If Jose Aldo Moves Up, “What Makes Sense is Cub Swanson vs. Chad Mendes” for Featherweight Title

February 6, 2014
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Cub Swanson vs Chad MendesWhile everyone’s focus has been on UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo vacating his belt to move up to 155 pounds to challenge current champion Anthony Pettis, there’s another matter that needs to be addressed.

If and when Aldo makes the move, who gets the shot at his vacated belt?

Well, UFC president Dana White has an answer for that.

“It would probably be – listen, I’m not making a fight announcement here or anything – but what would make sense is Cub Swanson and Chad Mendes would probably be fighting for that title, and Pettis and Aldo would fight at 155,” said White on Wednesday night’s Fox Sports Live.

Mendes is currently the UFC’s No. 1 ranked featherweight, while Swanson is ranked No. 4. The fight makes sense, even though Frankie Edgar and Ricardo Lamas currently hold the second and third spots, respectively.

Edgar and Lamas each has a recent loss to Aldo. The champion has defeated Mendes and Swanson, as well, but they are both currently riding extended winning streaks.

Mendes (16-1) lost to Aldo in early 2012, but has since won five consecutive fights, all but one via knockout.

Aldo defeated Swanson (20-5) when the two were still fighting in the WEC in 2009. Swanson is also on a five-fight winning streak, since his most recent loss.

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  • Mike

    Mendes beat Swanson already. so i say Mendes will win again. the roll hes on cant be overlooked

  • Maddawgmar

    I say Mendes/Lamas then Edgar/Swanson. Winner fight for title. I don’t see why Aldo has to vacate his title to fight Pettis. Only if he wins and decides to stay there..

    • Jacob K

      I agree. He vacates if he beats Pettis. Otherwise why risk it? Unless he wants to move up permanently anyway.
      If the UFC reassllllly wants Aldo Pettis they should let Aldo keep his fw belt if he looses. And if he wins he should keep both belts for one day so he can be a two division champ for one day.

      • JDMMA

        plus It’d be great for Marketing ALDO in the future for UFC,,, like they still do with Hendo (2 consecutive pride championships)

  • Nobody is mentioning BJ Penn. Let’s see what happens with him and Frankie. I really would love to see Mendes vs Edgar but BJ’s return delayed that big time. None of these other guys are going to be a dominant champion like Aldo, I can see the title switching hands a few times. All those guys are capable of beating each other on any given night. Jose was just on a different level.


    There’s no one left at Featherweight whom Aldo hasn’t already decisively whipped !!!


    What about the “Zombie”. Before he lost to Aldo (by injury) he steamrolled everyone else. He should at least be considered or at least get a #1 contender fight IMO. Plus he sells tickets unlike any other lighter weight fighter besides Aldo.

  • Marcelo Araujo

    Zombie could and should be in this TS..period

    • Maddawgmar

      I agree, he did do better than Lamas did. So he definately should in the talk.

  • Matte

    Most fun fight would be Zombie vs Cub!

    On the same card as Aldo vs Pettis.

    Ohh my

  • Chicago

    No matter who they let fight for the belt. zombie, cub, bj, Frankie, or Mendez, the division just got really interesting. hell if Cole Miller wins 2 more fights he might have a shot. all exciting possibilities.

  • Chicago

    Anyone know when the leprechaun comes back? (Conner)

  • J.D.C.D.

    I know this will never happen but I’d love to see some spectacle at a press conference where Aldo will hand over his UFC Title to Dana and then get in the face of Pettis and say something a long the lines of I’m kicking your arse and taking that belt.

  • ltnec7

    How is frankie edgar ranked third? He holds a win over olivera at that divsion… no one else. He is one of my favourite fighters but I do think that rank is incorrect for him. Cub has definitely proved more in that division. On that note I want to see Frankie fight Jeremy Stephens after BJ penn.

  • asd

    How is Mendes ranked no 1?!?! Fools.
    ALDO is the number 1 in the division. Mendes can only be no 2.
    Unless you use the stupid boxing system of only ranking contenders, but then make up your mind how you call it.

  • solo

    Yea, two guys on a hot 5 fight winning streak.
    But personally i feel that only Mendes or Edgar can be dominant champions if Aldo leaves and stays at 155.