If GSP Wins at UFC 154, Anderson Silva Will Likely Step Into the Octagon to Challenge Him

November 7, 2012
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Anderson Silva vs Georges St-PierreUFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva will be cage side at UFC 154 when Georges St-Pierre faces Carlos Condit for the undisputed welterweight championship.

Silva’s presence is notable for essentially one reason – because he plans on calling out St-Pierre if he’s victorious at UFC 154.

According to UFC President Dana White, Silva will be making the trip to Montreal to root St-Pierre on while he fights Carlos Condit, and then likely step into the Octagon and challenge him when the fight is over.

“There’s no doubt Anderson Silva (is) showing up to cheer Georges St-Pierre on, and he wants him to win this fight. He wants to fight him after. So I would say yes (he will challenge him in the cage),” said White on Wednesday.

Silva last fought at UFC 153 where he toyed with and then dismantled Stephan Bonnar in his home country of Brazil.

Since that time there’s been a lot of speculation for what Silva would do next in his career, and it appears all of his chips are in the basket of facing St-Pierre in a super fight assuming he’s victorious in Montreal.

For his part, St-Pierre could care less that Silva will be lurking cage side while he’s attempting to defend his belt.

“I don’t care about Anderson Silva, he can do whatever he wants, he can go to Florida or stay in Brazil if he wants. I’m focusing on Carlos Condit. That’s all that matters to me,” St-Pierre stated.

The subject of Anderson Silva vs. Georges St-Pierre continued to come up frequently during a media call on Wednesday, but UFC President Dana White down played the notion that the fight is a done deal by any means.

Still with Silva planning on being in Montreal with the idea of calling out St-Pierre when the fight is over, just about everyone will be playing the speculation game until the main event takes place on Nov 17.

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  • Triggerman99

    I don’t really see Silva literally coming into the cage to stand there and call out GSP. That’s just not his style. Maybe he will be coaxed to do so by Dana, though.

  • Mario

    I disagree.

    I can definitely see Anderson getting in there and respectfully challenging GSP if he beats Condit.

    It would be epic!

    • Triggerman99

      I hope he does, because that would just be flat out cool as hell to see. But Silva just doesn’t seem like the kind of guy who does those sort of things. I mean, when has he ever done anything like that before?

    • PJ Brennan

      Needs to be a strict 185 lb contest. Same day as fight. Special fights can bring special rules. GSP is giving up a lot of size, and people are going to judge the quality of the fighters based on this fight.

  • bajafox

    When GSP wins by long boring decision they will have to wake up Anderson first before he even decides wasting his time with GSP

    • Dude rams

      Yah okay buddy don’t watch it then, and if I were condit I’d be thinking of a way to get up

      • bajafox

        I had no plans to watch it since before it was even official…

        • shakejunt

          that’ll show ’em!

          • bajafox

            I always look on the bright side, every time GSP is on the card it puts $50 in my pocket

    • onehitwonder

      I think Silva vs Jones would be better.

  • gnodeb

    well, they probably already have verbal agreement in place… if it happens it will be staged challenging… that is boring…

    • Triggerman99

      All of the challenges are staged. You think they would just let any fighter on the roster just go ahead and Mayhem his way into the cage to challenge the victor? The point is to hype the fight, and that’s exactly what one fighter stepping into the cage to challenge another does.

      • gnodeb

        I know, I just wish they are “as real as it gets”…

  • rdd08

    Dude GSP doesn’t have enough stand up skills to trade with Anderson for more than 3:00 minutes. He doesn’t have enough power, has to punch up, reach more, and is coming off a long time off. This fight is so fixed.

  • bjjmma

    This fight definitely does not excite me. (note to UFC: should’ve made it happen back when people actually wanted to watch it)

  • Chucky Sleeth

    Dana White is really pushing for GSP vs Silva to happen. Silva vs Jones would be a much better fight. GSP would be stupid to take a fight against Silva. Silva vs GSP just doesn’t make since! **** Dana White!!! Silva needs to be calling out Jones!!!

