If GSP Isn’t Healthy, Martin Kampmann Ready for Condit Rematch

June 15, 2012
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The waiting game for a fighter is sometimes the toughest spot in the world to sit in, but Martin Kampmann is completely okay with that right now.

The battle tested welterweight is coming off two hard fought wars in recent months in which he submitted Thiago Alves and then knocked out Jake Ellenberger, putting him in prime position as a top contender in the welterweight division.

The only problem is everyone is still waiting on word from UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre that he’ll officially be ready to return in November and face interim champion Carlos Condit at UFC 154.

If that happens, Kampmann will face Johny Hendricks on the same card in November, with the winner getting a shot at the title.

Right now, however, after a busy start to 2012, Kampmann is ready to deal with a few nagging injuries and spend some much needed time with his family.

“I’m looking forward just to taking some time off and come home and see the family, and heal up. Then when I come back, I’ll be 100-percent and back in hard training mode,” Kampmann told MMAWeekly Radio after his win at The Ultimate Fighter Finale.

Kampmann just underwent minor knee surgery to clean up some problems he’s had for his last few fights in the Octagon, and then he’s headed home to Denmark for an entire month to see his friends and family.

Upon his return, Kampmann will be ready to conquer whatever challenge the UFC puts in front of him.

The most notable match-up would be a shot at the UFC welterweight title, and if Georges St-Pierre won’t be ready by November, interim champ Carlos Condit has stated he would gladly face Kampmann instead.

See, Kampmann welcomed Condit to the UFC back in April 2009 and proceeded to hand the former WEC champion a split decision loss, which stands as his only defeat inside the Octagon.

Kampmann knows Condit wants a rematch, and if it just so happens that there’s a title on the line, all the much better.

“Sounds great to me, I’m down, I want to fight Carlos. I want to get that title,” Kampmann said.

“Carlos, he wants that rematch; he’s told me so himself. Of course now that he’s got the belt, I’d be more than happy to give it to him. It’s a perfect opportunity for me to step in.”

The unfortunate side of this whole scenario is that it’s all predicated on St-Pierre’s presumable return. If he’s healthy and ready to go by November, he’ll face Condit in a title unification bout.

If he’s not ready, Kampmann is more than ready to step in against Condit, but his opinion doesn’t matter, and neither does Condit’s in the big picture.

It’s all up to the UFC.

“I can’t do much besides waiting and heal up,” said Kampmann. “If it’s a title fight, I’ll take that on any day. I can’t do much, I can’t change stuff how everything’s going to go in the UFC. The UFC makes all the decisions in the end.”

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  • If Georges isn’t ready, Hendricks deserves the first shot. He’s more than earned it.

    • MaritalArtist

      I could see it going either to kamp or big rig, but kamp’s been screwed out of a tile shot more than once (some would say). He has certainly paid his dues more than relatively new guy big rig. I think it should be Kampmann, even though I like johny a lot.

      • MaritalArtist

        Before Kampmann beat ellenberger, I would’ve said give the title shot to johny.

  • If Georges isn’t ready then Hendricks should get the first shot. With a record of 8-1 in the UFC (13-1 overall) and 4 straight wins over good opponents he’s more than earned it. To let Kampmann cut in line would be wrong.

  • What’s up with the comments section? I post and it won’t show.

    / /( . )( . )\ \

  • joan

    If GSP is unable to fight in november its time to strip him of the belt and make Condit the Champion. And when he comesback, then make him fight a couple times before having a shot to the title again. Too much preferential treatment GSP receive from the UFC. Enough BS already.

    • MaritalArtist

      I agree with the belt being taken away, but I don’t think he needs to fight twice to get a title shot. Maybe if he were out like 4 years, but he’s only been out of commission for 1 1/2 years. Plus, he’s on par with AS, jones and aldo in terms of greatness. He’s a top 4 pound for pounder.

      If jones were out for over a year, would you make him fight 2 fights first?


    Condit would get him now ! Could be a good one. Id pay for it . like to see Ellenberger vs Hendrix too!I mean could u imagine what johnny’s face would look like after that fight lol???????

  • maddawgmar

    So the waiting game continues. November is a long time away. There can be another fight sueezed in there, say Hendricks. And the winner would still be ready for a shot in case GSP isn’t ready. And if it does go down they way it should the fight between GSP/Condit winner and Kampmann/Hendricks winner face off at the end of Jan. 2013. By that time it’ll be close to Diaz suspension is up and he is right back in the picture. Bottom line stop the waiting game and the WW division title picture will be really interesting.


    Ellenberger rematch! lol

  • MaritalArtist

    Ellenberger is no joke. He almost won that last fight, really a close one! Johny vs ellenberger sounds awesome, and if Hendricks wins, then there can be no doubt as to whom the next title shot belongs.

    This is all under the assumption that GSP’s still recovering by Nov.