If Brock Lesnar Wants to Fight, Bellator MMA Wants a Crack at Him

December 2, 2014
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The possibility of former UFC heavyweight champion and current WWE superstar Brock Lesnar returning to mixed martial arts splashes across headlines every couple of months. UFC president Dana White is routinely asked about Lesnar in interviews.

It’s no secret that Lesnar was a big draw and would be again if he returned to mixed martial arts. And that’s why the UFC is open to Lesnar returning and why Bellator MMA is also interested in signing him.

In a recent interview with On The Record, White stated that the UFC would be open to brining Lesnar back if the 37-year-old wanted to return.

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“If Brock wants to come back; I have a great relationship with him, the door is open for him,” said White.

Brock Lesnar vs Randy CoutureHe added that he didn’t think Lesnar wouldn’t sign with competitor Bellator MMA.

“Brock Lesnar wouldn’t go to Bellator. Brock wants to fight the best guys in the world. The best guys in the world are [in the UFC],” said White.

Despite White’s prediction, Bellator president Scott Coker wants to talk to Lesnar about becoming part of the Viacom-owned organization’s roster.

“We’ve had a conversation internally and it’s worth a conversation, but that’s something we’ll pursue maybe later into January,” Coker said during an appearance on The MMA Hour.

“I would say, look, any fighter that’s out there or any star athlete – not star athlete in the sense of a baseball player, but like a Brock Lesnar – that really wants to fight, we’re going to have a conversation with them. Because if they can move the needle, we’re going to want them on Spike TV,” said the Bellator president.

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“I think that he’s a big needle mover,” he added. “There have been several years that have passed and I think that he still has the WWE limelight. So, I think that he still has a lot of star power, but to come back and say, ‘Hey, I want to train, I want to commit, I want fight,’ that’s going to be a big commitment on his part. We haven’t had a conversation yet, but we’d like to at some point.”

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  • Painfully Obvious


  • James David

    Surely Bellator can find better fighters to repersent their brand. Most people who look behins the hype, you find a good athlete who was a great college wrestler.
    Brock stormed onto the scene in the WWE and captured the title then went down hill from there he quickly became a pain in the ass for WWE when they would not give in to his demands he quit said he was going to play football well he couldn’t make the cut even in the CFL then he decided he was going to do MMA well 3/4 fights later because of the hype he gets a shot at the belt and wins aganist a lesser fighter, next fight he gets hit in the face by a real fighter he went to the ground lost the belt and has not fought in MMA since now that the WWE realized Brock is no in ring worker and has no mike talent at all not a good fit for a top rung player in todays world of sports entertainment.
    Brock is talking about coming back too MMA , ok no problem but stick his butt at the back of the line and let him beat some top level fighter then we will see if Brock has the heart to really fight, and we will see if he can take a punch but don’t treat him like a king he’s not don’t beleive the hype, beaing big, nasty, and rude does not make him an MMA FIGHTER.

    • Archangel

      Did you really just suggest that Randy Couture is a “Lesser Fighter” ? Umm.. ok .. I’m not sure how a fighter who held the title 6 different times is a not a “Real Fighter” .. but ok..

      • James David

        He caught Randy at the backend of his career in his prime RC would have kicked BL ass from one side of the octagon to the other side and never broke a sweet BL doesn’t like gitting hit in the face and has a questionable jaw.

        • Gary Fredericks

          James, James, James….Getting rocked by from Alistair Overoids, Cain Valasqeeze, and Shane Carwin does not in any way shape or form validate the argument that Lesnar has a glass jaw and doesn’t like to get hit in the face (Who the f&ck does??? LOL). Besides that, please show me just one person in MMA that likes to get hit in the face by anyone let alone any of the three fighters I mentioned above. I would love to see how you would react to getting struck in the face by a proffessional top 10 UFC heavyweight contender and then gather your opinion on how much you “liked” it and to see if you would handle it with better effect than Brock did. Not intending any insult or ill will James, just curious on how you formed your opinion above.

          • sean

            Fair comment!!

  • Seth

    Duuuuuuuuuuuuuh!! WWE Stars can’t work for other wrestling promotions, so forget about it, Bellator.

    Come on, we all know that Bellator is desperate to sign ANYONE who is known to casual fans (or any other people that may tune in to watch them). We knew that long time ago, so that’s not a news.

  • DamianCross

    Call me crazy but I see this happening.

    For starters, both promotions will open their purses for this guy, but Viacom will definitely offer more. Brock + Spike is too big of a possible turnaround for them.

    Second is the TNA factor. If Brock gets another tummy ache and can’t fight, his contract is still secured because Viacom will just let him wrestle again and with Bellator’s current drama direction they’ll be happy to promote that angle.

    Third, the statement “Brock wants to fight the best in the world” is just not true. No disrespect to Brock but he does not want to get in there and be made a fool of by Cain and JDS when he can get a million dollar payday for smacking Cheick Kongo around for 5 minutes. There’s cpmpetitive and there’s stupid: Lesnar is was and always will be a businessman first.

    • Spike

      Kongo knocked out Lesnar’s training buddy Pat Barry.

      • TheCerealKiller

        Everybody knocked out Pat Barry. What’s your point?

        • Spike

          Point is I don’t see Lesnar “smacking” Kongo around when Kongo comes from a kickboxing background and has better striking compared to Brock’s pillow fists.

          • Wardsize

            If Brock took Kongo down the fight would be over quickly.

          • Spike

            It’s debatable.

          • cheflacsto

            Debatable but Brock probably beat Kongo fairly easily, but I do agree, why would he come back, he has no chance to beat any of the top 5 heavyweights. Cain, no chance, Werdum, maybe he could win that one, JDS, no way, Stipe, I doubt it and Hunt would knock him out as well. I just don’t see it happening.