  • stevemcz11

    Look on the bright side haters. Once these two have fought then Silva vs Jones will most likely be next. Then we can watch Jones lay in Silvas guard instead of GSP laying in his guard

  • GSP hopefully finishes Condit in fashion to hype up the Silva fight a bit more.

  • Pineapple Express

    its win-win for ufc if gsp loses he will fight Nick Diaz for sure! 🙂

  • Michiganman

    Although I wud rather see Jones -silva I actually think gsp stands a decent chance if he follows uncle chaels gameplan ,if gsp can take down koscheck at will then what will he do to silva who has zero wrestling, he absolutely cannot stand with him. I do believe though silva has a way of picking fights to his advantage, even being an all time great, I mean he wont fight weidman cus he only wants big fights but he didnt mind stepping up to fight bum bonnar. If I were gsp I wud agree to fight silva if silva agreed in return to fight Jon jones next.

  • William Duke

    this fight makes no sense. the only way i would even remotely be interested is if anderson goes down to 170. anything else would be stupid decision on gsp’s part.

    • PJ Brennan

      At least weigh them an hour before the fight.

  • MCM

    Hendricks or Kampmann should call out the winner in their post fight interview, take the wind out of A.Silva’s sails.

    Or GSP could just say “NO. Talk to me after you fight Jones.”

  • Fleki

    I want him to challenge GSP and I want him to lose… He would never fight a bigger guy who is kicking ass left and right, but he’ll challenge a much smaller guy who just had a surgery and hasn’t fought in over a year.

  • Dean Roberts

    Wow that is brave of Silva! He will step in the ring and fight little GSP but doesn’t even want to talk about Jones. What next Ben Henderson how about Demetrious Johnson or Even Ronda Rousey. Bore off Silva!

  • justme

    Get some balls silva…u challenge the washed up light heavyweights….now try jones……..not someone smaller thn u

    • justme

      Jones and silva afraid of each other……white should b ashamed of those paper champs…..losing respect for UFC

    • Theo

      Lol joke comment by mr justme yet again

      Ure trying to bash anderson for fighting “smaller man” and tell hom to fight jones. Ok but there i can see a problem. He has fought much bigger men in forrest griffin, and dont come up with the Washed up bs againcuz he had just lost lhw belt at the time. And he was on PEDs like many of the men who tryied to beat silva. U say anderson should fight ppl his own size, well guess what JJ isnt his size, matter of fact no other lhw fighter is of jj size.

      Rofl u should think before writing, u sure spend alot of time in foruns and dont seem to know anything about mma rofl

    • JohnnyD

      Where you been he already said he would fight Jones and he never wanted to fight GSP it was the fans that wanted that fight so now because of Dana Silva agreed to the fight Gsp guess you was snorkeling in cape cod and missed everything.

      • jozseffrd

        SILVA never said he’ll fight Jones He said he’ll fight any light bHeavy Weight BUT JONES save that event

  • Sharkey

    I respectfully submit that Silva challenging GSP would take some of the pressure off Silva/Jones for now and with that in mind, I see it as a real possibility.

  • Phil

    If Dana lets this happen it just shows what a bitch he is. I wanted to see this fight when they first started talking about it but when that piece of shit silva said he wanted to fight George because he thought it would be a eazy fight I thought if he gets that fight now it just shows how corrupt the UFC is getting. They are quickly pulling away from the sport and making it all about money

  • koojo

    Any GSP fight is awesome so bring it on Silva and stand in line 🙂

  • Jak

    Funny Silva just stated that he had better things to do than to fight Jones and said it would take 50% of the UFC to get him to do so. He certainly won’t get 50% of the UFC to fight St. Pierre. Obviously then, Anderson doesn’t have better things to do than fight GSP. This is yet another dodge by Anderson to avoid risking his “legacy”. Not that I give him a win of St. Pierre, but Jones is obviously a bigger threat, and when there is threat on the table Silva will take any opportunity to avoid it. He is the worst current champion in the UFC for this reason.

    • Triggerman99

      You do know he was being sarcastic when he said that, right?

