If Daniel Cormier Wins and Stays at Heavyweight, He Gets Title Shot in the UFC

May 27, 2012
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The all-heavyweight card at UFC 146 got more than a little bit of attention with every fight ending in either the first or second round with some dramatic finishes.

Junior Dos Santos solidified his spot at the top heavyweight in the sport with a dominant knockout win over Frank Mir, while former champion Cain Velasquez may have secured a rematch for the title after obliterating Strikeforce transfer Antonio ‘Bigfoot’ Silva.

One name that wasn’t on Saturday’s card but still managed to get some attention was newly crowned Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix winner Daniel Cormier.

The one time Olympian impressed just about everyone with his rousing and dominant performance to defeat Josh Barnett to win the Grand Prix title, and put his name on the short list of potential contenders for the UFC heavyweight title.

UFC President Dana White admits that he’d rather see Cormier at 205lbs, but says that his performance has certainly earned him a spot among the best heavyweights in the sport.

“Yes, he will end up coming over to the UFC. The thing is I’d love to see the guy go down to 205. I think he’s a small heavyweight over here,” White said at the UFC 146 post fight press conference.

“Listen, I respect Josh Barnett, he did work Barnett. Barnett fights like once a year, I’m not taking anything away from Barnett, but it’s a whole other ballgame over here.”

Cormier has talked in the past about his inability to cut down to 205lbs due to an issue with his kidneys that also prevented him from wrestling in the 2008 Olympics.

Like many fighters before him, White certainly has his preference for their weight class, but won’t dictate to anyone what division they will fight in.

“I’m not telling him, the guy wants to stay at heavyweight, I’m not going to tell him where to go, but I think it would be a good move for him to go to 205,” said White.

Cormier will eventually make his way to the UFC, but not before at least one more fight in Strikeforce later this year. The Grand Prix champion will first have surgery on Monday to repair a broken hand suffered in the fight against Barnett, and then he will look to return later this year for his final fight in the promotion.

The most positive news for Cormier on Saturday night however was with a continued winning streak, he will have a title shot awaiting him upon his arrival.

“If he comes over and wants to fight for the heavyweight championship, yes,” White answered when asked if Cormier would get an automatic title shot for his first fight in the UFC.

Now it’s up to Cormier to win his last fight in Strikeforce, and then it appears the former Olympian will have the chance to add more gold to his collection when he comes to the UFC.

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  • Coming from a minor league into the biggest league and getting an immediate title shot? That seems like a pretty big jump.

    • The_Sheriff

      It seems like the fights he’s won to get to this point put together with a win over the right fighter in his last strikeforce fight should make him worthy of a title shot. It’s every bit as comparable if not better than Frank Mir’s latest win streak (granted he wouldn’t have gotten the shot without Overeem’s “help”). That right final opponent in strikeforce should be Overeem in my opinion. I feel like it makes sense for Cormier because fighting the last Strikeforce Heavyweight Champion wouldn’t be a step down and Overeem isn’t a guy who lost in the Grand Prix. For Overeem if he was willing to move over to Strikeforce for a fight it could give him the goodwill with the UFC to earn that title shot (provided he stays “healthy”).

    • mrsister

      This is a pretty stupid comment. Comier could kill JDS or vice versa – who knows. I think you have been listening to Dana talk about the UFC and ‘the best in the world’ too long. UFC has told you they have the best fighters in the world and you’ve believed them. This doesn’t mean it’s true. The current lightweight and welterweight (interim) champs are from the WEC. Seems like the was the talk when the two organizations merged – how were these minor leaguers from the WEC going to compete with the best fighters in the world? The WEC had better lightweights than the UFC – that’s a fact. Strikeforce could have better heavyweights than the UFC also. You don’t know.

  • AdamBianski

    I agree I think he should have to fight two or three fights before a title shot. I just hope Dana doesn’t ruin his career by making him drop weight.

  • Dana just makes me roll my eyes. I wonder sometimes if he remembers what he said before.
    He wants someone to challenge JJ and he says Cormier should go down, and Big Country should go down yada yada yada.

  • alhmiel

    I believe Cormier beats Jon Jones at say a 230lb limit.

    • DrkDisciple

      There is no 230lb division. It is a none factor to say that a guy can beat another at weight class that does not exist nor is it about to exist. The real questions are can Cormier beat JDS at Heavyweight? Can Cormier beat Bones at 205? The answer to both questions in NO!

      • Cptmats

        the answer to both is a def yes !

        • DrkDisciple

          lolllllllllllllllllllllllll …………….lollllllllllllllllllllllllllll….lolllllllllllllllllllllllllll. I cannot believe you were not laughing when you wrote that 🙂

          • Cptmats

            both are def possible, you be an idiot to think other wise.

        • You missed your calling as a stand-up comic!

      • joeshine

        Do live under a rock? Henderson versus Fedor?? Cormier beats Jon Jones at a catch weight of 225 or 230lbs. dumb idea? not.

  • phrankthetank

    Nick Diaz comes over and is offered an immediate title shot (before he fucked it up), no-one bats an eyelash, if Melendez comes over and gets and immediate shot, people will cheer. But if Cormier gets an immediate shot its a problem? Make up your minds people.

    • AdamBianski

      No he had to fight BJ first.

