If Georges St-Pierre Wants Anderson Silva Next, Johny Hendricks Will Have to Wait… Again

April 18, 2013
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Georges St-PierreAll the superfight talk has died down to a dull roar… right?


It just picked up again.

Jon Jones is scheduled to fight Chael Sonnen at UFC 159 next week in New Jersey. Anderson Silva squares off with Chris Weidman in July at UF 162 in Las Vegas. Georges St-Pierre is coming off of a dominant victory over Nick Diaz and is expected to defend his belt against Johny Hendricks.

The Jones and Silva fights are on the docket and will take place, save for injury or some other unexpected disruption. St-Pierre vs. Hendricks, however, is still not set in stone if you ask UFC president Dana White.

“I am literally going to call Georges St-Pierre today and I’m gonna see what he wants to do,” said White at a UFC on Fox 7 media scrum in San Jose, Calif., on Thursday. “If Jones beats (Sonnen), then we gotta wait for Anderson. Anderson’s gotta beat Weidman.”

But if those two fights play out as anticipated – with Jones and Silva winning – expect the superfight talk to reach new heights.

White admitted that St-Pierre is penciled in to put his belt up against Hendricks, but if St-Pierre opens the Anderson Silva door, the UFC’s head honcho will leap through.

“If Georges says to me, ‘I want to fight Anderson Silva,’ do you think I’m gonna go, ‘No you’re not, you’re fighting Johny Hendricks?’” posited White.

He added that Hendricks could still get a title fight with St-Pierre, but if St-Pierre wanted Silva, then Hendricks would have to wait.

“If (St-Pierre) lost that fight, he’d still be 170 (champion); he’d go down and fight Hendricks for the title.”

It’s all floating around in the ether, however, as White explained that this is all just chatter about what might or might not happen. He really just wants to talk to his welterweight champion and get the ball rolling on what’s next for him.

“I’m just feeling him out. I’m calling up saying, ‘So, you had a long time off. You had a vacation. So what’s up? What are you thinking about?’”

But while we’re talking “what ifs,” what if St-Pierre tells White that he in fact does want to fight Silva next AND what if Jon Jones beats Chael Sonnen and then tells White he too wants Silva for his next fight?

“If they both want it? That’s a good problem to have,” declared White, deploying his Cheshire grin. “I like that problem.”

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    i’d rather see silva vs gsp hahaha durrrrrr

  • Reed

    If this….if that..shut the fk up!

    • Dimitris Theofilopoulos

      get back on your meds fucktard

    • droppinknowledge

      the title literally started with “if”. and you clicked on it…expecting different…and wrote what you just wrote. in the development ages of your life you were clearly stupid and never made progress….

      • falloniousWolf

        But this is supposed to be MMA news site.

        This is like Time magazine having a front cover titled “If Obama becomes a republican…”

    • learn to Reed before you click on the post…it said “if”

    • Guest

      sand in your vagine….biotch


    i would rather see Silva ..Jones

    • droppinknowledge

      right…let’s get overly picky…awesome contribution buddy…whining about GSP vs Silva….

      • MICHAEL

        ……..(‘(…´…´…. ¯~/’…’)
        ……….”…………. _.·´

        • theRealbajafox

          Way to apply yourself. Maybe you should try this hard at school and work!!!

      • i dont see any whining….looks like he was just putting his opinion down…..now thats droppinknowledge son

        • droppinknowledge

          Really? Maybe it’s too subtle for you. It’s like a Match Maker saying “alright I’m trying to get Sugar Ray Robinson vs Roy Jones Jr” and somebody saying “BOOOOO! I’D RATHER SEE MUHAMMAD ALI VS MIKE TYSON!”

          It’s like there’s talks of a dream match up and all you can talk about is a DIFFERENT match up?

          Silly Rabbit. Tricks are for kids.

          • marcus miles

            Ali and tyson are from two different erras while jones and silva are from the same. Its a relevant match up jones and silva and a better one. at least those two fight in the same div.

