If Dana White Gets Deal with Gina Carano Done on Monday, She’ll Likely Fight Ronda Rousey First

July 20, 2014
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SantosCarano025SF16It’s a story line that has been playing out for months: will the UFC get the deal done with Gina Carano, and if they do, will she fight Ronda Rousey upon arrival?

The main part of that question is still out on the shelf. The UFC thus far has been unable to secure Carano’s name on a contract. UFC president Dana White in Dublin on Friday, however, seems rather sure that the deal will be done, as soon as Monday.

White is slated to meet with Carano and her lawyer on Monday to try and iron out details.

If it does get done, it appears the rest of the story is mostly written.

If Gina Carano signs to fight for the UFC, she is likely to skip the line and step into an immediate title shot.

“I think so,” answered White when queried about an immediate title shot for the women’s MMA pioneer. “It’ll probably be early December.”

While many people want to see the fight, there are just as many that question whether or not Carano, having last fought in a losing effort against Cris Cyborg in 2009, is deserving of a shot at Rousey when she returns to the cage.

“Here’s the thing with that. She did a damn good job against Cyborg, and Cyborg was a little jacked up on Mountain Dew in that fight,” said White. “And, she’s the one that started this whole women’s MMA craze. And, Ronda wants to fight her.

“Ronda has done everything that we’ve asked her to do. This is like a GSP situation, when GSP asked us for Diaz. How would I say no to GSP? Ronda wants this fight bad. Gina wants the fight bad too.”

That’s lofty regard for Rousey, but White doesn’t shy away from his critiques that question whether or not Rousey is worthy.

He absolutely puts Rousey up amongst the best of the best the UFC has ever had under contract, male or female.

“(Ronda) is the greatest athlete I’ve ever worked with, on every level,” he stated.

“She got an ESPY (for Best Female Athlete). She opted to get her surgeries and get them done instead in order to heal faster instead of showing up and doing the whole ESPY thing. That’s a huge thing. Every big star in sports is there. This girl went and got both of her surgeries done so she could heal faster and get back in there and perform again. I’ve never dealt with anybody like her.”

White has a tremendous amount of respect for Carano as well, but Rousey has definitely earned her stripes to get what she wants in his eyes.

“Gina is important. I think it is a big fight. It’s a fight that Ronda Rousey wants, and Ronda’s been very good to us. If that’s what she wants, then I’m gonna try and get it done.”

This is as close as White has ever come to saying, yes, we’re gonna sign Carano, and yes, she’s going to fight Rousey first. The only hurdle left appears to be the dollar signs and the details.

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  • ruemetal

    Cyborg’s not doing the Dew anymore but Rousey is chugging coward koolaid!

    • Raphael Mastro

      Lets see if she can make weight more then a few times…

      • Kyle Rayner

        I hope she does. I would love to see her and Ronda go at it. Especially with Ronda’s improving striking.

    • jeremy

      Let’s not forget that the UFC bought Strikeforce which cyborg had a contract with, and she requested her release. all there back and fourth trash talking and CYBORG was the one who asked to be released. They could have already fought. Ronda didnt leave, Cyborg did. thats a coward. And fact’s.

    • Tony soprano

      Right my man she is ducking cyborg..plus gina pested positive for stanabol….steroids .. Next she doesn’t have to dop to 135 ..gets crushed by cyborg.. gina long layoff lets feed her to tousey..why bring cyborg..she will kill rousey..but wait okay the fans want to see ..rousey/cyborg..lets give ronda as much edge as possible..but that wont matter.. cyborg is on a whole different level..Gina needs at least a tune up fight..If rousey is the real champ..fight cyborg at 145.. give her the same chance your giving gina the juicer

    • anonymous2123

      If Cyborg wants the fight she needs to re-sign her contract with the UFC. As a champ Rousey doesn’t need to go to Cyborg. So I’m pretty sure Cyborg is doing the ducking.

  • Another girl for Rousey to destroy… lol

  • TheCerealKiller

    I haven’t read anywhere that Gina is even training. She’s worth more if she beat a few cans first.

  • BoxingCannabyte Epicurus

    I love Rhonda’s style and think she’s really cool. That said, I’m an underdog man, always have been. I’m voting for Gina to take this, but not out of rationality, just because I think it’d be one of the great-upsets, and it’d re-elevate Gina.

    • Joe Dog

      Good cannabis?

  • BoxingCannabyte Epicurus

    I think Gina needs at least 1 tune-up fight if not 2 or 3, but then again from Boxing to UFC, fighters just don’t fight as much as they used to, for better AND worse.

