If Conor McGregor KOs Floyd Mayweather, He’s the Biggest Athlete on Earth

(Courtesy of UFC)

So what happens if Conor McGregor does the unthinkable and knocks Floyd Mayweather out? It’s simple, he becomes the biggest athlete on the planet, according to UFC president Dana White.

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  • runner2300


  • Murdock

    Not happening …

  • Bruce Jenner’s Leche

    Mayweather.. for all his bu77shit.. is a elite level defensive boxer! – no contemporary fighter has managed it.. what makes you think Conor ever could!??

    ..the sad part is that this fight will go 12-rounds of PPV nothing.. all hype- zero substance… Mayweather could finish a 6yo-girl scout these days.. let alone a legit MMA fighter!

    • Sir_Roy

      Honestly, this fight could be stopped if Conor cannot intelligently defend himself. I would not be surprised to see Mayweather pepper him repeatedly with Conor having no answer.

  • RobertStrong

    Like Randy Couture i think Conor is going to throw a kick at Floyd to get disqualified. It sound ridiculous but I don’t beleive for one second that Connor can boxe with Floyd and I don’t think he is going to let himself being humiliate by Mayweather.

  • Sir_Roy

    If Many cannot land flush, how can anyone believe that Conor could? Sure, he’s a “legitimate MMA fighter”. And a good one, if not great. But it’s a different game altogether. No worries about take downs, leg kicks, elbows, knees … Conor is going to be one frustrated Irishman after the first few rounds. Then, he’ll make mistakes that Mayweather will capitalise on.

    • Murdock

      what’s manny got to do with conor?

      • Sir_Roy

        Manny vs Mayweather … Manny is many, many times the boxer Conor is (obviously). Pacquiao’s hands are a phenom. Precision, speed, and he hits hard. Point is, he has far faster hands than Conor, better precision, far better movement (boxing) and had a hard time landing flush on Floyd.

        Conor will be a comedy show in comparison. I think this fight will see Conor looking so bad in comparison, on every level, that his image in MMA will be tarnished moreso than it was in his first loss to Diaz. Despite this being a boxing match he’s supposed to lose.

        • Murdock

          you could’ve gone for someone like zab judah, a southpaw who continuously hit floyd and had the earlier rounds won.

          • Sir_Roy

            Instead I went with a southpaw like Manny.

          • Murdock

            not sure what point you’re making since manny failed to hit mayweather.

          • Sir_Roy

            Not sure how much more I can spell it out for you. Sorry.

          • Murdock

            Then u can’t really be talking about boxing then.

          • Sir_Roy

            You don’t make sense.

          • Murdock

            Says the guy who can’t offer an explanation to what he wrote

          • Sir_Roy

            Says the guy who doesn’t realize how absolutely silly it is that he actually needs an explanation behind what I wrote.

          • Murdock

            You named a southpaw who couldn’t hit Mayweather so what’s your point?

            Judah, a southpaw put on a better effort than Pacquiao did.

    • MikeMcK

      I think that’s Dana’s point. It’s highly unlikely he’d beat Floyd. Therefore, if he does, it’s a big deal.

      I don’t personally agree with that. At the end of the day Connor is just a little guy in a fairly small sport. As Connor puts it, they’re just a bunch of midgets and dwarfs.

      • Sir_Roy

        Oh I get that, I’m just taking the opportunity to re-emphasize how small his chances are. I mean, his unorthodox “MMA” based striking style might frustrate … but his precision and KO power are nothing new in the boxing game.

        If he pulls out a KO, then he really does have a four leaf clover shoved somewhere in his nether regions …

  • macarrech

    big IF

  • burgerman7

    if an asteroid hits the moon also big

  • JVial07

    This is a perfectly reasonable way to promote this, not overboard at all. You know it makes sense business wise to keep your options open in case of an interplanetary championship down the line, you know dem aliens are already here

  • TheCerealKiller

    “the biggest athlete on the planet” on a two fight winning streak.

  • Dyler Turden

    The only way Conor will knock out Floyd will be if Floyd is a major silent investor in McGregor’s promotion company. Stack the deck.