          • droppinknowedge

            Good lordy, hey Dick Cheney, you completely wiffed on comprehending the content…go back and try again..

          • Marcus Miles

            no i got the content. You wanted to put someone down for a comment and used the stupidest example to do so. I think on every comment you put here you talked sh&t. If someone wanted to see Anderson vs jones, its a realistic match up because both are in their prime at the same time. its not far fetched at all. You used an example to put Joshua Ross down, that could never be done in the first place because Ali was in his prime while tyson was knocking off liquor stores in Brooklyn and when Tyson was in his prime Ali was figuring out he was sick. At least Joshua has a fantasy fight that makes sense.

  • Sir_Roy

    If it came down to choice, it’s smarter for Silva to fight GSP first. Georges is the surer bet and the more lucrative fight. Silva losing to Georges is less likely than Silva losing to Jones. If Silva does fight Jones first, and loses, Georges would probably prove less interested in signing on the dotted line and Silva would miss out on the bigger paycheck.

  • bogmer

    I believe that GSP and Silva is the REAL supper fight. Both have dominated there division for too long and are super stars. I don’t think it would be a fair fight but GSP has a chance to win.

    GSP hasn’t lost since 2007 and Silva since 2006.

    • droppinknowledge

      REAL supper fight! I’m hungry!

    • Lawdog1521

      The last supper fight! Jesus versus Judas, live on pay per view!

  • Guest

    He’s not feeling him out; he’s planting a $eed! ANd he will have to pay GSP big – because brand GSP may be worth more if he remains undefeated.

    You know Dana wants Silva v GSP first knowing Silva will probably take it. And then face Jones who has a size advantage and therefore a better chance at an upset.

    As someone else said if Jones fights Silva first and pulls off an upset, the GSP fight may not be as profitable. The GSP match sets up his team mate Jones’ fight perfectly.

    And if George pulls off the upset the rematch will eclipse the original in PPVs or any future Silva-Jones fight.

    If GSP looses to Silva it’s no big deal because Anderson is quite a bit larger and GSP can remain middleweight champ and still be regarding as a top pound for pound guy. Pound for pound doesn’t mean you can beat any guy in any division. It only refers to your skill set when fighting guys your weight. GSP has a built in excuse – he’s the smaller guy – and not just a little bit like when a guy moves up in weight in boxing.

    • Droppinknowledge

      In a dream world of Jones vs Silva vs GSP that all sounds perfect. Let’s get one match up before we hold off all LHW, MW, and WW championship matches to get a dream time round robin.

      • Guest

        You’re right – it should read since 2007 or continues his undefeated streak.

    • ive read the top part 2 times over and am confused…pay GSP big for undefeated….hes lost twice…..i dont understand that statement

  • deviltime

    gsp fights hendricks it wont be any good gsp be dead now cant do super fight no point haha then again anderson will smash him either way grease saint pierre your getting f’d up haha thank you

    • Duxan1

      We keep hearing crap like that before everyone of his fights. Blowjob Penn calling on his mommy again because he didn’t like being assraped by gsp with vaseline?

      • droppinknowledge

        BJ Penn is a WARRIOR. He’ll fight OUT of his weight class UNLIKE GSP. BJ Penn fought Machida as a HW for christ sakes. And BJ vs GSP 1 is one of the premium examples of why the 10-9 point system is flawed.

        • Duxan1

          Warriors don’t give up, my friend. Gsp once fought with a pulled groin. Blowjob surrendered to gsp during a break.

  • kow

    of course dana wouldnt keep his word, just like all other money hungry politicians out there f****** who cares what the right thing is ill do what ever makes me more money.

    • Droppinknowledge

      it’s embarrassing how often “fight fans” (who clearly don’t understand the business) say dana white doesn’t keep his word. educate yourself on the fight business you idiot….dana doesn’t have as much leverage as you think he does…fighters can pick their own match ups if their in the position to do so. clearly your a meat head that speaks off emotion and not accuracy.

  • Droppinknowledge

    White admitted that St-Pierre is penciled in to put his belt up against Hendricks, but if St-Pierre opens the Anderson Silva door, the UFC’s head honcho will leap through.

