If Jose Aldo Moves To 155, He Stays at 155, Says UFC President Dana White

February 27, 2013
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Jose Aldo 045 WEC 48-478x270Following the UFC 157 post-fight press conference, UFC president Dana White told a group of media that Jose Aldo was refusing to fight Anthony Pettis, citing Pettis not deserving the title shot.

White announced on Tuesday that Aldo had relented, agreeing to face Pettis and that the fight would take place as planned on Aug. 3, and that if Aldo won, he would get a crack at the lightweight title.

On Tuesday night’s edition of UFC Tonight, the UFC president said that if Aldo goes to the 155-pound division that he’d have to stay there.  White added that if Pettis defeats Aldo, Pettis would have to say in the featherweight division and defend the title.

“It wasn’t difficult to get the fight. I called (Aldo’s manager) Andre (Pederneiras) yesterday and it took two minutes to get the fight done. He said that after Aldo beats Pettis, he wants to move up to 155 and fight there. I said that was fine, but one of the matchmakers called and said there was a misunderstanding, that he wants to go to 155, win the title, and go back to 145. That’s not happening,” said White.

“If he moves to 155, he stays at 155 and he holds that belt. If Pettis wins the fight, Pettis is going to have to stay at 145 and defend that belt a couple of times.”

Following Aldo’s recent victory over Frankie Edgar at UFC 156, Pettis, the No. 1 contender in the lightweight division, requested the fight with Aldo.

When Aldo and Pettis meet on Aug. 3, it will be two fights in a row that a top lightweight dropped down to the 145-pound division to face the reigning champion, Edgar being the first.

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  • bro

    Last victory of aldo is vs edgar not Renan Barão and not on fuel tv big error lol

  • dettah

    “Following Aldo’s recent victory over Renan Barão at UFC on Fuel TV 7,” ……… HUH???

    • MMAFAN

      Come on Jeff Cain, you gotta to be sharper than that. Not the only error in this article either.

      • RondaKenPish

        Jeff Cain, Damon Martin, Ken Pishna…either they are high 24/7 or just don’t give a f*ck.

  • HA


    • TBonesMMA

      There was never a Aldo/Barao fight… period.

  • MMA Fan

    Aldo fought Renan Barão? In what universe?

  • Another poorly written article.

    • RondaKenPish

      I swear, they need to get some professional writers on this site. This is just dumb.

      • rapidfire

        this website looks like it is run by a bunch of children.

  • So many comments on the error(s) of the article and not the article itself. I enjoy having my account with mmaweekly and talking to all of you fans so I won’t mention any error on the article but to be on topic I think it makes 100% sense for Aldo to stay at 155 if he moves up. Defend it at least once or twice. Then maybe defend the 145 title once or twice. While he defends the 155 title maybe they can get a clear top notch challenger for him at 145. 155 everyone is a threat. That division is sick.

  • shakejunt

    kinda disappointing but i understand why it has to be this way.

  • Chargerchris

    Nobody is begging you to come here and read these articles, if you can do better you should go start your own site and then I will come read your insightful articles on Everything MMA

    • John Mathewson

      With as many articles you guys post there is bound to be mistakes. I still log on every morning and start my day with mma weekly.

  • John Mathewson

    Sounds fair. The fight is a great matchup and it should be interesting to see what happens no matter who wins.