  • smd39

    The only reason she’s skipping to the front of the line is that Dana knows it’s his best chance for a huge fight between the two of them. If she fights any of the other top girls like Zingano, she’d lose and the Rousey fight would be out the window. She was a bully beating up on girls that didn’t know what they were doing. I don’t even like Rousey but Gina has no chance at a victory. Not to mention the 5 year layoff.

    • brad king

      DW justs wishes for carano to pull up the ratings just a bit. Despite RR being a paper champ she obivously cant pull down the ratings. Need someone with charisma to make the fight look alluring and interesting for once. Instead of a predetermined mugging set up by DW

  • dandogood

    Gina’s movie career was terrible. Gina looked 250lbs on screen like Melissa Mccarthy. Rousey beats the Cowrano who hasn’t fight in 5 fricking years in the first round. DUH? monkey Liz beats Carano.

    • brad king

      i swear gina would look ten times more sexier if she were 250 and RR just weighed 135. The good looks factor is off the board for Gina!

  • uncle

    They need to sign Cyborg the woman who beat
    Carano. Gina would be a great fight if she wasn’t
    doing movies and just MMA but the ring rust will
    be a easy win for Ronda, at this point Gina is so
    Hollywood the UFC might as well sign Jean Claude
    Van Damme.

  • dgs

    “(Ronda) is the greatest athlete I’ve ever worked with, on every level,”

    Wait a minute, I thought according to you Dana “F*cking” White, that honor went to GSP, and then it went to Anderson Silva, then Chris Weidman, and now Rousey? Yeah, and just a couple of years ago you were quoted as saying women would “never” fight in the UFC. Dana, you are a hypocritical fool.

  • George Sperry

    But seriously….. This is a circus match and I will gain no respect for rousey if she beats a woman that hasn’t fought in 5 years. What a joke.
    Until she fights Cyborg I will never give her what some see as “her due”.
    BTW rousey is a woman not a girl dana.

  • dandogood

    Gina hasn’t fought in 5 years since getting TKO’d by Cyborg. Gina ain’t making 135lbs ever. all this is hype and BS talk by Dana. Let Gina fight Cyborg again at 145lbs which will never ever happen. Gina isn’t that good just fought smaller less talented girls. Gina is a fricking joke and weighs 175lbs.

    • Chad

      This is what, the same comment you’ve said about 8 times now on this thread? Obsessed much? You are a weirdo.

  • Joe Dog

    Might as well be a mud wrestling match in bikinis, or better yet, nude! Carano vs Rousey is a blatant UFC money grab and obviously has nothing to do with a championship mma fight. Shameful. Let the promotion begin!!

    • Maddawgmar

      You know that’s funny you should put it like that, because that’s what people were saying when Rousey got that shot against Tate. This is MMA, anything can happen, ask Dillishaw.

  • TheCerealKiller

    WMMA is a joke. Stop thinking it’s real.

    • Maddawgmar

      Yeah, because Men’s MMA doesn’t do this all the time…

      • TheCerealKiller

        Name the last time a guy, five years removed from the sport, that got a title shot?

        • Chad

          Brock Lesnar got a title shot when he didn’t deserve one, and he actually won the belt. Anything is possible. Maybe if you weren’t such a douchebag on the internet (and probably real life) you’d be less bitchy about shit that doesn’t even really matter. I bet you get into iphone vs android phone fights on the internet too lol.

        • TheCerealKiller

          Hey Chad, go fcuk yourself! You didn’t name anyone that fits the bill. Go away with your Batman shirt and mohawk… that’s what a douche is.

        • riverdawg

          This is true. Closest thing I can think of would be UFC 60 Non-title Catchweight Hughes vs Gracie. I mean Royce had no business in the cage with Matt but at the time there was no clear cut #1 welter weight contender and they both wanted the fight/payday. Made for a decent spectacle and did no harm. Rousey/Carano is a similar situation. Not saying Gina is Royce Gracie, but she was the face of wmma for a while and is past her prime same as Royce.

      • blob

        That also has to do with the level of competition she faces.

  • dandogood

    Gina Cowrano is not that good as an MMA figher. Gina hardly ever made 145lb weight limit and beat the hellout of tint smaller untalented girls. Cowrano has few MMA skills which Cyborg exposed in the KO. Making the Cow Caronoa quit the MMA Strikeforce in embarrassment. Big Gine with the semi truck frame and weighting 180lbs now will never see 135lbs. Mkae the Cowrano fight Cyborg first or even Big Nose Meisha Tate first. Gina is a fricking farce. get it a FARCE. Broad will be 225lbs in ten years and huge.