    “If Georges says to me, ‘I want to fight Anderson Silva,’ do you think I’m gonna go, ‘No you’re not, you’re fighting Johny Hendricks?’” posited White.


    that should be the entire article. journalistic filler was the rest. gsp won’t fight anderson silva without a ton of pressure and dana hasn’t committed to that. gsp has a tough fight vs hendricks and he has a fight vs anderson that he’d probably lose. doesn’t take a genius to figure that out…all it takes is an OBJECTIVE (re-read that word if you must die hard gsp cheerleaders) mma fan to see that

    • Duxan1

      I agree that the Hendricks fight is safer for the champ. I am not sure I agree with losing to Silva part. We all know Silva struggles against good wrestlers.

      • droppinknowledge

        Eh…that’s kind of a lazy argument. Match up goes WAY farther than a generalization. Georges St Pierre vs Anderson Silva. Analyze that match up. And that goes for anybody. You can learn ALOT about the type of fan an MMA “fan” is by how they answer that question.

        • marcus miles

          Not really. this sport is completely opinionated and objective. who cares what type of fan a fan is. “im a bigger fan because my opinion agrees with the majority” is lame. if people think gsp has an advantage over silva because of wrestleing then that is a solid statement. same way as gsp having a disadvatage to Anderson because of striking and ko power. And if someone is a new fan then cool, you were once a new fan learning the game.

          • droppinknowledge

            So what your saying is you think “GSP is going to control a healthy, motivated, BIGGER Anderson Silva for 25 minutes” is a fair statement? I flat out disagree. Jeeze…even Freddie Roach (who’s worked with both fighters but his loyalty is to GSP) says GSP is flat out too small. I would LOVE to see that fight happen….I think a lot of you would be in for an awakening…

          • Duxan1

            Rashad Evans is bigger than Silva. He once said that gsp was able to control him on the ground. Analyze that.

          • Marcus Miles

            Dude im not saying it will happen. Im saying it is a fair statement. Due to what everyone has seen in the past. I also know that Anderson has way better hands than gsp and that would give GSP a disadvantage . What i am saying is because of how “someone analyses a fight” tells you what type of fan they are is complete bull. I don’t know how this fight will pan out, but yes if GSP got a takedown on Anderson and got position on him, i think GSP would control him for that round or majority of the round. Size will not matter when your on the bottom. If anything Anderson will waste more energy trying to get to his feet than GSP would being on top position. On the other hand if GSP banged on the feet the whole time i think he would be out on the mat because on the feet size does matter and Roach also stated Anderson understands the concept of distance better than GSP. A ll in all whoever neutralizes the others strengths will be victorious and i for one can’t pick which one.

  • Lawdog1521

    GSP don’t want none, son. Unless of course Silva gets hurt or something, then he’ll be all over the place saying how he, “would of”.

    • Sir_Roy

      GSP “don’t want none son” should read “GSP is too business savvy, and has his career too well aligned to make rash moves and untimely decisions”.

      Emphasis on the word “untimely”.

      Georges is smart. We can’t fault him for that. His career is too successful and he’s making too damn much money, for him to go off and take uncalculated risks. He knows Silva is a beast and an uphill battle. He knows a loss to Silva will remove a portion of his polish and risk effecting his PPV draw.

      That said, I disagree with you stating GSP doesn’t want that fight. He wants the fight when and where it’s smartest for him and his career.

      That said, I think he’ll take Silva before Hendricks should the stars align. I also think his knee surgery is the only thing that prevented this fight from happening sooner. These men are business men first and foremost. To say he’s “scared”, or that any fighter is “scared”, is a little shortsighted IMHO.

  • jeremy

    Who cares, it’s another “if” that we been hearing about for years now. I dont care about the “if’s” and sisck of hearing about this unless they both sign to fight. Then that’s a story worth printing.. But not another ”if”.. It’s getting old .. yawn.

    • Droppinknowledge


    • falloniousWolf

      once in a while the 3rd rate journalists in MMAweekly write fantasy novels.

