If Given the Chance, Lyoto Machida Wants to Fight at 185 in the UFC

February 21, 2013
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Lyoto Machida at UFC 104

Lyoto Machida

Lyoto “The Dragon” Machida says he can make the 185-pound division and wants to fight at middleweight at some point during his UFC tenure.

The former light heavyweight champion will not fight his friend and training partner, middleweight titleholder Anderson Silva, but wants to challenge himself in the lighter weight class and says the UFC can pick his opponent.

“Maybe I can fight in both classes. Everybody saw that I drink water before I get on the scale,” Machida said during the UFC 157 open workouts on Wednesday.  “If I have the chance, I want to fight at 185 in the UFC.

“Not a title shot.  The champion is my friend, Anderson Silva.  He’s the number one pound-for-pound in the world, but I can do a couple of challenges,” he said.  “The UFC can choose for me.”

Machida (18-3) has fought his entire career at light heavyweight or higher.  There are some that are skeptical whether he can make the cut.  He was walking around between 210 and 212 pounds on Wednesday, but Machida plans to prove the critics wrong.

“I can and I’m going to show them,” He said.

Machida takes on Dan Henderson in the co-main event at UFC 157: Rousey vs. Carmouche on Saturday.  A win could put him in line for a title shot in the light heavyweight division.

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  • Gio

    He can make the cut and he’l be just as good or better.

    • Cereal Killer

      He’ll have to make the cut after Dan knocks him out cold!

      • Chris M

        that didnt happen!

  • rapidfire

    this is getting really tiresome.
    if you don’t want to fight your friend, then quit or go to other fight organization.this is a professional sport. these guys take it too personally and make it such a big deal.
    close friends fight(ok play) against each other all the time in all other sports such as football, basketball, baseball,etc who train together.

    • Chris M

      shows the type of person you are willing to fight your close friends! ppl have morales unlike you!

      • bmc92

        this is a combat sport you fool not a friendship club. why would you train to get to such a high level like the ufc and then throw away your chance at glory because your friends with the champion it defeats the purpose of what you have worked all your life for.

        • Chris M

          who said throw away your chance at glory its your decision as a fighter! your not in his spot your just dreaming about it!

      • Cereal Killer

        Wow, I would not have a problem challenging a friend to an MMA match. A lot of these guys actually like each other and still fight. They stand up when the bell rings and shake hands, sometimes even hug and laugh together! I took karate for a few years and you sometimes have to fight your friend in tournaments. Didn’t even think about it, you just did it!

      • Chris M

        yea bc money rules the world!

    • Chris M

      and your an idiot for comparing basketball and baseball just team sports in general to mma

      • Jerm137

        that’s not fair, I’m sure he is an idiot for other reasons also……..

    • bajafox

      He is considering a few fights at 185, he didn’t say anything about making a title run. No need to jump to conclusions and get your panties in a wad over it

      • Lucas Freire

        The problem is that going down to 185 as a lhw contender would be a title shot at first.
        The LHW is MUCH more competitive than the MW,if Rashad went down,he would get the title shot. What can anyone say about Lyoto?

    • Scotty_O

      When ever me and my friends get together, there’s a pretty strong chance someone’s fighting someone. And we do this for fun, and as friends, and we’re not even fighters. Give us 100k each with a 100k win bonus, and holy $hit watch is slug it out. Too bad real fighter couldn’t look at it the same way.

    • drkdisciple

      Don’t forget poker! loll

  • jjk

    this is why Dan is going to Knock him out

  • Chris M

    it will b a good fight but all you have to do is watch the right hand of henderson! thats his biggest weapon!

  • disqus_7MyjU7dzSa

    Dan knock him out, ha! Shows you tools know nothing about MMA. Anyone with a brain would realize this is the worst possible stylistic matchup for Hendo. Styles make fights, noobs, not who you bet on that week.

    • RondaKenPish

      we do have noobs, young kids, and uneducated adults on this site.

      And yes!! Machida is Hendo’s nightmare. Machida is not going to get in a slug fest with Hendo like Shogun.

      Machida is gonna use his superior speed and footwork to tire Hendo out in the first round and then in the second or third go for the kill when old Hendo is huffing and puffing.

      I expected a KO win EVEN THOUGH HENDO has never been KOed before, although Anderson and Wandy dropped him for a sec.

  • tmaisons

    So he’ll move down and take on top competition while also (if he wins) ruins their chances at a title shot and in turn won’t fight for the title if AS is the champ. So basically move down for fun and screw up other contenders hopes and dreams then let it go to waste cause someone is your friend? I’m honestly a Lyoto fan but this is bs.

  • Chael Sonnen

    Good Night Hendooooooooooooo!!!!