    • jozseffrd

      You’re totally right I could not have said it my self!I just want to add that this challenge can bite back at him coz Even though GSP is much smaller because of his talent,smart fighting technic and athletic power he has a chance to beat Silva.Rashad Evens said about GSP in an Interview that,He(GSP) was taking him down at will in practice,he could not believe it how strong GSP is for his size!!

  • Jozsef Menyhart

    It is not the best for the UFC–cause GSP-just got back from injury–and if this fight goes next –shame on Silva.He should lurking around Jones cage first.

  • Jozsef Menyhart

    I’m sorry GSP.-but you need a little time.

  • Jozsef Menyhart

    It is a ***** steps from Silva(sorry to say that)–he should lurking around Jones cage first.Than GSP

  • Jozsef Menyhart

    It is unfair from Silva –he should lurking first Jones cage–
    G S P just got back from injury

  • What’s with all the negative comments guys?? I think it’ll be a great fight, and I don’t believe GSP is as much of an underdog as everyone seems to think. GSP has out game planned just about every top fighter that’s been put in front of him by a country mile. I think he’s only lost 1 round out of the last 25. . Sure my money is definitely on SIlva, but it certainly won’t be an easy fight, in fact I think it’ll easily be the toughest of Silva’s career. . This is the fight everyone was clamouring for before Jon Jones arrived on the scene. . I’m still excited to see it. . I just hope Carlos Condit (whom I also rate very highly) doesn’t spoil the party!!

    • PJ Brennan

      Needs to be a strict 185 lb fight. Same day as fight.

  • gnodeb

    I don’t get all this anger toward Silva. If he does this it will be because UFC made him to, because “fans” are crying for it for years. If you want to hate somebody, hate “fans”, whiteout them this won’t be possible..

  • LunchDrunk

    People who are not impressed by a GSP-Silva fight should just stop watching MMA. They probably won’t be impressed by anything else that will happen in the future.

  • Jozsef Menyhart

    My point is this—-G S P just got back from injury.Silva is in shape.Tell me –is this fair!And Silva was fighting already bigger guys to show how good he is…..than first he should fight Jones.

    • PJ Brennan

      They need to make same day weigh ins. Or since Silva would be challenging him, he cut weight.

  • This fight is not as interesting as it used to be. I see GSP most likely losing Spider is too big too strong of a striker!!!!
    Anderson vs Jones Gsp(if he beats Condit) vs Nick Diaz much better matchup’s for both!!!!!!!

  • ECL

    I have to go with Tito Ortiz on this one, Silva is just a naturally bigger man than GSP. This fight makes no sense for GSP. I think Silva is fixated on GSP instead of Jon Jones because he believes he has a better shot of beating the smaller man. Anderson, put aside the love affair you and JBJ have going on and “call-out” the guy you should be fighting.

  • Dela

    Please don’t do this, it is so stupid and only waste more time for the fighters in this division. The champ has been out for two years and needs to defend his belt to deserving challengers who want the title, not fight Silva…..so stupid…. A super fight should only happen when both champs have cleaned out their division and that gives GSP a lot of work to do at 170. The jones/silva fight is the only way to go for now. If GSP and Silva want this fight they need to vacate their belts and then fight the new champs next year.

  • What is with all the GSP haters..the man is arguably the num. 1 P4P. Maybe num. 2 behind Silva, only because hes been out for over a year…either way it will be an amazing fight.

  • Granfan

    Here we go – down the path of ‘Rassling’. When a fighter gets into the ring to challenge another, will he be expected to start throwing chairs, etc., too? What crap!

  • Greg2791

    GSP’s knee recovery must be worse than he let on, and Dana knows it. He has to get as much out of him that he can now…

  • Steve

    Who really wants to see a fight between Gsp and silva? Ome on UFC give us silva jones!

  • roglij

    Silva would not do something like that he has to much class

  • Anderson calling out GSP would be the p u s s y move of the decade, as the real test of Anderson would OBVIOUSLY be Jon Jones.