      • AdamBianski

        Never mind I think I’m wrong was that supposed to be GSP, is that when he got hurt I can’t remember off of the top and I’m not taking the time to look it up.

        • phrankthetank

          He was supposed to fight GSP but then bailed on 2 press conferences and got pulled for the fight. Then GSP got hurt.

  • b-soc

    Please, no BS catchweight fights – they prove nothing. If Cormier is getting a title shot if he wins one more time, it should be against a top level UFC heavyweight, not a Strikeforce heavyweight considering what came out of that tournament.

  • MaritalArtist

    Inserting another weight class between LHW and HW might be a bad idea because there aren’t as many fighters at HW. Currently we have 10 lbs separating the 125-135-145-155 classes, 15 lbs separating the 155-170-185 classes, then 20 more lbs to the LHW class. This all makes sense because as the weight increases, the percentage of weight more or less stays the same.

    If you were going to add a class, I would make the classes:

    If you want to keep the welterweight class at 170 so GSP doesnt have a hissy-fit, then just keep the MW at 185 too, and change LHW to 200, and add a class at 215.

    Or keep things as is. Either way.

    • AdamBianski

      Why take the time to type all of that no one read it.

  • Booker T

    No, Don’t water down the weight classes anymore. Boxing went from eight to seventeen weight classes. We don’t need to go the way of boxing.

  • BlackDog2009

    What the hell is DW talking about, saying that Cormier should go down. He’s already throwig half ass opinions and clearly doesn’t know who Cormier has beaten. Newsflash DW, Cormier beat up the guy that Cain beat up last night (Bigfoot), Cormier decisively beat up Barnett, a much more accomplished MMA hw than the likes of Pat BArry, Mitrione, Kongo, and Shaub. Cormier won a hw tournament where the likes of Werdum, Overeem, Fedor, Arlowsky, Rogers, Kharatanov, Bigfoot, Barnett, DelRosario could not get the job done! NEWSFLASH Mr.White, Cormier is the real deal, a much better hw athlete than most of UFC’s current roster!

    • BlackDog You’re the Man.Cormier is a World Class Athlete and one of the top 3 Heavy Weights in the World.A year and half ago the Strikeforce H Weight division was better(at least on paper)then the UFC.Dana White is such an idiot”well he beat Barnett,but it’s a whole other ballgame over here”WTF is that idiot talking about?Beside JDS,Valesquez and Overeem Barnette would destroy anyone in the UFC and even against those 3 guys he would have a chance.Don’t forget Barnett broke his hand very badly with the first punch he trew,did u see his X-ray picture now it was bad a clean break and dislocation much worse then Cormier.If he had his hand he would have gotten that knee bar on Daniel in the 3.rd rnd he had it just couldn’t hold it with the broken hand.And I think Cormier’s victory over Silva was more impressive then Cain’s coz Daniel KOd Silva standing.Cormiere just as good as Valesquez standing and he’s by far the best wrestler in MMA.And by the way Cormier cannot cut weight to 205 coz his Kidneys.So Dana W is an idiot if he thinks Daniel going to put his health on the line coz Dana thinks he would make a shitload of cash on aq Jones vs Cormier fight.Because that’s all he’s thinking of!!!Cheers my friend take care

  • BlackDog2009

    Reem vs Cormier doesn’t sound bad at all.

    • AdamBianski

      love the idea, comment before made me think to. never really thought of all those guys just of who he beat. Good point.

  • Cptmats

    Anyone who doesn’t think Cormier is worthy of a tittle shot is an Idiot. He’s def top three in the world(#2 imo) and would prob walk through Mir who got a shot last night !

  • You would have to be pretty insecure with yourself to attack others and call them idiots for a difference in opinion IMO.

    • MuayThaiFood

      George, you are one a handful of people commenting on here who have any class. Keep it up.

    • AdamBianski

      Your an idiot.

      • phrankthetank

        You’re. Maybe you should grammar check before you insult someone (sarcastic or not)

        • AdamBianski

          you have to be one sad dude to go through posts looking for grammer errors. no one cares except you this is not an english paper. i guess whatever makes you happy keep at it.

          • Booker T


          • Triggerman99

            I care, too.
            And you spelled grammar wrong.

    • phrankthetank


  • michaelfarquharson

    Cormier didnt just defeat Barnett however. He also defeated Silva,the same guy Cain just fought and defeated. So unless you are saying they are putting Cain Velasquez against minor league people thats taking it a bit far. After Cormier pretty much destroyed both of these guys (and lets face it if Barnett had been man-handled any worse he would have been in a dress) he does deserve a shot in the UFC. Do I think he is ready for JDS? No not yet. But I could see him going against Mir or Carwin as an intro fight and if he wins there getting an immediate title shot.The guy is good,lets face it you dont place 4th in the olympics if you arent, but he needs a few fights against former champions that can still hold their Champion. Also putting him against his team mate Cain to see how hard he is willing to go for this might be a good thing as well. We dont want to see this “hes my friend and I wont fight him,even though its my job” type of BS again as we have seen with fighters in the past. Im not saying he is going to defeat JDS yet,but with some seasoning I do think it would be an incredible fight win,lose or draw. And incredible fights are really what we all want to see.

  • joeshine

    just like Henderson met Fedor at a catch weight one could see Cormier matching up with Joj Jones at say 225lbs. It can happen and Cormier wins.