      Pretty much how is this news worthy. The talk of the superfight has been going on for years with GSP always having reasons not to fight Silva.

      Silva beats Weidman….okay….wouldn’t GSP be more scared Silva than before?

      Hendricks may have to wait IF GSP decides to fight Silva. A true statement but how relevant is this statement to reality>???????

      Jones beats Chael there is bigger reason for superfights than before??????? WTF??? Beating Chael adds nothing to Jones’ resume. Chael is not even top 15 at 205!! The dude would get killed by any decent 205er.

      • Olof86

        Wtf u talking about, u drunk?
        Sonnen got superior wrestling then any 205. He easily better then Bader lol

  • Spankz

    We’ll believe it when we see it…. Anderson and Jones probably will win… then what? nothing as usual. just say some s*** about a superfight to the fans that will never happen. argggh!

  • igsasib

    I’d rather see Jones – Silva for the simple reason that the LHW division doesn’t seem to me to have an obvious challenger (hence Soenen) that gets us all excited while St. Pierre has a viable opponent who is a real threat and could make an exciting fight. Obviously, the money for Silva – St. Pierre is the biggest factor (which btw, WHERE do they hold this? Brazil? Montreal? Neutral turf?).

    • Droppinknowledge

      I mean, Everybody wants Silva vs Jones because I think that’s a better match up where as Silva is a clear favorite vs GSO…but LHW is stacked. If Silva beats Weidman and GSP beats Hendricks those weight classes are as good as swept. Watch out for Glover Teixeira. That dudes been beast for years.

  • Raphael Mastro

    A lot of people complaing about the “IF” factor. I get that, i really do. However, if you look at the landscape of 185 and 205 and GSP Vs. Hendricks can happen regardless what happens bc in the super fight titles wont change hands…This is it for real now. With a Jones and Silva Victory, thats it for a very long time. And you want these super fights while GSP is winning, it might not sell as much if GSP loses to Hendricks, and to be honest these guys all dont like sitting around waiting. So, as long as Hendricks doesnt have a say but his title shot is reserved, with Jones and Silva winning any mix up with these 3 fighters finally can happen. This would absolutely be “The Perfect Storm”.

  • Darin

    GSP won’t take a risk like Silva until he acknowledges he is on the downslope of his career and he wants to cash out.

  • No offense to Jon Jones but GSP deserves the shot at Silva more then anyone. He’s been in the UFC since 04′ and has defended his title against everybody thrown at him. He deserves a shot to go up in weight and test himself. Jon Jones still has many contenders left like Gustaf, Phil Davis, Glover Tex, Henderson, Gegard and a possible rematch with Machida. All of those fights are great fights for him. Hendricks earned his top spot but this is business and GSP has been around longer. Dana even said he will get his shot he will just have to wait. In the meantime I would be pissed and call out Nick Diaz to stay active and make some money. Liddell did it with Sobral.

  • Lord-of-Gaming

    man, I love silva, st pierre, and jones… I don’t really want to see them fight each other , it’s like Zeus vs Aries, or clash of the titans. A loss in a super fight would taint a legacy… Alas though, it seems it will happen, I see it like this Jones>Silva>GSP imo… I am not saying that heavier fighters are necessarily better, but in terms of the weapons these fighters have, Jones is a freak of nature, Silva is a master tactician, and GSP is phenom lol.

  • justin_e

    never gonna happen.

  • MMAreality

    As much as I would like to see one, I am tired of this super fight talk it is never going to happen. Lets focus on real fights that fighters are going to agree to.

  • Randi

    Matchmakers should pick a card and set a date for Johnny and George now…..Weidman is going to beat Silva…

  • Cuntlick

    GSP vs Silva will only happen on a Xbox 360!

  • Tvo

    The first 3-way fight in the UFC!

  • crash120ca

    I would love it if GSP took the fight just to crap all over Hendricks parade again, all his “calling out” bs, its been laughable, he’s trying to pull what Diaz did but he just doesnt carry that merit, haha make him wait GSP!!