If Daniel Cormier Drops to Light Heavyweight, He Could Get A Title Shot on “Day One”

April 25, 2013
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Daniel Cormier StrikeforceUFC heavyweight contender Daniel Cormier has a decision to make.  Will he stay at heavyweight or drop down to the 205-pound division?

“I’m going to get with my team this week and we’re going to make a decision,” said Cormier on Tuesday’s edition of UFC Tonight on Fuel TV.

Cormier (12-0) won the Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix.  He’s undefeated and ranked at No. 2 in the official UFC Rankings behind former champion Junior dos Santos.  The problem with deciding to remain at heavyweight, however, is who sits atop the division, Cain Velasquez.

Cormier and Velasquez are friends and training partners and have stated many times that they will not fight each other.  As long as Velasquez has the belt, Cormier will not fight for a heavyweight title.

The former Olympic wrestler is on the smaller end of the spectrum in the heavyweight division and has entertained the thought of dropping down to the 205-pound weight class for a long time.

Following his final Strikeforce fight in Janurary, Cormier suggested he was making the move following one last heavyweight bout.

“I’m gonna let Jon (Jones) defend his belt on April 27 and then I’m gonna kick his ass in the fall,” said Cormier after his TKO win over Dion Staring at Strikeforce: Marquardt vs. Saffiedine. 

Following his UFC debut win over former heavyweight titleholder Frank Mir on April 20, Cormier has backed off those comments.

“My first fight at 205, I’d like it to not be for the belt, and I would like a very high level guy,” he said on UFC Tonight.

“I’m thinking about both weight divisions.  I’ve been watching the rankings.  I want to fight someone that actually advances my career,” said the 34-year-old.  “Big fights is what I’m interested in whether it be at heavyweight, whether it be at 205, it doesn’t matter.”

Cormier’s decision could be influenced by comments made by UFC president Dana White on Thursday during a UFC 159 media day at Madison Square Garden in New York.

“I actually prefer him (Cormier) at 205,” said White.  “He could drop to 205 and get a shot at the title in my opinion… day one.  Look at the guys he’s beat at heavyweight.”

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  • InYourFacex54

    This makes no sense. Why not give him a warm up fight to see how his conditioning holds up. If he fights jones for his first fight at 205 and gasses and gets completely embarrassed, then Cormier becomes irrelavent at lhw and loses some of his aura at HW

    • urdooomb

      Your theory makes no sense.

      DC vs. Forrest Griffin: This would be a warmup fight but the result would be irrelevant. and if DC loses he will be irrelevant and the UFC would ruin its plans for promoting DC.

      DC vs. Shogun: This would be a good match to measure DC’s ranking in the LHW division. But should DC lose, what happens??

      DC vs Jones: Jones wins then we can nut hug on Jones. DC wins we can nut hug DC.

      Timing is important in the fight world.


    Rashad walks at 233 lbs, Ryan Bader 230+ lbs, Anderson Silva walks at 220 lbs, then why cant this chubby bastard drop fat from 235 and make 205 ?

    • Sebastian Sassi

      I want to see a picture of a 220lb Anderson Silva. I’m guessing that’s an exaggeration.

      • JDMMA

        He said in his interview before Forest fight

      • bc

        i heard 230 the other day.
        gsp on joe rogan exp. they talked about it.

      • Cereal Killer

        It’s well know Andy walks around at about 220.

        • Sir_Roy

          220+ apparently.

    • How is he a bastard?

    • urdooomb

      Because when he is “in shape” Cormier walks around 230.

      Anderson Silva at 230 is after he beats Chael Sonnen and becomes a couch potato.

  • Cereal Killer

    He only fights at HW because he is lazy! He is fat! He could easily make 205 without losing ANY muscle.
    *By lazy I mean he doesn’t put in the work to get in shape. Just like Big Country, he should be working and eating right to get into the best shape he can be. I wish Barnett would get in shape as well.

    • Sir_Roy

      Belly fat does not always denote terrible cardio. Though it certainly doesn’t help either. Carrying around too much muscle could be as detrimental. I do agree that LHW is his natural division. Sometimes these smaller but faster HW are more at an advantage staying at HW than moving down though … 205 division is more stacked with talent than HW at the moment IMHO.
      I know my fair share of blokes who look like Arnold, yet gas in an instant. Being “shaped” and being in “fighting shape” are two different beasts altogether and are not necessarily mutually inclusive.

    • urdooomb

      You sound so stupid. You are aware that Cain and JDS are not super cut either. You don’t need a six pack to fight bro. You just have this weird mentality.

    • Alan

      Cormier suffered kidney failure when cutting to 211 lbs for the 2008 Olympics. I’ve heard that he can’t do a water weight cut any more. He would have to gently diet down to that weight and stay there. There is no way he can “easily” cut down to 205 – it could happen, but he might not even be the same fighter.

      My personal opinion: when offered enough money, he and Cain will overcome this “friendship” thing and fight at heavyweight, and Cormier will lose.

  • Cormier is 12-0 at hw. Includes 3 victories over other top 10 hw’s. As long as he keeps winning, why would anyone complain about him fighting at hw?

    It would be one thing if he was losing fights at hw by being too small, but apparently it’s not the case. His being chubby is apparently not an issue.

    Cormier deserves a title shot at what ever weight he wants to fight at, just let him fight.

  • steve Pestano

    The cormier guy is not extraordinary anything he fought a Frank Mir who, in these days is not what he used to be, lets see him against junior dos santos! or jon jones, that would be the real thing, even id like to see this guy in a bout with Roy nelson, to really prove himself in the UFC

    • urdooomb

      He beat Barnett, Bigfoot and Mir. Why would he have to fight Fat Country to prove himself??? You sound like a noob.

      • Cereal Killer

        “You don’t need a six pack to fight bro” And then you call Roy “Fat Country”??

        You’re such a troll.


    LOL frank Mir was a Warmup fight for the “Strikeforce champ” if they put Cormier against Junior or Cain after that performance he will become permanently irrelevant, like Rashad he doesn’t have the frame to be the baddest man on the planet.

    • urdooomb

      I wouldn’t say irrelevant. #3 HW in the world is still relevant bro.

      • MICHAEL

        I would think so…. can’t make it to the top its all over in my mind.. if he can’t beat Cain and Junior whats left at heavyweight besides obscurity? a decent paycheck and woulda coulda’s?? #3 is not why they are in this game obviously anything below #2 is irrelevant unless your on your way up to get your shot, and after that Garbage performance with mir he should take a step back before he makes an ass of himself . Cain would dismantle him unequivocally, and continue to prove what we already know Strikeforce = second rate