    • The milkman

      Gina might have trouble making 135 but no way is she 180

    • earlsimmons

      reply 50 times to an article about one of the best looking women mma fighters trying to get a rise from people??? Thats first grade trolling broseph. Get better you clown.

  • dandogood

    Carano has limited MMA skills. Just a big body little else. Okay her mug looks good now. Wait 10 years when she weighs 200lbs and spits out a few kids. UUGGh?

    • Chad

      What the hell does that have to do with anything in the slightest? Good lord you’re an idiot. You don’t need to comment 4 f—ing times guy. You can write all of that crap that comes out of your fingertips in one or two comments. You don’t need to be spamming the whole thread with your clear biased feelings towards Carano. Give it a rest.

    • earlsimmons

      your trolling in amatuer

  • dandogood

    Not fighting for 5 years and coming off a KO loss who is kidding whom? Gina doesn’t have the skills to compete in MMA at the top level at 145lbs and making 135lbs is a low calorie dream.. Carano got a semi truck frame and few martial arts skills. This is all hype Bull crap talk to generate fake interest in the waning Womans’ division. Gina ain’t fighting because Gina isn’t that good.

    • Chad

      Okay buddy. All of that is your opinion, not factual. You can’t predict the future and all you have is shitty opinions, so you can do everyone a favor and not post them. No one wants to see your crap comments.

      • dandogood

        Thanks for reading my comments wimp?

        • Chad

          Lol that response made a whole lot of sense… thank you for proving how stupid you are. What’s next, you gonna me a “noob” or “f*g” lol?

  • Truth

    People sayin Carano has no skills have no clue. Carano has LEGIT Muay Thai and lot of power. Is she too one-dimensional? Yes. Her grappling needs a lot of work- but her stand-up is good. Her problem was she ran into Cyborg who’s striking is almost as sound (Gina’s may even be slightly more smoother & technical) but Cyborg had even more power. Cyborg’s game is also more well-rounded.

    Bottom line: at 145, Gina probably beats anyone not named Cyborg on the feet and used her strength, footwork, strikes to maintain distance and prevent takedowns. But Gina will have ALOT of rust, will have difficulty making 135 (she had enough trouble making 145), and her weakness is Ronda’s strength.

  • MuayThaiFood

    Deserving of the title shot or not, for her own benefit, she needs a warm up fight or two.

  • ac

    Gotta milk that cash cow first in case Gina can’t earn a titleshot.

    • Chad

      Cause a Gina vs Tate match wouldn’t be huge either lol?

      • drkdisciple

        Do you really think Gina vs Tate would generate anything close to Gina vs Ronda?….please tell me you are not serious!

        • Obi-Wan Granoli

          i’d say it would generate pretty big numbers, good enough to rival rousey vs carano.

        • Chad

          Did I say that? Hmm… nope, sure didn’t. Thanks for trying to argue for the sake of argument though.

  • Tony soprano

    Go read fight scene .among others.. states gina tested positive for stanabol S T E R I O D S..and stripped of her tittle ..yet still got crushed from cyborg.. gina was on powerful mountain due baby..

  • The milkman

    You gotta face facts. Let’s compare to the great Randy Couture. Both lost by tko and retired and both get immediat title shot coming back. I love Randy but as far as genders go Gina is much more of a pioneer. Dana White admitted that with the whole anything can happen in mma that he shoulda gave cro cop an immediate title shot based on draw and the fact that he just won the open weight tournament in pride. But besides all that it’s two hot chicks in tight clothes get all sweaty and hot together and people complain. Gay maybe ? Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

    • albundy57

      BTW – Couture’s fight advice for Carano against cyborg was horrible! He should have had Gina throwing everything she can at that doped up dude rather than try to outlast with Couture hold against the cage tactics. Gina’s skills were range weapons vs a dude walking around at 145.

  • dandogood

    Gina Carano cannot act. And Gina Carano cannot fight. Unless there is a 160lb division for the woman then Carano ain’t making weight. Carano looked like a blimp on screen. All this a is hype talk. Big Nose meisha tate beats Carano.

  • albundy57

    (I LOVE CARANO) but Carano vs Rousey is another 1st round win for Rousey. Now… a Cyborg jacked up on “mountain dew” would be an interesting fight. Who is to say that Rousey doesn’t carry more natural adrenaline and testosterone than other ‘females’ in her weight class.