B

    Dana vs randy next superfight catchweight 240 if fat aaa Dana can make it happen

  • West

    Randy needs to bitch slap Dana. It’s worth any law suit. Dana is a great business man but he’s not a fighter. He talks way too much shit about and to people that would make him look worse than Nick the tooth. He needs to learn respect. How many people would pay $100 for a pay per view to see his ass get slapped?

    • JimmyPettishardo

      Dana is a genius at what he does, which is promoting UFC events. I am not sure what he is like in real life. He could be a family man (I think he is) that is very passionate about his work.

      But on screen, he is a douche that acts with no class.

      He has his followers for sure. “dana is right” “Dana made MMA what it is today so let’s thank the all mighty Dana” He also has his haters, often hardcore MMA fan/nerds.

      I would pay $200 for a PPV to see Dana fight any MMA fighter.

  • Guest

    Ryan will lose his fight with Pearson and Dana will send him back to the minors in Bellator with Randy.

  • uncle

    Dana needs to grow up if doesn’t want Randy at another
    fighters corner fine no tickets ok but when Randy can’t
    support his own son if needed that’s not right he is abusing
    his power if Randy can make him perform better it helps
    the UFC but Dana is to ignorant to see it

    • Anthony Lopez

      Punctuation…. google it

      • Cptmats

        Who the **** cares ?……only you !

    • larry

      Yes we all wish you were running the ufc. You’re so smart and see things so clearly and educated. Dana is just so ignorant. We all hope Lorenzo calls you Uncle before its too late. Idiot

      • uncle

        So you must be a ignorant bald headed cigar
        smoking a**hole too

      • uncle

        So you must be a ignorant bald headed cigar
        smoking a$$hole too

        • J-Mac

          Sorry but as I was about to reply here that frigging lasvegasdotcom ad popped up again and I am sick of it. The banner sits at the bottom of each MMAWeekly.com page and pops up to cover about 40% of each page until you close it and the banner it returns to on the bottom.

          Is anyone else experiencing this? I think I am going to quit coming here until they get rid of that ad.

  • almost

    Pearson is a top featherweight. The ufc knows that. I wonder if it was done purposely.

    • Timothy Malone

      Is Pearson a top featherweight? He has been alternating wins and losses for about 3 years now.

  • Shade Draws

    Just cut him and it solves everyone’s problem.

  • dd

    looks like ryan could sue the ufc for discrimination. i think he should..about time someone should

    • Humguy

      your’re an idiot.

    • seth

      You’re an idiot

      • JimmyPettishardo

        discrimination against??? what ‘discrimination” does David H have in mind?

  • David H

    Couture Jnr’s fight is in Sweden and I think they are like we are in GB in that they don’t have US style athletic commissions so it might well be more in the hands of the UFC

  • Leo

    Dana White is a guy that i really respect what he has done for the sport… but, when it comes to s*** like this he acts like a bitch. plain & simple a lil’ bitch….

  • Milosc

    Dana White seems like a complete douchebag

  • Ray Lane

    Call me crazy, but I think Dana was speaking metaphorically when he said “he can’t buy a ticket”. I don’t think he meant that literally.

    • Cptmats

      Or maybe he actually meant he will have a picture of Couture hanging up at ticket counters across the counrty with the words “Do not sell tickets to this man” !

      • JimmyPettishardo

        Can’t Couture have his ex-wife buy two and get one from her?

  • the ripper

    UFC and Dana White made Randy what he is. They gave inducted him into the UFC hall of Fame. They made him the face of the UFC at one point. Randy has s*** on the UFC numerous times. I totally understand Dana’s frustration and anger with Randy. C’mon Randy, have some respect for the organization that made you.